Best Fantasy Movies of 1907


The Doll's Revenge

7.0/10 IMDB

A boy breaks his sister's doll and it mends, grows, tears him up and eats him.

Starring: Gertie Potter, Bertie Potter ..
Directed by: Cecil M. Hepworth, Lewin Fitzhamon
Release date: 1907-03-01

Harlequin's Story

5.4/10 IMDB

Polichinelle the servant (called Harlequin in the English language version) rescues his girlfriend from a gang of decadent aristocrats, who have transformed her into a mechanical doll.

Starring: Max Linder ..
Directed by: Lucien Nonguet, Albert Capellani
Release date: 1907-06-20

The 'Teddy' Bears

6.0/10 IMDB

A combination of the story of Goldlocks and the Three Bears with the true story of how Teddy Roosevelt spared a bear cub after killing its mother while hunting, an event which led to the popularization of the teddy bear. Goldilocks goes to sleep in the bears' home after watching six teddy bears dance and do acrobatics, viewing them through a knothole in the wall. When she is awoken by the returning bear family, they give chase through the woods, but she runs to the aid of the Old Rough Rider, who saves her.

Directed by: Wallace McCutcheon, Edwin S. Porter
Release date: 1907-03-02

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