Best Family Movies of 1980


Little Lord Fauntleroy

7.4/10 IMDB

Young Cedric (Ceddie) Errol and his widowed mother (known only as "Dearest") live in genteel poverty in 1880s Brooklyn after the death of his father. Cedric's grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, has long ago disowned his son for marrying an American. But after the death of the Earl's remaining son, he decides to accept the little Cedric as Lord Fauntleroy, his heir.

Starring: Ricky Schroder, Alec Guinness, Connie Booth, Eric Porter, Colin Blakely, Rolf Saxon, Rachel Kempson, Carmel McSharry, Antonia Pemberton, Antonia Pemberton ..
Directed by: Jack Gold
Release date: 1980-11-25
Best Family Movies of 1980 : A Snow White Christmas

A Snow White Christmas

6.5/10 IMDB

The wicked queen creates an ice storm meant to get rid of the younger Snow White, but instead freezes the whole village just barely missing her. Snow White travels to the land of the Seven Friendly Giants and makes friends with them. Snow White is never safe from the wicked queen because she'll always be able to find her. Can the giants save Snow White from her vengeance, or will she end up an icicle like her parents?

Directed by: Kay Wright
Release date: 1980-01-01

Fatty Finn

7.0/10 IMDB

The time is the 1930's. Australia like the rest of the world is in the grip of depression. For Aussie's one man lifted their spirits, Don Bradman. Arguably one of the greatest sportsmen of any sport, The Don's cricketing prowess was a ray of sunshine to all Australian, especially to one Hubert "Fatty" Finn. He had a dream, to own a crystal set ( very early radio receiver) so as to listen to Bradman flay the Pom's ( English) in the upcoming Ashes Test match. However that took money to buy and times were hard. Fatty uses his enterprise to raise money and promptly loses it as misfortune strikes time and again. Then of course his arch rival Bruiser Murphy is also plotting Fatty's downfall. If he can only win the goat race again he will have enough to pay for the crystal set; or will Bruiser Murphy gazump him? With his band of friends plus Trumper the frog and Hector the goat Fatty sets out to win the day. Hurray for Fatty Finn. Oh yes and Bradman made a record score in the test.

Starring: Ben Oxenbould, Rebecca Rigg, Jeremy Larsson, Martin Lewis, Hugo Grieve, Sandy Leask, Greg Kelly, Melita Simec, Christopher Norton, Bert Newton ..
Directed by: Maurice Murphy
Release date: 1980-12-18
Best Family Movies of 1980 : Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz

Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz

6.5/10 IMDB

Dorothy is carried back to Oz by a green turkey balloon on the final Thanksgiving she is to spend with her aunt and uncle, who are moving to a retirement community. She meets Jack Pumpkinhead, The Hungry Tiger, and Tic Toc (sic), and must stop the evil Tyrone the Terrible Toy Tinkerer (looking suspiciously like John R. Neil's depiction of the Nome King), who brings the balloon to life.

Starring: Sid Caesar, Mischa Bond, Robert Ridgely, Frank Nelson, Joan Gerber ..
Directed by: Charles Swenson, Fred Wolf
Release date: 1980-11-25
Best Family Movies of 1980 : The Gold Bug

The Gold Bug

7.4/10 IMDB

Starring: Roberts Blossom, Geoffrey Holder, Anthony Michael Hall, Robert Moberly, Sudie Bond, Anne Haney, Alix Elias, Philip Bruns ..
Directed by: Robert Fuest
Release date: 1980-02-02
Best Family Movies of 1980 : Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor

6.3/10 IMDB

TV movie directed by Henry Levin.

Starring: Gary Coleman, Katherine Helmond, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Pat O’Brien, Basil Hoffman, Jay North ..
Directed by: Henry Levin
Release date: 1980-01-02
Best Family Movies of 1980 : Danger on Dartmoor

Danger on Dartmoor

6.0/10 IMDB

The adventures of children lost in fog on Dartmoor, who encounter a wild dog, an escaped convict, and other dangers.

Starring: Marcus Evans, Simon Henderson, Debby Salter, Barry Foster, Patricia Hayes, Sam Kydd, Michael Ripper ..
Directed by: David Eady
Release date: 1980-01-01
Best Family Movies of 1980 : The Waltons: A Decade of the Waltons

The Waltons: A Decade of the Waltons

7.9/10 IMDB

A docudrama of the classic series. Almost like another episode of the series as a photo album presented to Grandma as a present spurs memories, presented via flashbacks from the series' first eight seasons. Waltons creator Earl Hamner recounts bringing his life to television.

Starring: Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Ellen Corby, Jon Walmsley, Judy Norton, Mary Beth McDonough, Eric Scott, David W. Harper, Kami Cotler, Doris Hamner ..
Directed by: Harry Harris, Philip Leacock
Release date: 1980-05-22
Best Family Movies of 1980 : The Flintstones: Fred's Final Fling

The Flintstones: Fred's Final Fling

6.7/10 IMDB

Due to a mix-up at the doctor's office, Fred believes he has only 24 hours left to live.

Starring: Henry Corden, Mel Blanc, Jean Vander Pyl, Gay Autterson, John Stephenson, Don Messick ..
Directed by: Oscar Dufau, Ray Patterson
Release date: 1980-11-07
Best Family Movies of 1980 : Never Never Land

Never Never Land

6.6/10 IMDB

Zena has been abandoned by her parents and left in the care of her aunt Bee Melvin. She is treated poorly by two of her cousins, and taking the lead from the story Peter and Wendy, she runs away from home with her younger cousin.

Starring: Petula Clark, Anne Seymour, John Castle, Mark Burdis, Paul Charles, Noel Collins, Roland Culver, Lucy Durham-Matthews, Charmain Falode, Michael Hadley ..
Directed by: Paul Annett
Release date: 1980-12-25

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