Best Family Movies of 2007


August Rush

7.5/10 IMDB

An orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.

Starring: Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Terrence Howard, Robin Williams, William Sadler, Marian Seldes, Mykelti Williamson, Leon G. Thomas III, Aaron Staton ..
Directed by: Kirsten Sheridan
Release date: 2007-11-21

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

6.2/10 IMDB

Molly Mahoney is the awkward and insecure manager of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium—the strangest, most fantastic and most wonderful toy store in the world. After Mr. Magorium bequeaths the store to her, a dark and ominous change begins to take over the once-remarkable Emporium.

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Jason Bateman, Zach Mills, Jonathan Potts, Rebecca Northan, David Rendall, Jade Cohen, Marcia Bennett, Ted Ludzik ..
Directed by: Zach Helm
Release date: 2007-11-14


6.2/10 IMDB

After the defeat of their old arch nemesis, The Shredder, the Turtles have grown apart as a family. Struggling to keep them together, their rat sensei, Splinter, becomes worried when strange things begin to brew in New York City.

Starring: Chris Evans, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mako Iwamatsu, Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart, Zhang Ziyi, Laurence Fishburne, Mitchell Whitfield, James Arnold Taylor, Mikey Kelley ..
Directed by: Kevin Munroe
Release date: 2007-03-23

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

5.9/10 IMDB

When Lady Tremaine steals the Fairy Godmother's wand and changes history, it's up to Cinderella to restore the timeline and reclaim her prince.

Starring: Jennifer Hale, Susanne Blakeslee, Tress MacNeille, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Andre Stojka, Russi Taylor, Holland Taylor, Corey Burton, Frank Welker, Rob Paulsen ..
Directed by: Frank Nissen
Release date: 2007-02-06

Baby Einstein: Discovering Shapes - Circles, Squares and More!

10.0/10 IMDB

Discovering Shapes playfully introduces five basic forms - circle, oval, triangle, square, and rectangle - as each appears in the context of toys, nature, and everyday objects.

Release date: 2007-07-24
Best Family Movies of 2007 : My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths

My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Super Duper Super Sleuths

4.4/10 IMDB

A shooting star falls towards the Hundred Acre Wood. Winnie the Pooh, Darby, and Tigger are out in the Hundred Acre Wood one night, stargazing. They see the shooting star fall to the wood, but are too sleepy to go look for it. The shooting star (or space rock) lands in Rabbit's garden and begins to put its effect on it.

Release date: 2007-08-16
Best Family Movies of 2007 : Booky & the Secret Santa

Booky & the Secret Santa

7.0/10 IMDB

Booky does everything she can to make an enjoyable Christmas, for her family, during the depression as her father is out of work.

Starring: Rachel Marcus, Megan Follows, Dylan Everett, Sarah White, Stuart Hughes, Noah Ryan Scott, Emilia McCarthy ..
Directed by: Peter Moss
Release date: 2007-12-11
Best Family Movies of 2007 : Sesame Street: Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Sesame Street: Elmo's Christmas Countdown

6.1/10 IMDB

Sesame Street characters help Elmo count down the days leading up to Christmas.

Starring: Kevin Clash, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, Tyler Bunch, Fran Brill, Pam Arciero, Sheryl Crow, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Joey Mazzarino ..
Directed by: Gary Halvorson
Release date: 2007-12-23
Best Family Movies of 2007 : Karla's World

Karla's World

5.3/10 IMDB

Karla's Game is a comedy family film that deals with problems of a very modern family. The story is seen through the eyes of the 10-year-old Karla, who struggles to keep her family together at Christmas. This is however not easy when your parents are divorced and you have a new step dad, irritating brother as well as a father who doesn't always keep his promises.

Starring: Ellen Hillingsø, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Allan Olsen, Søren Malling, Elena Arndt-Jensen, Nikolaj Støvring Hansen, Jonathan Werner Juel, Kristian Halken, Paw Henriksen, Ulla Henningsen ..
Directed by: Charlotte Sachs Bostrup
Release date: 2007-11-09
Best Family Movies of 2007 : Robbie the Reindeer in Close Encounters of the Herd Kind

Robbie the Reindeer in Close Encounters of the Herd Kind

6.0/10 IMDB

Robbie and Donner's wedding is interrupted when Donner is kidnapped by aliens. Robbie saves the day again though with the help of his friends and an alien crystal.

Starring: Ardal O'Hanlon, Jane Horrocks, Gillian Anderson, Keira Knightley, Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Palin, Paul Whitehouse, Sean Hughes, Harry Enfield, Graham Norton ..
Directed by: Donnie Anderson
Release date: 2007-12-25

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