Best Crime Movies of 1937



7.0/10 IMDB

Karl Anton Verloc and his wife own a small cinema in a quiet London suburb where they live seemingly happily. But Mrs. Verloc does not know that her husband has a secret that will affect their relationship and threaten her teenage brother's life.

Starring: Sylvia Sidney, Oskar Homolka, Desmond Tester, John Loder, Joyce Barbour, Matthew Boulton, S. J. Warmington, William Dewhurst, Clare Greet, Aubrey Mather ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1937-01-08

Young and Innocent

6.8/10 IMDB

Robert Tisdall finds on the beach the corpse of a woman he knew. Others wrongly conclude that he is the murderer. Fleeing, he desperately attempts to prove that he is not the killer. A young woman becomes embroiled in the effort.

Starring: Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney, Percy Marmont, Edward Rigby, Mary Clare, John Longden, George Curzon, Basil Radford, Pamela Carme, George Merritt ..
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Release date: 1937-11-01

You Only Live Once

7.3/10 IMDB

Based partially on the story of Bonnie and Clyde, Eddie Taylor is an ex-convict who cannot get a break after being released from prison. When he is framed for murder, Taylor is forced to flee with his wife Joan Graham and baby. While escaping prison after being sentenced to death, Taylor becomes a real murderer, condemning himself and Joan to a life of crime and death on the road.

Starring: Henry Fonda, Sylvia Sidney, Barton MacLane, Jean Dixon, William Gargan, Jerome Cowan, Charles 'Chic' Sale, Margaret Hamilton, Warren Hymer, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams ..
Directed by: Fritz Lang
Release date: 1937-01-23
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Charlie Chan on Broadway

Charlie Chan on Broadway

7.0/10 IMDB

Returning from European exile where she avoided testifying against her criminal associates, a former singer with a tell-all diary is murdered to insure her silence.

Starring: Keye Luke, Joan Marsh, J. Edward Bromberg, Douglas Fowley, Harold Huber, Donald Woods, Louise Henry, Joan Woodbury, Leon Ames, Marc Lawrence ..
Directed by: Eugene Forde
Release date: 1937-09-22

Dead End

7.2/10 IMDB

Mobster "Baby Face" Martin returns home to visit the New York neighborhood where he grew up, dropping in on his mother, who rejects him because of his gangster lifestyle, and his old girlfriend, Francey, now a syphilitic prostitute. Martin also crosses paths with Dave, a childhood friend struggling to make it as an architect, and the Dead End Kids, a gang of young boys roaming the streets of the city's East Side slums.

Starring: Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, Wendy Barrie, Claire Trevor, Allen Jenkins, Marjorie Main, Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Bobby Jordan ..
Directed by: William Wyler
Release date: 1937-08-27

Kid Galahad

7.2/10 IMDB

Fight promoter Nick Donati grooms a bellhop as a future champ, but has second thoughts when the 'kid' falls for his sister.

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Wayne Morris, Jane Bryan, Harry Carey, William Haade, Soledad Jiménez, Joe Cunningham, Ben Welden ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1937-05-29
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Confession


7.3/10 IMDB

Vera Kowalska is put on trial for murdering concert pianist Michael Michailow. In court it is revealed that some years earlier Michael ruined Vera's life.

Starring: Kay Francis, Ian Hunter, Basil Rathbone, Jane Bryan, Donald Crisp, Mary Maguire, Dorothy Peterson, Laura Hope Crews, Robert Barrat, Ben Welden ..
Directed by: Joe May
Release date: 1937-08-19

Marked Woman

7.1/10 IMDB

In the underworld of Manhattan, a woman dares to stand up to one of the city's most powerful gangsters.

Starring: Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Lola Lane, Isabel Jewell, Mayo Methot, Eduardo Ciannelli, Rosalind Marquis, Jane Bryan, Allen Jenkins, Mark Strong ..
Directed by: Lloyd Bacon, Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1937-04-10

Black Legion

6.9/10 IMDB

When a hard-working machinist loses a promotion to a Polish-born worker, he is seduced into joining the secretive Black Legion, which intimidates foreigners through violence.

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan, Dick Foran, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Helen Flint, Joe Sawyer, Clifford Soubier, Alonzo Price, John Litel, Henry Brandon ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz, Archie Mayo
Release date: 1937-01-30
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

6.7/10 IMDB

Although Charlie and Lee are in Monaco for an art exhibit, they become caught up in a feud between rival financiers which involves the Chan's in a web of blackmail and murder.

Starring: Warner Oland, Keye Luke, Virginia Field, Sidney Blackmer, Harold Huber, Kay Linaker, Robert Kent, Edward Raquello, George Lynn, Louis Mercier ..
Directed by: Eugene Forde
Release date: 1937-12-17

Thank You, Mr. Moto

6.9/10 IMDB

Mr. Moto Heads to China on a quest for seven ancient scrolls that reveal the location of Genghis Khan's tomb—a crypt filled with fabulous treasure! But Moto isn't the only one stalking the scrolls—so is a shadowy band of thieves. But when his ruthless rivals go too far, the mild-mannered detective's quest for antiquities becomes a passion for vengeance—because if he can't bring these villains to justice... he'll bring them to their knees.

Starring: Peter Lorre, Thomas Beck, Pauline Frederick, Jayne Regan, Sidney Blackmer, Sig Ruman, John Carradine, Wilhelm von Brincken, Nedda Harrigan, Philip Ahn ..
Directed by: Norman Foster
Release date: 1937-12-24

The Last Gangster

6.7/10 IMDB

A crime boss goes searching for his ex-wife and son after a ten-year prison stint. His old gang has other plans though, and use the child to try and make him disclose the location of the loot he hid before going to the slammer.

Starring: Edward G. Robinson, James Stewart, Rose Stradner, Lionel Stander, Douglas Scott, John Carradine, Sidney Blackmer, Grant Mitchell, Edward Brophy, Alan Baxter ..
Directed by: Edward Ludwig
Release date: 1937-11-12

Think Fast, Mr. Moto

6.7/10 IMDB

When his import/export business infiltrated by international diamond smugglers, Mr. Moto must follow a trail of clues littered with beautiful women, glittering gems and deadly assassins. Making his way from the mysterious streets of San Francisco's Chinatown to the dark and dangerous alleys of Shanghai, Mr. Moto will stop at nothing to bring the culprits to justice...even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice!

Starring: Peter Lorre, Virginia Field, Thomas Beck, Sig Ruman, Murray Kinnell, John Rogers, Lotus Long, George Cooper, J. Carrol Naish, Frederick Vogeding ..
Directed by: Norman Foster
Release date: 1937-07-23
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : True Confession

True Confession

6.7/10 IMDB

A writer takes a job as a secretary because her scrupulous husband isn't bringing in the dough as an attorney. When her new employer is murdered, she can't seem to make up her mind as to whether she "dunnit" or not.

Starring: Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray, John Barrymore, Una Merkel, Porter Hall, Edgar Kennedy, Lynne Overman, Irving Bacon, Fritz Feld, Richard Carle ..
Directed by: Wesley Ruggles
Release date: 1937-12-24
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : This Is My Affair

This Is My Affair

6.6/10 IMDB

President McKinley asks Lt. Richard L. Perry to go underground to identify some obviously very well briefed Mid-Western bank robbers based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Starring: Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Victor McLaglen, Brian Donlevy, John Carradine, Douglas Fowley, Alan Dinehart, Sig Ruman, Robert McWade, Sidney Blackmer ..
Directed by: William A. Seiter
Release date: 1937-05-28
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Internes Can't Take Money

Internes Can't Take Money

6.9/10 IMDB

Dr. Kildare treats and falls for impoverished ex-con Janet Healy, widow of a bank robber, who can't find her baby. Later she helps Kildare sew up gangster Hanlon in a tavern back room. Kildare pursues Janet and enlists Hanlon to help her; the gangster's solution, not surprisingly, is violent.

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Joel McCrea, Lloyd Nolan, Stanley Ridges, Lee Bowman, Barry Macollum, Irving Bacon, Steve Pendleton, Pierre Watkin, Charles Lane ..
Directed by: Alfred Santell
Release date: 1937-04-16
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop

The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop

6.2/10 IMDB

A Bishop from Australia comes to Perry to ask him to take a case of a woman wrongly accused of manslaughter 22 years before. The case would involve the wealthy Mr. Brownley and the fact that his alleged granddaughter may be an imposter. With that, the Bishop leaves and is clubbed in his hotel room. Soon after, he leaves on a boat and Perry meets the woman - Ida Gilbert. Perry goes to see Mr. Brownley, but gets nowhere. Later that night, Brownley is to meet Ida, but he is shot by a woman who drops Ida's gun. Ida is arrested for the murder of Mr. Brownley and Perry gets involved.

Starring: Donald Woods, Ann Dvorak, Anne Nagel, Linda Perry, Craig Reynolds, Gordon Oliver, Joseph Crehan, Helen MacKellar, Edward McWade, Tom Kennedy ..
Directed by: William Clemens
Release date: 1937-06-08
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : We Who Are About to Die

We Who Are About to Die

6.5/10 IMDB

John Thompson is kidnapped by mobsters after quitting his job. Then he is arrested, tried, and sentenced to death for murders they committed. A suspicious detective thinks he is innocent and works to save his life.

Starring: Preston Foster, Ann Dvorak, John Beal, Ray Mayer, Gordon Jones, Russell Hopton, J. Carrol Naish, Paul Hurst, Frank Jenks, John Wray ..
Directed by: Christy Cabanne
Release date: 1937-01-08
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : They Gave Him a Gun

They Gave Him a Gun

6.3/10 IMDB

With no other prospects, a World War I veteran puts the skills they taught him in the War to use.

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Gladys George, Franchot Tone, Edgar Dearing, Mary Treen, Cliff Edwards, Charles Trowbridge, Ernie Alexander, Hooper Atchley, Irving Bacon ..
Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke
Release date: 1937-05-07
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Good Morning, Boys!

Good Morning, Boys!

6.6/10 IMDB

Dr. Benjamin Twist (Hay) and his pupils become involved with art thieves on a trip to Paris. Hay’s seamy schoolmaster act is supported by a fine cast including Charles Hawtrey and Lilli Palmer.

Starring: Will Hay, Martita Hunt, Fewlass Llewellyn, Mark Daly, C. Denier Warren, Will Hay Jr., Basil McGrail, Jacques Brown, Lewis Broughton, Richard Todd ..
Directed by: Marcel Varnel
Release date: 1937-05-27
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Soak the Poor

Soak the Poor

6.2/10 IMDB

This entry in MGM's "Crime Does Not Pay" series deals with racketeers shaking down small grocers and horning in on the relief tickets, forcing prices up with the consumers paying the freight.

Starring: Leslie Fenton, Leon Ames, George Chandler, Byron Foulger, Carl Stockdale, Phillip Trent ..
Directed by: Harold S. Bucquet
Release date: 1937-08-21
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : King of Gamblers

King of Gamblers

6.1/10 IMDB

A fast moving and low budget crime drama seasoned with mystery & comedy.

Starring: Claire Trevor, Lloyd Nolan, Akim Tamiroff, Buster Crabbe, Helen Burgess, Porter Hall, Harvey Stephens, Barlowe Borland, Purnell Pratt, Colin Tapley ..
Directed by: Robert Florey
Release date: 1937-04-22
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab

6.9/10 IMDB

John Forrest, an insurance investigator with a weakness for model railways, is on the trail of a gang of smash-and-grab thieves targeting Europe's most prestigious jewellers. As the chase leads him to Ireland, Forrest finds he needs help and who better to call upon than his impossibly elegant, highly capable wife, Alice?

Starring: Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph, Arthur Margetson, Anthony Holles, Edmund Willard, Lawrence Grossmith, Zoe Wynn, Edward Lexy, Nigel Fitzgerald, Laurence Hanray ..
Directed by: Tim Whelan
Release date: 1937-09-20
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Smart Blonde

Smart Blonde

6.5/10 IMDB

Ambitious reporter Torchy Blane guides her policeman boyfriend to correctly pinpoint who shot the man she was interviewing.

Starring: Glenda Farrell, Barton MacLane, Addison Richards, Wini Shaw, Charlotte Wynters, Robert Paige, Tom Kennedy, Jane Wyman, Max Wagner, Joseph Crehan ..
Directed by: Frank McDonald
Release date: 1937-01-02
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The League of Frightened Men

The League of Frightened Men

5.9/10 IMDB

Nero Wolfe agrees to investigate a series of murders that seem to be tied in with a past Harvard hazing prank that went awry.

Starring: Walter Connolly, Lionel Stander, Eduardo Ciannelli, Irene Hervey, Victor Kilian, Nana Bryant, Walter Kingsford, Ian Wolfe, Leonard Mudie, Rafaela Ottiano ..
Directed by: Alfred E. Green
Release date: 1937-05-25
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Non-Stop New York

Non-Stop New York

6.6/10 IMDB

A young woman finds herself as the intended victim of a murder plot on a transatlantic flight from London to New York.

Starring: John Loder, Anna Lee, Francis L. Sullivan, Frank Cellier, Desmond Tester, Athene Seyler, William Dewhurst, Drusilla Wills, Jerry Verno, James Pirrie ..
Directed by: Robert Stevenson
Release date: 1937-09-13
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Daughter of Shanghai

Daughter of Shanghai

6.6/10 IMDB

A Chinese-American woman tries to expose an illegal alien smuggling ring.

Starring: Anna May Wong, Charles Bickford, Buster Crabbe, Cecil Cunningham, J. Carrol Naish, Anthony Quinn, Evelyn Brent, Philip Ahn, Fred Kohler, Guy Bates Post ..
Directed by: Robert Florey
Release date: 1937-12-17
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : I Promise to Pay

I Promise to Pay

7.1/10 IMDB

A man goes to a loan shark to finance his family's vacation.

Starring: Chester Morris, Helen Mack, Leo Carrillo, Thomas Mitchell, Wallis Clark, Thurston Hall, James Flavin, Henry Brandon, Marc Lawrence ..
Directed by: D. Ross Lederman
Release date: 1937-04-21

Night Key

6.3/10 IMDB

The inventor of a new top-of-the-line burglar alarm system is kidnapped by a gang in order to get him to help them commit robberies.

Starring: Boris Karloff, Warren Hull, Jean Rogers, Alan Baxter, Hobart Cavanaugh, Samuel S. Hinds, David Oliver, Ward Bond, Frank Reicher, Edwin Maxwell ..
Directed by: Lloyd Corrigan
Release date: 1937-04-18
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The Westland Case

The Westland Case

6.0/10 IMDB

A detective must solve a case where a girl was murdered in a room--and all the doors and windows were locked from the inside.

Starring: Preston Foster, Frank Jenks, Carol Hughes, Barbara Pepper, Astrid Allwyn, Clarence Wilson, Theodore von Eltz, George Meeker, Russell Hicks, Selmer Jackson ..
Directed by: Christy Cabanne
Release date: 1937-10-30
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The Rat

The Rat

6.4/10 IMDB

Jean Boucheron the cat burglar is the darling of the Montmartre whores--and catches the eye of slumming socialite Zelia de Chaumont, who decides to "reform" him. A complication is his lovely young ward Odile... murder and a grand courtoom scene ensue.

Starring: Ruth Chatterton, Adolf Wohlbrück, René Ray, Beatrix Lehmann, Mary Clare, Felix Aylmer, Hugh Miller, Gordon McLeod, Frederick Culley, Nadine March ..
Directed by: Jack Raymond
Release date: 1937-11-11
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Behind The Headlines

Behind The Headlines

5.9/10 IMDB

A radio reporter sets out to rescue his ex-girlfriend when she is kidnapped by gangsters.

Starring: Lee Tracy, Diana Gibson, Philip Huston, Paul Guilfoyle, Donald Meek, Tom Kennedy, Frank M. Thomas, Doodles Weaver, Arthur Thalasso, Ralph Robertson ..
Directed by: Richard Rosson
Release date: 1937-05-14
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Dinner at the Ritz

Dinner at the Ritz

6.0/10 IMDB

The daughter of a murdered financier works as a jewelry salesperson while she tracks her father's colleagues who plotted against him.

Starring: Annabella, David Niven, Paul Lukas, Romney Brent, Francis L. Sullivan, Stewart Rome, Frederick Leister, William Dewhurst, Tyrell Davis, Vivienne Chatterton ..
Directed by: Harold D. Schuster
Release date: 1937-11-26
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Jump for Glory

Jump for Glory

5.9/10 IMDB

A London cat burglar falls for the girlfriend of a stockbroker who used to be his partner.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Valerie Hobson, Alan Hale, Edward Rigby, Barbara Everest, Jack Melford, Anthony Ireland, Esme Percy, Basil Radford, Leo Genn ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1937-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Border Phantom

Border Phantom

5.0/10 IMDB

Cowboy Larry O'Day and his sidekick Lucky Smith happen upon a distraught Barbara Hartwell, who is about to be arrested for the murder of her uncle. With Barbara behind bars, Larry is determined to find the real killer and soon finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving crazed German entomologists and a smuggling ring bringing Chinese "picture girls" across the Mexican border for sale to wealthy Chinese bachelors.

Starring: Bob Steele, Harley Wood, Don Barclay, Karl Hackett, Horace Murphy, Miki Morita, Perry Murdock, John S. Peters, Frank Ball ..
Directed by: S. Roy Luby
Release date: 1937-06-06
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The Man Who Cried Wolf

The Man Who Cried Wolf

6.3/10 IMDB

An actor plots "the perfect crime" by confessing to murders he didn't commit.

Starring: Lewis Stone, Barbara Read, Tom Brown, Marjorie Main, Jameson Thomas, Forrester Harvey, Robert Gleckler, Billy Wayne, John Hamilton, Russell Hicks ..
Directed by: Lewis R. Foster
Release date: 1937-08-29
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Angel's Holiday

Angel's Holiday

6.3/10 IMDB

Lively June, teen-aged daughter of mystery writer Waldo Everett, who calls her "Angel," becomes involved in intrigue centering on movie star Pauline Kaye and her companion Stivers. Reporter Nick Moore, once sweet on Pauline, is convinced that her sudden disappearance is a publicity stunt, which is true -- until gangster Bat Regan decides to get involved.

Starring: Jane Withers, Joan Davis, Sally Blane, Harold Huber, Frank Jenks, Ray Walker, John Qualen, Lon Chaney Jr., Al Lydell, Russell Hopton ..
Directed by: James Tinling
Release date: 1937-06-07
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : We're on the Jury

We're on the Jury

5.9/10 IMDB

A juror at a murder trial is convinced the defendant is innocent.

Starring: Victor Moore, Helen Broderick, Phillip Huston, Louise Latimer, Vinton Hayworth, Robert McWade, Maxine Jennings, Frank M. Thomas, Colleen Clare, Billy Gilbert ..
Directed by: Ben Holmes
Release date: 1937-02-12
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Escape by Night

Escape by Night

5.8/10 IMDB

Runyonesque crooks on the lam hide out on blind man's pastoral farm and decide to go straight.

Starring: William Hall, Anne Nagel, Dean Jagger, Steffi Duna, Ward Bond, Murray Alper, Charles Waldron, George Meeker, Wallis Clark, Arthur Aylesworth ..
Directed by: Hamilton MacFadden
Release date: 1937-09-01
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Torture Money

Torture Money

6.0/10 IMDB

In this MGM Crime Does Not Pay series short, police go after a fraud operation that stages automobile accidents to collect insurance money.

Starring: Edwin Maxwell, George Lynn, Murray Alper, King Baggot, Margaret Bert, John Hamilton, Raymond Hatton, Bernadene Hayes, Mary Howard, Mitchell Lewis ..
Directed by: Harold S. Bucquet
Release date: 1937-01-02
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back

5.9/10 IMDB

Drummond's girlfriend is kidnapped by his enemies and he along with his friend Nielsen, an inspector from Scotland Yard, follow the trail and try to rescue her from the kidnappers.

Starring: John Barrymore, John Howard, Louise Campbell, Reginald Denny, E. E. Clive, J. Carrol Naish, Helen Freeman, Zeffie Tilbury, John Sutton, Rita Page ..
Directed by: Louis King
Release date: 1937-09-24
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Counsel for Crime

Counsel for Crime

5.1/10 IMDB

Otto Kruger once again plays a dynamic, bombastic attorney in Columbia's Counsel for Crime. Kruger plays William Mellon, a shifty shyster whose underhanded methods loses him the love of his sweetheart Anne (Nana Bryant), who subsequently marries a powerful senator (Thurston Hall). What Mellon doesn't know is that Anne has borne him a son, whom the senator has adopted. Reaching adulthood, Paul (Douglass Montgomery) opts for a legal career himself, taking a clerical job with his own father's firm. In typical "B"-picture, Mellon is charged with murdering one of his more odious clients -- and Paul is appointed prosecuting attorney in the case.

Starring: Otto Kruger, Douglass Montgomery, Julie Bishop, Thurston Hall, Nana Bryant, Gene Morgan, Marc Lawrence, Robert Warwick, Stanley Fields ..
Directed by: John Brahm
Release date: 1937-10-14
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyer

5.7/10 IMDB

Barry Brandon, a criminal lawyer, visits the night club of Denny Larkin, his primary client, with Betty Walker, a spoiled society girl. The police raid the club and Brandon pleads that the whole group is guilty, just to get even with Larkin for a rebuke. On the same night in court, Madge Carter is on trial for disorderly conduct, and Brandon volunteers to defend her, and proves the case against her if a frame-up. Finding that she is penniless, Brandon hires her as his secretary, and falls in love with her. Brandon is appointed district attorney and has ambitions of becoming the state governor. Having dinner at Betty's home, she maneuvers him, while he is drunk, into marrying her. Later, Madge is a witness when Larkin shoots down a fellow gangster. By threatening Brandon's life, he forces her to commit perjury at his trial, and say he fired in self-defense. Brandon, the prosecuting attorney (who has had his marriage to Betty annulled) knows she is lying but doesn't know why.

Starring: Lee Tracy, Margot Grahame, Eduardo Ciannelli, Betty Lawford, Erik Rhodes, Frank M. Thomas, Wilfred Lucas, William Stack, Charles Lane ..
Directed by: Christy Cabanne, Edward Killy
Release date: 1937-01-29
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Born Reckless

Born Reckless

6.0/10 IMDB

Racketeer Jim Barnes is trying to force the independent taxicab-drivers to join his "protection service" at the cost of five bucks a day. Champion race-car driver, Bob Kane, joins with his friends Lee and "Dad" Martin in a fight for the street rights of a big city.

Starring: Rochelle Hudson, Brian Donlevy, Barton MacLane, Robert Kent, Harry Carey, Pauline Moore, Chick Chandler, Joyce Compton, Joseph Crehan, Charles Lane ..
Directed by: Malcolm St. Clair, Gustav Machatý
Release date: 1937-06-25
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Missing Witnesses

Missing Witnesses

5.4/10 IMDB

A detective and his bumbling sidekick join the crackdown on racketeering in '30s New York City.

Starring: John Litel, Dick Purcell, Virginia Dale, Sheila Bromley, Ben Welden, Raymond Hatton, Veda Ann Borg, Carole Landis, Joan Valerie, Myrtle Stedman ..
Directed by: William Clemens
Release date: 1937-12-11
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : She Had to Eat

She Had to Eat

6.4/10 IMDB

An Arizona gas station owner faces comic adventures after traveling with an eccentric millionaire to New City, where he meets up with a small-time con woman and is repeatedly mistaken for a gangster.

Starring: Jack Haley, Rochelle Hudson, Eugene Pallette, Arthur Treacher, Douglas Fowley, John Qualen, Tom Kennedy, Franklin Pangborn, Tom Dugan, Lynn Bari ..
Directed by: Malcolm St. Clair
Release date: 1937-07-02
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The High Command

The High Command

5.9/10 IMDB

A general must come to terms with a crime he commited years earlier.

Starring: Lionel Atwill, Lucie Mannheim, Steven Geray, James Mason, Leslie Perrins, Allan Jeayes, Michael Lambart, Kathleen Gibson, Tom Gill, Wally Patch ..
Directed by: Thorold Dickinson
Release date: 1937-08-23
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Love Under Fire

Love Under Fire

5.8/10 IMDB

A supense-thriller-comedy set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.

Starring: Loretta Young, Don Ameche, Frances Drake, Borrah Minevitch, Harold Huber, Walter Catlett, John Carradine, Sig Ruman, Katherine DeMille, E. E. Clive ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1937-08-20
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy

6.6/10 IMDB

Dick Tracy's foe for this serial is the crime boss and Masked Mystery Villain The Spider/The Lame One and his Spider Ring. In the process of various crimes, including using his Flying wing and sound weapon to destroy the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and stealing an experimental "Speed Plane", the Spider captures Dick Tracy's brother, Gordon. The Spider's minion, Dr. Moloch, performs a brain operation on Gordon Tracy to turn him evil, making him secretly part of the Spider Ring and so turning brother against brother.

Starring: Ralph Byrd, Kay Hughes, Smiley Burnette, Lee Van Atta, John Picorri, Carleton Young, Fred Hamilton, Francis X. Bushman, John Dilson, Richard Beach ..
Directed by: Alan James, Ray Taylor
Release date: 1937-02-20
Best Crime Movies of 1937 : The Green Cockatoo

The Green Cockatoo

5.8/10 IMDB

A young girl is travelling to London to find work. Arriving at the station, she meets a man who has been stabbed by a member of a gang of crooks involved with greyhound racing. She becomes a suspect, but flees the scene in order to deliver a message to the dead man's brother. She is protected from the police by a night club entertainer, who she learns is the man she is seeking.

Starring: John Mills, René Ray, Charles Oliver, Bruce Seton, Julian Vedey, Robert Newton, Allan Jeayes, Frank Atkinson, Tyrell Davis, William Dewhurst ..
Directed by: William Cameron Menzies
Release date: 1937-12-01

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