Best Documentary Movies of 1906


A Trip Down Market St. before the Fire

6.7/10 IMDB

A Trip Down Market Street is a 13-minute actuality film recorded by placing a movie camera on the front of a cable car as it travels down San Francisco’s Market Street. A virtual time capsule from over 100 years ago, the film shows many details of daily life in a major American city, including the transportation, fashions and architecture of the era. The film begins at 8th Street and continues eastward to the cable car turntable, at The Embarcadero, in front of the San Francisco Ferry Building. It was produced by the four Miles brothers: Harry, Herbert, Earle and Joe. Harry J. Miles cranked the Bell & Howell camera during the filming.

Directed by: Harry Miles
Release date: 1906-04-21

A Day with the Gipsies

7.1/10 IMDB

A troupe of gypsies takes a traveler along with them on their day trip.

Directed by: Gaston Quiribet
Release date: 1906-01-01

Human Apes from the Orient

3.0/10 IMDB

The subject is two grotesque-looking human beings who are sitting on the deck of a ship. The two weird individuals sit cross-legged and do the bidding of a man in oriental costume. The point of the film seems to be directed at the fact that the bone structure of the two subjects makes them look like monkeys or apes, and the spectators seem to be trying to get them to behave like monkeys, that is, scratch themselves, etc.

Release date: 1906-11-03

Felling of Hibson Road Brick Works Chimney in Nelson

0.0/10 IMDB

It is a dramatic film, with its colossal explosion and smouldering remains. Within seconds of the chimney's collapse, crowds swarm in to inspect the site; issues of the crowd's health and safety are clearly not a concern, as people smile, wave and salute the camera.

Release date: 1906-01-01

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