Best Documentary Movies of 1943


Why We Fight: The Battle of Russia

7.1/10 IMDB

"The Battle of Russia," Chapter V of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" series, follows the beginning of the end for Adolph Hitler.

Starring: Anthony Veiller, Anthony Veiller, Ion Antonescu, Ion Antonescu, Nikolai Cherkasov, Nikolai Cherkasov, Miklós Horthy, Miklós Horthy, Alfred Jodl, Alfred Jodl ..
Directed by: Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
Release date: 1943-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain

7.4/10 IMDB

Exciting newsreel footage highlights this award-winning documentary of Britain's gallant stand against the encroaching Nazi horde. As the British people fight bravely, Hitler orders the Luftwaffe to begin the London Blitz in the hope of bringing England to her knees.

Starring: Walter Huston, Frieda Inescort, John B. Hughes ..
Directed by: Frank Capra, Anthony Veiller
Release date: 1943-10-10
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : A Welcome to Britain

A Welcome to Britain

7.3/10 IMDB

An uncredited Anthony Asquith is one of the directors of this WWII film (a joint UK/US production) which aims to explain British culture and character to the newly arrived American soldier. Starting with the ubiquitous pub visit, the film breezes through geography lessons, food and entertainment on the Home Front.

Starring: Burgess Meredith, Bob Hope, Jacob L. Devers, Felix Aylmer, Carla Lehmann, Beatrice Lillie, Johnnie Schofield, Beatrice Varley ..
Directed by: Burgess Meredith, Anthony Asquith
Release date: 1943-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : The Silent Village

The Silent Village

7.0/10 IMDB

The true story of the massacre of a small Czech village by the Nazis is retold as if it happened in Wales.

Directed by: Humphrey Jennings
Release date: 1943-09-30
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer

Why We Fight: Divide and Conquer

7.2/10 IMDB

The third film of Frank Capra's 'Why We Fight" propaganda film series, dealing with the Nazi conquest of Western Europe in 1940.

Starring: Knox Manning, Murray Alper, General Bergeret, Monte Blue, Karl Brandt, Maurice Brierre, Winston Churchill, Ann Codee, Richard Walther Darré, Charles de Gaulle ..
Directed by: Anatole Litvak, Frank Capra
Release date: 1943-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike

Why We Fight: The Nazis Strike

7.0/10 IMDB

This second part of the 'Why We Fight' series documents the spread of Nazi ideology and the relentless advance of Germany's military machine through neighboring Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

Starring: Eduard Benes, Neville Chamberlain, Clementine Churchill, Winston Churchill, Galeazzo Ciano, Édouard Daladier ..
Directed by: Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak
Release date: 1943-01-01

Scenic Oregon

6.4/10 IMDB

This Traveltalk series short begins along the mighty Columbia River, which empties into the Pacific Ocean at Portland. The river passes through three dams. The salmon have a difficult task of making it up Celilo Falls, a spot where many native fishermen await. Outside of Bend, Rasmus Petersen has constructed a miniature village composed primarily of volcanic rock, semi-precious stone and petrified wood. At Crater Lake National Park, its waters and its bears are our final views.

Starring: James A. FitzPatrick ..
Release date: 1943-06-26
Best Documentary Movies of 1943 : Don't Be a Sucker!

Don't Be a Sucker!

7.6/10 IMDB

Propaganda short film depicting the rise of Nazism in Germany and how political propaganda is similarly used in the United States. The film was made to make the case for the desegregation of the United States armed forces.

Starring: Lloyd Nolan, Paul Lukas, Felix Bressart ..
Release date: 1943-06-04

Victory Through Air Power

6.6/10 IMDB

This is a unique film in Disney Production's history. This film is essentially a propaganda film selling Major Alexander de Seversky's theories about the practical uses of long range strategic bombing. Using a combination of animation humorously telling about the development of air warfare, the film switches to the Major illustrating his ideas could win the war for the allies.

Starring: Alexander P. de Seversky, Art Baker ..
Directed by: James Algar, Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney, H. C. Potter
Release date: 1943-07-17

This Is Tomorrow

6.2/10 IMDB

This John Nesbitt's Passing Parade short takes a look at the evolution of the American city, from the initially small farming village, to the eventually hectic, congested metropolis, to the future planned suburban community.

Starring: John Nesbitt ..
Release date: 1943-11-27

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