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6.6/10 IMDB

Morning reveals New York harbor, the wharves, the Brooklyn Bridge. A ferry boat docks, disgorging its huddled mass. People move briskly along Wall St. or stroll more languorously through a cemetery. Ranks of skyscrapers extrude columns of smoke and steam. In plain view. Or framed, as through a balustrade. A crane promotes the city's upward progress, as an ironworker balances on a high beam. A locomotive in a railway yard prepares to depart, while an arriving ocean liner jostles with attentive tugboats. Fading sunlight is reflected in the waters of the harbor. The imagery is interspersed with quotations from Walt Whitman, who is left unnamed.

Directed by: Paul Strand, Charles Sheeler
Release date: 1921-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : Pearls and Savages

Pearls and Savages

5.9/10 IMDB

Frank Hurley (1885-1962) was firmly established by 1925 as Australia's most famous photographer. After World War 1, having filled the position as the first official photographer of the Australian war effort, Hurley became interested in Papua New Guinea. In December 1920, he left Australia to record the work of Anglican missions in Papua and to make "travelogue entertainment". The result was this documentary, "Pearls and Savages" which was released in Sydney, in December 1921.

Directed by: Frank Hurley
Release date: 1921-12-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : Elsie and the Brown Bunny

Elsie and the Brown Bunny

4.9/10 IMDB

A Cadbury's chocolate advertisement based on Alice in Wonderland.

Starring: Gwendolen Tremayne ..
Release date: 1921-05-22
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : Wild Africa

Wild Africa

0.0/10 IMDB

Release date: 1921-11-28

Från Köln till Kevlaar

0.0/10 IMDB

Travelogue from Cologne, Kevlaer and the Rhine Valley, shot during production of The Pilgrimage to Kevlaar.

Release date: 1921-05-10
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : The Rugged Road to Learning

The Rugged Road to Learning

0.0/10 IMDB

This film advocates the consolidation of rural schools into larger education centers and the use of mass transportation for children attending these new schools. The Rugged Road to Learning dramatizes a day in the life of children who, before consolidation, had to travel through the snowy woods to attend a cold country schoolhouse. Later in the film, a larger, consolidated school encompassing five Ontario country districts is featured favourably. Scenes show happy and lively children who are ready to learn. The use of dramatic scenes to underline a film's message was a common technique by the 1920s. Although this film is far from subtle, it was well understood that "the great mass of the movie public want to be amused and entertained not instructed, and if they are to be educated it must be in a subtle, delicate manner"

Directed by: John Waugh
Release date: 1921-01-01
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : The Latest In Hair Adornments

The Latest In Hair Adornments

0.0/10 IMDB

The latest accessories for decorating hairstyles are shown. (British Pathé)

Release date: 1921-01-01

Around the Town: British Film Stars and Studios

0.0/10 IMDB

The other side of the screen with noted producers and film stars.

Starring: Bernard H. Bromhead, W.P. Kellino, C.C. Calvert, Josephine Earle, Billy Bevan ..
Release date: 1921-12-31
Best Documentary Movies of 1921 : Screen Snapshots (Series 1, No. 20)

Screen Snapshots (Series 1, No. 20)

0.0/10 IMDB

Intimate views of the movie stars of the Silent Era, at work and play; featuring Sessue Hayakawa, Lillian Gish and others.

Starring: Fatty Arbuckle, Wesley Barry, Richard Barthelmess, Lillian Gish, D. W. Griffith, Sessue Hayakawa, Tom Mix, Charles Murray, Jack Snyder, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle ..
Release date: 1921-02-22

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