Best Documentary Movies of 2009


The Cove

8.4/10 IMDB

The Cove tells the amazing true story of how an elite team of individuals, films makers and free divers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate the hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark and deadly secret. The shocking discoveries were only the tip of the iceberg.

Starring: Joe Chisholm, Mandy-Rae Cruikshank, Charles Hambleton, Simon Hutchins, Kirk Krack, Isabel Lucas, Richard O'Barry, Hayden Panettiere, Roger Payne, John Potter ..
Directed by: Louie Psihoyos
Release date: 2009-07-31

This Is It

7.2/10 IMDB

A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London.

Starring: Michael Jackson, Orianthi, Kenny Ortega, Dorian Holley, Patrick Woodroffe, Bashiri Johnson, Mo Pleasure, Jonathan Moffett, Tommy Organ, Jasmine Alveran ..
Directed by: Kenny Ortega
Release date: 2009-10-28

Capitalism: A Love Story

7.4/10 IMDB

Michael Moore comes home to the issue he's been examining throughout his career: the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans (and by default, the rest of the world).

Starring: Michael Moore, Thora Birch, William Black, Elijah Cummings, Baron Hill, Marcy Kaptur, Wallace Shawn, Elizabeth Warren, Peter Zalewski, Bernie Sanders ..
Directed by: Michael Moore
Release date: 2009-09-06
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The Phantom Menace Review

The Phantom Menace Review

9.5/10 IMDB

A serial killer decides to dissect the critically panned Star Wars prequels to determine their TRUE flaws.

Starring: Mike Stoklasa, Jocelyn Ridgely, Gillian Bellinger, George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Jay Bauman, Ahmed Best, Pernilla August, Rich Evans, Jack Packard ..
Release date: 2009-12-10

Best Worst Movie

7.2/10 IMDB

A look at the making of the film Troll 2 (1990) and its journey from being crowned the "worst film of all time" to a cherished cult classic.

Starring: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Jason Steadman, Jason Wright, Zack Carlson, Randall Colburn, Adam Deyoe, John Gemberling, Patrick Gibbs, Paul Gibbs ..
Directed by: Michael Stephenson
Release date: 2009-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Eminem, Where Have You Been?

Eminem, Where Have You Been?

8.3/10 IMDB

Where's Em been? School, fool. But despite his fame and fortune, this exclusive documentary shows that returning to the halls of high school wasn't exactly easy for this international superstar.

Starring: Eminem, Courtney Butcher, Pj Jacokes, David Geister, Brian Balzerini, Alex Wisz, Troy Coulon, Shawnee Davey, Domonique Evans, Nesti Gee ..
Directed by: Joseph Jahai Brightly
Release date: 2009-05-01
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The Curious Birth of Benjamin Button

The Curious Birth of Benjamin Button

7.5/10 IMDB

A documentary about the making of David Fincher's 2008 film THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. Virtually every element in the evolution of the Fincher's film is documented here, from the project's attachment to numerous other directors during the 1990s, to its shoot in 2006 and 2007 in New Orleans, to its complex, CGI-intensive postproduction process.

Starring: David Fincher, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Alexandre Desplat, Joshua Donen, Eric Roth, William Doyle, Donald Graham Burt ..
Directed by: David Prior
Release date: 2009-05-05

Nirvana: Live At Reading

9.0/10 IMDB

This was the band's second performance at the music festival and their first since the success of 'Nevermind' had elevated them to the position of what magazines called the "biggest" rock band in the world. It was also sadly their final concert in the United Kingdom.

Starring: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Tony Hodgkinson ..
Release date: 2009-11-03
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

8.5/10 IMDB

Darwin's great insight – that life has evolved over millions of years by natural selection – has been the cornerstone of all David Attenborough’s natural history series. In this documentary, he takes us on a deeply personal journey which reflects his own life and the way he came to understand Darwin’s theory.

Starring: David Attenborough ..
Directed by: David Attenborough
Release date: 2009-02-01

Iron Maiden: Flight 666

8.3/10 IMDB

A chronological account of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden's 2008 world tour through India, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and South America in a jet piloted by the band's front man, Bruce Dickinson. Features interviews with the musicians, their road crew and fans.

Starring: Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Nicko McBrain, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Janick Gers, Ronnie James Dio, Lars Ulrich ..
Directed by: Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen
Release date: 2009-04-21

Which Way Home

7.8/10 IMDB

"Which Way Home" is a feature documentary film that follows unaccompanied child migrants, on their journey through Mexico, as they try to reach the United States.

Directed by: Rebecca Cammisa
Release date: 2009-01-31

Waking Sleeping Beauty

7.5/10 IMDB

By the mid-1980s, the fabled animation studios of Walt Disney had fallen on hard times. The artists were polarized between newcomers hungry to innovate and old timers not yet ready to relinquish control. These conditions produced a series of box-office flops and pessimistic forecasts: maybe the best days of animation were over. Maybe the public didn't care. Only a miracle or a magic spell could produce a happy ending. Waking Sleeping Beauty is no fairy tale. It's the true story of how Disney regained its magic with a staggering output of hits - "Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast ," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and more - over a 10-year period.

Starring: Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Don Bluth, Howard Ashman, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ron Clements, Rob Minkoff, Michael Eisner, Gary Trousdale, Glen Keane ..
Directed by: Don Hahn
Release date: 2009-09-05
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Facing Ali

Facing Ali

7.9/10 IMDB

Ten of Muhammad Ali's former rivals pay tribute to the three-time world heavyweight champion.

Starring: George Chuvalo, Henry Cooper, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, Ron Lyle, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Earnie Shavers, Ernie Terrell ..
Directed by: Pete McCormack
Release date: 2009-05-29
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Phish: The Clifford Ball

Phish: The Clifford Ball

9.0/10 IMDB

The Clifford Ball was an absolutely phenomenal, unequivocably religious, amazing event at the former Air Force Base in Plattsburgh, New York, in August 1996. Phish performed three sets and an encore on each of the two show days, of a Friday-to-Sunday event, where some 70-80,000 fans camped on site for three days.

Starring: Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman ..
Directed by: Martin Pitts
Release date: 2009-03-03
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Pirelli Calendar 2010

Pirelli Calendar 2010

6.8/10 IMDB

The making of the iconic 2010 Pirelli Calendar. Eleven models appear in the Calendar: Catherine McNeil, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Miranda Kerr of Australia, Eniko Mihalik from Hungary, Marloes Horst of the Netherlands, Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from the UK, Georgina Stojilijkovic of Serbia and two Brazilian natives, Gracie Carvalho and Ana Beatriz Barros.

Starring: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr, Lily Cole, Abbey Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie Carvalho, Enikö Mihalik, Marloes Horst ..
Directed by: Terry Richardson, STUART CHAPMAN
Release date: 2009-06-22
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Boy Interrupted

Boy Interrupted

7.8/10 IMDB

On the night of Oct. 2, 2005, Hart and Dana Perry's 15-year-old son Evan jumped to his death from his New York City bedroom window. This moving film is the story, told by his filmmaker parents and others who knew him, of Evan’s life and death, and his life-long struggle with bipolar disorder. It delves into the complexity of Evan's disease, sharing his family's journey through the maze of mental illness. In showing how one family deals with generations of loss and grief, the film defies the stigma related to mental illness and suicide and tells a human story that touches everyone.

Starring: Evan Scott Perry, Dana Heinz Perry, Hart Perry, Nicholas Kopple-Perry, Karen Riposo, Ladd Spiegel, Suzanne Hanna, Dan Murray, Aidan Shiminov, Will Axelrod ..
Directed by: Dana Heinz Perry
Release date: 2009-10-03
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The U

The U

7.9/10 IMDB

Throughout the 1980s, Miami, Florida, was at the center of a racial and cultural shift taking place throughout the country. Overwhelmed by riots and tensions, Miami was a city in flux, and the University of Miami football team served as a microcosm for this evolution. The image of the predominantly white university was forever changed when coach Howard Schnellenberger scoured some of the toughest ghettos in Florida to recruit mostly black players for his team. With a newly branded swagger, inspired and fueled by the quickly growing local Miami hip hop culture, these Hurricanes took on larger-than-life personalities and won four national titles between 1983 and 1991. Filmmaker Billy Corben, a Miami native and University of Miami alum, will tell the story of how these “Bad Boys” of football changed the attitude of the game they played, and how this serene campus was transformed into “The U.”

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Billy Corben, Luther Campbell, Jimmy Johnson, Michael Irvin, Luther Campbell ..
Directed by: Billy Corben
Release date: 2009-12-12


6.3/10 IMDB

Realizing the urban legend of their youth has actually come true, two filmmakers delve into the mystery surrounding five missing children and the real-life boogeyman linked to their disappearances.

Starring: Greg Cusick, Barbara Brancaccio, Bill Ellis, Dorothy D'Eletto, Geraldo Rivera, Karen Schweiger, David Navarro, Donna Cutugno, Ralph Aquino, Bobby Jensen ..
Directed by: Joshua Zeman, Barbara Brancaccio
Release date: 2009-04-25

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story

7.7/10 IMDB

The troubled fraternal relationship between songwriters Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, the Oscar and Grammy-winning Sherman Brothers, famous for the iconic hits they wrote for Disney.

Starring: Julie Andrews, Roy Edward Disney, Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman, Randy Newman, John Lasseter, Ben Stiller, Dick Van Dyke, John Williams, Barbara Broccoli ..
Directed by: Gregory V. Sherman, Jeff Sherman
Release date: 2009-01-01


7.7/10 IMDB

From the acclaimed director of American Movie, the documentary follows former Los Angeles police officer turned independent reporter Michael Ruppert. He recounts his career as a radical thinker and spells out his apocalyptic vision of the future, spanning the crises in economics, energy, environment and more.

Starring: Michael Ruppert ..
Directed by: Chris Smith
Release date: 2009-09-12


7.5/10 IMDB

Intent on shaking up the ultimate 'sacred cow' for Jews, Israeli director Yoav Shamir embarks on a provocative - and at times irreverent - quest to answer the question, "What is anti-Semitism today?"

Starring: Uri Avneri, Norman Finkelstein, Abraham Foxman, John Mearsheimer ..
Directed by: Yoav Shamir
Release date: 2009-05-01

I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale

7.8/10 IMDB

John Cazale was in only five films - The Godfather, The Conversation, The Godfather - Part Two, Dog Day Afternoon and The Deer Hunter - each was nominated for Best Picture. Yet today most people don't even know his name. I KNEW IT WAS YOU is a fresh tour through movies that defined a generation.

Starring: John Cazale, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Olympia Dukakis, Gene Hackman, Carol Kane, Steve Buscemi, Richard Dreyfuss, Francis Ford Coppola ..
Directed by: Richard Shepard
Release date: 2009-01-16
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Top Gear: Bolivia Special

Top Gear: Bolivia Special

9.3/10 IMDB

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are dropped deep in the Bolivian rainforest armed only with three 4x4s which they bought from the local small ads for a maximum of £3,500 each. They attempt to drive from the heart of Bolivia to the coast of Chile, encountering drug lords and the debilitating effects of high altitude. Without a doubt one of the toughest challenges the `Top Gear' team has ever faced.

Starring: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May ..
Release date: 2009-12-27

Reclaiming the Blade

8.2/10 IMDB

The Medieval and Renaissance blade, a profound and beautiful object handcrafted by master artisans of old. An object of great complexity, yet one with a singular use in mind- it is designed to kill. The truth of the sword has been shrouded in antiquity, and the Renaissance martial arts that brought it to being are long forgotten. The ancient practitioners lent us all they knew through their manuscripts. As gunslingers of the Renaissance they were western heroes with swords, and they lived and died by them. Yet today their history remains cloaked under a shadow of legend.

Starring: Karl Urban, John Rhys-Davies, Viggo Mortensen, Bob Anderson ..
Directed by: Daniel McNicoll
Release date: 2009-04-15
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Paramore MTV Unplugged

Paramore MTV Unplugged

8.6/10 IMDB

Paramore play their hits and songs from their album, 'Brand New Eyes,' exclusively for 'MTV Unplugged. Set List: 1. Ignorance; 2. That's What You Get; 3. Misery Business; 4. Brick by Boring Brick; 5. Decode

Starring: Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis, Taylor York ..
Directed by: Matthew C. Mills
Release date: 2009-07-06

Under the Sea 3D

7.5/10 IMDB

Imagine a world of incredible color and beauty. Of crabs wearing jellyfish for hats. Of fish disguised as frogs, stones and shag carpets. Of a kaleidoscope of life dancing and weaving, floating and darting in an underwater wonderland. Now, go explore it! Howard Hall and his filmmaking team, who brought you Deep Sea and Into the Deep, take you into tropical waters alive with adventure: the Great Barrier Reef and other South Pacific realms. Narrated by Jim Carrey and featuring astonishing camerawork, this amazing film brings you face to fin with Nature's marvels, from the terrible grandeur (and terrible teeth) of a Great White to the comic antics of a lovestruck cuttlefish. Excitement and fun run deep Under the Sea!

Starring: Jim Carrey ..
Directed by: Howard Hall
Release date: 2009-02-13
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The Making of Pinocchio: No Strings Attached

The Making of Pinocchio: No Strings Attached

8.0/10 IMDB

Documentary focusing on the Disney studio's making of the 1940 classic animated film Pinocchio.

Starring: Eric Goldberg, Jerry Beck, Brian Sibley, Frank Thomas, J.B. Kaufman, Russell Merritt, Ward Kimball, Andreas Deja, Milt Kahl, Michael Barrier ..
Directed by: Mark Rance
Release date: 2009-03-10
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles

Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles

7.3/10 IMDB

Louis has gained access to Coalinga Mental Hospital in California, which houses more than 500 of the most disturbed criminals in America, convicted paedophiles. Most have already served lengthy prison sentences, but have been deemed unsafe for release. Instead, they have been sent here for an indefinite time. Spending time with those undergoing treatment, Louis wrestles with whether he can ever allow himself to believe men whose whole history is defined by deception and deceit.

Starring: Louis Theroux ..
Directed by: Emma Cooper
Release date: 2009-07-07
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Alien Workshop - Mind Field

Alien Workshop - Mind Field

8.0/10 IMDB

Filmed and built over the span of 2005-2009, Mind Field is the 4th full lengh audio/visual offering by AWS. A document of the team's raw talent and eclectic personalities interlaced with the workshop's undying pursuit of visual individuality and creative freedom.

Starring: Omar Salazar, Jake Johnson, Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Stephen Berra, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Grant Taylor, Jason Dill, Mikey Taylor ..
Directed by: Greg Hunt
Release date: 2009-02-16
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy

Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy

7.2/10 IMDB

Directors Robert Townsend and Quincy Newell offer this comprehensive and hilarious examination of the history, evolution and cultural significance of African American comedy in America, from the earliest minstrel shows to the latest HBO special. Featuring interviews with cultural critics and loads of comedic clips, this program features appearances by a who's-who of black comedians including Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg and many more.

Starring: Franklyn Ajaye, Angela Bassett, Bill Bellamy, Julian Bond, Todd Boyd, Jeff Clanagan, Bill Cosby, Stanley Crouch, Elijah Cummings, Tommy Davidson ..
Directed by: Robert Townsend
Release date: 2009-01-01

Supermen of Malegaon

7.9/10 IMDB

Malegaon, a small town tucked away near the heart of India geographically, is fraught with communal tension and under severe economic depression. To escape the harsh reality of their world, its people seek refuge in the fantastical world of cinema. This passion for cinema has spurred a group of cinema enthusiasts to make their own films-quirky, low budget, socially aware and notoriously funny spoofs of Bollywood films.

Starring: Shakeel Bharati, Farogh Jafri, Akram Khan, Nazir Shaikh ..
Directed by: Faiza Ahmed Khan
Release date: 2009-06-16

The September Issue

7.0/10 IMDB

A documentary chronicling Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's preparations for the 2007 fall-fashion issue.

Starring: Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Hamish Bowles, Tonne Goodman, André Leon Talley, Sienna Miller, André Leon Talley, Thakoon Panichgul, Oscar de la Renta, Patrick DeMarchelier ..
Directed by: R. J. Cutler, R.J. Cutler
Release date: 2009-08-28

We Live in Public

7.2/10 IMDB

A documentary focusing on the life of dot-com entrepreneur Josh Harris, and his exploits over the last decade.

Starring: Josh Harris ..
Directed by: Ondi Timoner
Release date: 2009-08-28

Pitchman: A Tribute to Billy Mays

8.9/10 IMDB

William Darrell Mays Jr. was an American television direct-response advertisement salesperson. Throughout his career, he promoted a wide variety of products, including OxiClean, Orange Glo, Kaboom, and Zorbeez.

Starring: Billy Mays ..
Release date: 2009-07-09
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Without Bias

Without Bias

7.1/10 IMDB

The late Len Bias still leaves more questions than answers. When Bias dropped dead two days after the 1986 NBA Draft, he forever altered our perception of casual drug use and became the tipping point of America's drug crisis in the mid-80's. Future generations continue to face the harsh punishment of drug policies that were influenced by the public outcry after his heartbreaking death. Instead of becoming an NBA star, he became a one-man deterrent, the athlete who reminded everyone just how dangerous drug use can be. Amazingly, questions still linger about his death nearly a quarter-century later. How good could he have been in the pro ranks? Has he become underrated or overrated as the years pass? How could a University of Maryland superstar and Boston Celtics lottery pick be derailed by a cocaine binge? Was Bias a one-time user as we were led to believe, or was there a pattern of recreational use that led to his fatal last night? Did he fall in with the wrong crowd.

Directed by: Kirk Fraser
Release date: 2009-11-03
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Coal Country

Coal Country

8.8/10 IMDB

COAL COUNTRY tells of the dramatic struggles around the use and acquisition of coal.

Starring: Judy Bonds, Joe Lovett, Randall Maggard, Chuck Nelson, Kathy Salvage, Elisa Young ..
Directed by: Phyllis Geller
Release date: 2009-09-12
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part 2: Characters

Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part 2: Characters

8.1/10 IMDB

“We really do look at the story and characters first,” producer David Heyman says. “That's the heart and that's the soul of the film.” And that's the heart and soul of this incisive, decade-spanning exploration of how the series' actors bring the beloved Harry Potter characters to life. Discover which parts of the J.K. Rowling books helped Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and more stars make their roles leap from page to screen. See screen tests, including Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) working with the established stars. Learn why so many of Britain's acting greats wanted to be part of Harry Potter's world... and which ones became mentors to the young stars. Share each director's vision as you watch Daniel, Rupert and Emma grow up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Your journey into Harry’s world continues.

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Robbie Coltrane, Tom Felton, Mark Williams, Julie Walters, John Hurt, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Harris ..
Directed by: Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, David Yates
Release date: 2009-11-17

Diary Of A Disgraced Soldier

7.7/10 IMDB

In Iraq 2003 Corporal Martin Webster filmed fellow soldiers beating Iraqi youths during rioting in Al Amara. Two years later, a British newspaper obtained his footage. The story that ran led to outrage across the world.

Starring: Martin Webster ..
Directed by: Richard Atkinson, Neil Cole
Release date: 2009-11-18
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part 1: The Magic Begins

Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part 1: The Magic Begins

8.0/10 IMDB

The magic begins. The choices, the breakthroughs, the early decisions that impacted all the films are explored here via rare footage, cast and crew reminiscences and more. Learn about the extensive search by producer David Heyman and director Chris Columbus for the perfect actors to portray Harry, Ron and Hermione and see the earliest meeting of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Be on the scene as imagination and know-how combine to create a look that's distinctly wizardly. From details tiny (what about Hermione's buckteeth?) to huge (Quidditch, anyone?), this is the fun and fascinating opening of a whole new portal into Harry's world.

Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris, Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Tom Felton, Warwick Davis, Matthew Lewis ..
Directed by: Chris Columbus
Release date: 2009-11-17

Plastic Planet

7.2/10 IMDB

Werner Boote presents an up-close and personal view of the controversial and fascinating material that has found its way into every facet of our daily lives: plastic. He takes us on a journey around the globe, showing that plastics have become a threat for both environment and human health.

Starring: Werner Boote, John Taylor, Peter Lieberzeit ..
Directed by: Werner Boote
Release date: 2009-09-15


7.0/10 IMDB

A feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them.

Starring: Paola Antonelli, Chris Bangle, Andrew Blauvelt, Erwan Bouroullec, Ronan Bouroullec, Anthony Dunne, Agnete Enga, Dan Formosa, Naoto Fukasawa, Jonathan Ive ..
Directed by: Gary Hustwit
Release date: 2009-05-22


6.8/10 IMDB

An unsentimental elegy to the American West, Sweetgrass follows the last modern-day cowboys to lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana's breathtaking and often dangerous Absaroka-Beartooth mountains for summer pasture. This astonishingly beautiful reveals a world in which nature and culture, animals and humans, vulnerability and violence are all intimately meshed.

Directed by: Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Ilisa Barbash
Release date: 2009-02-04

The Shadow Effect

7.6/10 IMDB

This emotionally-gripping, visually-stunning documentary exposes the opposing forces of both light and dark that compete for attention within every human being and presents the hidden power of the "Shadow" alongside some of today's most provocative thinkers and beloved teachers.

Starring: Deepak Chopra, Jason Deitch, Darron Dunbar ..
Directed by: Scott Cervine
Release date: 2009-06-26

The Fleshtones: Pardon Us for Living But the Graveyard Is Full

7.4/10 IMDB

When a gang of suburban teens stumbled across a bunch of abandoned instruments and formed The Fleshtones little did they know that 30 years later they'll still be struggling to rock - and pay the bills.

Starring: Peter Zaremba, Keith Streng, Bill Milhizer, Ken Fox, Jan Marek Pakulski, Brian Spaeth, Andy Shernoff, Steve Wynn, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Miriam Linna ..
Directed by: Geoffray Barbier
Release date: 2009-04-03

Love the Beast

7.4/10 IMDB

What if you were a Hollywood movie star with an obsession for cars and racing? Eric Bana is such a star!

Starring: Eric Bana, Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Leno, Phil McGraw ..
Directed by: Eric Bana
Release date: 2009-03-12

Vanishing of the Bees

7.1/10 IMDB

This documentary takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee. The film examines our current agricultural landscape and celebrates the ancient and sacred connection between man and the honeybee. The story highlights the positive changes that have resulted due to the tragic phenomenon known as "Colony Collapse Disorder." To empower the audience, the documentary provides viewers with tangible solutions they can apply to their everyday lives. Vanishing of the Bees unfolds as a dramatic tale of science and mystery, illuminating this extraordinary crisis and its greater meaning about the relationship between humankind and Mother Earth. The bees have a message - but will we listen?

Starring: Elliot Page ..
Directed by: George Langworthy, Maryam Henein
Release date: 2009-10-09
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The Third & The Seventh

The Third & The Seventh

8.1/10 IMDB

Architecture through the cinematographic lens. The visual fusion between the third and the seventh arts. The Third & The Seventh is a FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces.

Directed by: Alex Roman
Release date: 2009-11-29
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Lost Cave Temples of the Himalaya

Lost Cave Temples of the Himalaya

7.4/10 IMDB

In a remote corner of the Himalaya, in the forbidden Kingdom of Mustang, mysterious caves, perched high on cliff faces and carved by humans thousands of years ago, have lain just beyond reach — until recently. In April of 2007, a team of climbers and scientists climbed inside the long-hidden chambers for the first time in modern history.

Directed by: Liesl Clark
Release date: 2009-05-24
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : The Moon Inside You

The Moon Inside You

7.4/10 IMDB

Diana is not the only one for whom the monthly period is no fun at all. Headaches, nausea, depression -- why is it so widely accepted that women all over the world should feel so lousy on a regular basis? And why is the subject still not openly discussed? With a keen sense of perspective, humor, and self-mockery, Diana goes in search of answers in this documentary.

Directed by: Diana Fabianova
Release date: 2009-03-08
Best Documentary Movies of 2009 : Caddyshack: The Inside Story

Caddyshack: The Inside Story

7.5/10 IMDB

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of 'Caddyshack', one of the most memorable box-office comedies of all times.

Starring: Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Michael O'Keefe, Scott Colomby, Harold Ramis, Mark Canton, Cindy Morgan, John F. Barmon Jr., John Murray ..
Directed by: Amelia Hanibelsz
Release date: 2009-12-09

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