Best Crime Movies of 1971


Straw Dogs

7.5/10 IMDB

David Sumner, a mild-mannered academic from the United States, marries Amy, an Englishwoman. In order to escape a hectic stateside lifestyle, David and his wife relocate to the small town in rural Cornwall where Amy was raised. There, David is ostracized by the brutish men of the village, including Amy's old flame, Charlie. Eventually the taunts escalate, and two of the locals rape Amy. This sexual assault awakes a shockingly violent side of David.

Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, Peter Vaughan, T. P. McKenna, Del Henney, Jim Norton, Donald Webster, Ken Hutchison, Len Jones, Sally Thomsett ..
Directed by: Sam Peckinpah
Release date: 1971-12-23
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : Columbo: Murder by the Book

Columbo: Murder by the Book

7.7/10 IMDB

When one member of a mystery writing team wants to break from his less talented partner, he becomes the victim in a real-life murder mystery.

Starring: Peter Falk, Jack Cassidy, Rosemary Forsyth, Martin Milner, Barbara Colby, Lynette Mettey, Bernie Kuby, Hoke Howell, Haven Earle Haley ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Release date: 1971-09-15
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : Ransom for a Dead Man

Ransom for a Dead Man

7.7/10 IMDB

A brilliant tort attorney gets rid of her boring husband by faking his kidnapping and keeping the ransom. The FBI may be fooled, but not Columbo.

Starring: Peter Falk, Lee Grant, John Fink, Harold Gould, Patricia Mattick, Paul Carr, Jed Allan, Charles Macaulay, Hank Brandt, Jean Byron ..
Directed by: Richard Irving
Release date: 1971-03-01
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : In Broad Daylight

In Broad Daylight

6.8/10 IMDB

A newly blind actor discovers his wife is cheating on him with his best friend and hatches a plot to murder her and frame his friend for it.

Starring: Richard Boone, Suzanne Pleshette, Stella Stevens, John Marley, Fred Beir, Whit Bissell, Paul Smith, Dan Spelling, Barbara Dodd, Wally Taylor ..
Directed by: Robert Day
Release date: 1971-10-16
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : The Sheriff

The Sheriff

6.8/10 IMDB

A rape case opens racial divisions in a small town. A black sheriff and his white deputy investigate allegations that a wealthy white businessman raped a black college student.

Starring: Ossie Davis, Kaz Garas, Kyle Johnson, Edward Binns, Lynda Day George, Moses Gunn ..
Directed by: David Lowell Rich
Release date: 1971-03-30
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : X312 - Flight to Hell

X312 - Flight to Hell

5.0/10 IMDB

A plane leaving the turmoil of a South American country in the midst of a revolution crash-lands in the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Among the passengers are a corrupt banker who is smuggling diamonds out of the country, a reporter, a mysterious beauty and a shady flight attendant. The survivors find themselves up against not only the dangers of the jungle itself but a band of headhunters and a gang of revolutionaries who are looking for the smuggled diamonds.

Starring: Thomas Hunter, Gila von Weitershausen, Hans Hass Jr., Fernando Sancho, Esperanza Roy, Ewa Strömberg, Siegfried Schürenberg, Howard Vernon, Paul Müller, Antonio de Cabo ..
Directed by: Jesús Franco
Release date: 1971-08-20
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : The Zodiac Rapist

The Zodiac Rapist

4.8/10 IMDB

A detective is on the trail of the Zodiac, a serial rapist who has been taunting him with rhyming clues and riddles.

Starring: John Holmes, Buddy Boone, Andy Bellamy, Sandy Dempsey, Tricia Opal, Nora Wieternik, Annette Michael, Linda Vroom, John Dullaghan, Eve Orlon ..
Directed by: John Lamb
Release date: 1971-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : Freelance


7.1/10 IMDB

A street-smart witness (Ian McShane) to a gangland slaying tries to beat the hit man at his own game.

Starring: Ian McShane, Gayle Hunnicutt, Keith Barron, Alan Lake ..
Directed by: Francis Megahy
Release date: 1971-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1971 : Mongo's Back in Town

Mongo's Back in Town

6.5/10 IMDB

Professional killer is hired by his brother, a gang boss, to wipe out a rival gangster.

Starring: Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Anne Francis, Charles Cioffi, Martin Sheen, Joe Don Baker, Johnny Haymer, Angelo Rossitto, Harry Basch, Howard Dayton ..
Directed by: Marvin J. Chomsky
Release date: 1971-12-10

The Female Bunch

3.8/10 IMDB

Libby saves Sandy from killing herself and takes her to meet some female friends who live on a ranch in the desert....

Starring: Lon Chaney Jr., Russ Tamblyn, Jennifer Bishop, Regina Carrol, Nesa Renet, Geoffrey Land, A'leisha Brevard, Leslie McRae, Don Epperson, Albert Cole ..
Directed by: Al Adamson
Release date: 1971-09-01

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