Best Crime Movies of 1970


The Lawyer

6.7/10 IMDB

Wilma Harrison had it all. A wealthy doctor for a husband. A big playboy for a lover. A beautiful home. And a horrible death.

Starring: Barry Newman, Diana Muldaur, Harold Gould, Booth Colman, Ken Swofford ..
Directed by: Sidney J. Furie
Release date: 1970-03-10
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : Ransom Money

Ransom Money

4.2/10 IMDB

A young boy is taken from the Grand Canyon by a kidnapper with impressive electronic skills (for 1970) and it's up to the local police and a federal agent to ensure the child is returned unharmed. But can they get ahead of this tech savvy criminal?

Starring: Broderick Crawford, Rachel Roman, Gordon Jump, Randy Whipple, Sebastian Stuart, Tracy Marlow, Jack Deal, Mal Bernstein, Ray Frushay, Grenade Curran ..
Directed by: Dewitt Lee
Release date: 1970-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : Sex Charade

Sex Charade

7.0/10 IMDB

The story revolves around Anne who is held hostage by an escaped maniac from an insane asylum. The fugitive forces her to tell stories to prevent her from getting help. Anne then spins a fanciful tale about a girl's escape from her imprisonment by savages and her longing to return to captivity.

Starring: Soledad Miranda, Paul Müller, Jack Taylor, Diana Lorys, Maria Rohm, Howard Vernon ..
Directed by: Jesús Franco
Release date: 1970-01-01

Booby Trap

4.2/10 IMDB

A crazed military explosives expert heads for Los Angeles with an RV full of explosives, intending to blow up a rock festival and kill all the "hippies". An army officer is sent to stop him.

Starring: Carl Monson, Angela Carnon, Maybe Smith, Sharon Masters, Christopher Geoffries, Norman Fields, Buck Kartalian, Art Hedberg ..
Directed by: Dwayne Avery
Release date: 1970-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : Sweet Trash

Sweet Trash

5.2/10 IMDB

An alcoholic longshoreman, deep in debt to the mob, is forced into an increasingly debauched nightmare as he tries to avoid the thugs out to get him. Along the way, he meets local oddballs, violent criminals, and lusty women. With a mysterious computer controlling everyone’s actions this grimy artistic film with almost science fiction-esque fear of future mind control was made well before it’s time.

Starring: William Conners, Mary McGee, Patrick Shea ..
Directed by: John Hayes
Release date: 1970-06-15
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : Judy


3.7/10 IMDB

A depraved sex killer preys on women of ill repute in the red light district area of Boston, Massachusetts. Hard-nosed maverick private detective Gunner Sloan gets hired by the wealthy Fairchild to find the psycho after the creep attacks Fairchild's daughter Regina.

Starring: Dave Haller, Sandy O'Hara, Garry Achzieger, Karen Beglan, Toula Flambouris, Judith Lowe, Nataly Kovlev, George Mead, Selma Papas ..
Directed by: David W. Hanson, George Meadows
Release date: 1970-07-01
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : Caught in the Can

Caught in the Can

2.8/10 IMDB

Low budget softcore farce where two men cross-dress to go into a women's prison.

Starring: Ron Darby, Gerard Broulard, Casey Larrain, Debby Ehrl, Linda Vroom, Sharon Beard, Paul Austin, Bob Hunter, James E. Myers ..
Directed by: Joseph F. Robertson
Release date: 1970-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1970 : The Hang Up

The Hang Up

0.0/10 IMDB

Two vice cops get entangled in a web of prostitution, blackmail and murder.

Starring: Tony Vorno, Sharon Matt ..
Directed by: John Hayes
Release date: 1970-12-07

The Walking Stick

6.4/10 IMDB

A young woman's highly ordered and structured life is turned upside-down when she meets a handsome stranger at a party. Friendship soon develops into romance and for the first time in her life she is truly happy. This happiness is short lived, however, as little by little she discovers her partner has been lying to her about his past. It is soon revealed that he and his friends have been planning to rob the auction house that she works for and they require her inside knowledge in order to pull off the crime.

Starring: David Hemmings, Samantha Eggar, Emlyn Williams, Phyllis Calvert, Ferdy Mayne, Francesca Annis, Bridget Turner, Dudley Sutton, John Woodvine, David Savile ..
Directed by: Eric Till
Release date: 1970-04-15

Cotton Comes to Harlem

6.5/10 IMDB

Harlem's African-American population is being ripped off by the Rev. Deke O'Malley, who dishonestly claims that small donations will secure parcels of land in Africa. When New York City police officers Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson look into O'Malley's scam, they learn that the cash is being smuggled inside a bale of cotton. However, the police, O'Malley, and lots of others find themselves scrambling when the money goes missing.

Starring: Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, Calvin Lockhart, Judy Pace, Redd Foxx, Emily Yancy, John Anderson, Lou Jacobi, Eugene Roche, J.D. Cannon ..
Directed by: Ossie Davis
Release date: 1970-05-27

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