Best Fantasy Movies of 1936


Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor

7.3/10 IMDB

Two sailors Sindbad and Popeye decide to test themselves in order to prove their supremacy. Popeye is then presented with a series of daunting tasks by Sindbad.

Starring: Lou Fleischer, Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Gus Wickie ..
Directed by: Dave Fleischer, Willard Bowsky
Release date: 1936-11-27
Best Fantasy Movies of 1936 : The Man Who Could Work Miracles

The Man Who Could Work Miracles

7.0/10 IMDB

An ordinary man, while vigorously asserting the impossibility of miracles, suddenly discovers that he can perform them.

Starring: Roland Young, Ralph Richardson, Edward Chapman, Ernest Thesiger, Joan Gardner, Sophie Stewart, Robert Cochran, Lady Tree, Laurence Hanray, George Zucco ..
Directed by: Lothar Mendes
Release date: 1936-07-23

Dracula's Daughter

6.4/10 IMDB

A countess from Transylvania seeks a psychiatrist’s help to cure her vampiric cravings.

Starring: Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger, Marguerite Churchill, Irving Pichel, Gilbert Emery, Hedda Hopper, Edward Van Sloan, Halliwell Hobbes, Billy Bevan, Edgar Norton ..
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Release date: 1936-05-11

Love on the Run

5.9/10 IMDB

A runaway bride and an undercover reporter get caught up in political intrigue as they lead a merry chase across Europe and uncover a spy plot.

Starring: Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone, Reginald Owen, Mona Barrie, Ivan Lebedeff, Charles Judels, William Demarest, Donald Meek, George Davis ..
Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke
Release date: 1936-11-20

Somewhere in Dreamland

7.7/10 IMDB

A poor boy and girl in rags gather wood in the snow. They pass by a tailor, a butcher and a baker, all of whom pity the children. Later, they arrive home. Their poor mother sets before them the only food she can: some stale bread. The children cheerfully dunk the bread in their glasses of water. After eating, the boy tells his mother he's still hungry. She weeps into her apron, and the boy declares that he was only fooling...

Starring: Mae Questel, Gus Wickie ..
Directed by: Dave Fleischer, Seymour Kneitel
Release date: 1936-01-17
Best Fantasy Movies of 1936 : The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror

6.1/10 IMDB

A mild-mannered, somewhat mousy man is astounded when his reflection in a mirror comes to life and begins to do all the wild and crazy things that he always wanted to but never could.

Starring: Edward Everett Horton, Genevieve Tobin, Ursula Jeans, Garry Marsh, Alastair Sim, Aubrey Mather, Renee Gadd, Viola Compton, Stafford Hilliard, Felix Aylmer ..
Directed by: Maurice Elvey
Release date: 1936-10-15

Undersea Kingdom

5.0/10 IMDB

Crash Corrigan, a recent graduate of Annapolis, and Diana, a go-getting reporter, join Professor Norton for a search for the source of a string of earthquakes, Atlantis. They ride Prof. Norton's rocket submarine searching the sea and little Billy Norton, the professor's son stows away, of course. When they find Atlantis they are caught in a war between peaceful Atlanteans, note their white capes, and war-monging Atlanteans, note their black capes. After many harrowing moments for Crash, Diana, Prof. Norton and Billy, they barely get away with their lives when they escape a tower of Atlantis raised to the surface for the sole purpose of dominating or destroying the Earth (Which one depends on the compliance of the upper world dwellers.)

Starring: Ray Corrigan, Lois Wilde, Monte Blue, William Farnum, Lon Chaney Jr., Smiley Burnette ..
Directed by: Joseph Kane, B. Reeves Eason
Release date: 1936-05-30


7.0/10 IMDB

A dark and stormy night in a drugstore. The druggist mixes a potion and falls asleep. The skull-and-crossbones on the bottle comes to life and drips the potion on the druggist…

Directed by: Hugh Harman
Release date: 1936-01-11
Best Fantasy Movies of 1936 : Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue

5.6/10 IMDB

The Big Bad Wolf stalks Little Bo Peep and steals one of her sheep. She enlists Little Boy Blue and a dancing scarecrow to assist her and her mischievous black sheep in rescuing it. Singing, dancing, hilarity and impalement ensue.

Starring: Billy Bletcher, Sara Berner, Jack Mercer ..
Directed by: Ub Iwerks
Release date: 1936-07-30

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