Best Crime Movies of 1915


The Regeneration

6.8/10 IMDB

At 10 years old, Owen becomes a ragged orphan when his mother dies. Abusive next-door neighbors the Conways take him in, and by 17, Owen has learned that might is right. At 25, he's a career gangster: loitering, gambling and drinking in dens of iniquity. Marie Deering arrives in Owen's area, eager to empower the impoverished, gang-affiliated youth through education. Owen slowly but surely leaves his old life behind, choosing the narrow path- all the while falling in love with Marie. Skinny, who's taken over Owen's role in the gang, reappears to him, spelling trouble.

Starring: James A. Marcus, Maggie Weston, John McCann, Harry McCoy, Rockliffe Fellowes, William Sheer, Carl Harbaugh, Anna Q. Nilsson, Peggy Barn, Maggie Weston ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1915-09-12
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : Children of Eve

Children of Eve

6.3/10 IMDB

An illegitimate child of the slums comes to faith. Later, she chooses to labor in a canning factory in order to investigate its poor conditions, not realizing she has a significant connection to the cold-hearted factory owner.

Starring: Viola Dana, Robert Conness, Tom Blake, Nellie Grant, Robert Walker, William Wadsworth, James Harris, Hubert Dawley, Warren Cook, Brad Sutton ..
Directed by: John H. Collins
Release date: 1915-11-10
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : Alias Jimmy Valentine

Alias Jimmy Valentine

6.6/10 IMDB

After robbing a bank, a criminal is wrongfully pardoned from prison.

Starring: Robert Warwick, Robert Cummings, Alec B. Francis, Frederick Truesdell, Ruth Shepley, Johnny Hines, D.J. Flanagan, Walter Craven, John Boone, Thomas Mott Osborne ..
Directed by: Maurice Tourneur
Release date: 1915-02-22
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : Mysteries of London

Mysteries of London

6.1/10 IMDB

A framed clerk is freed in time to save his daughter from being murdered for her inheritance.

Starring: Wingold Lawrence, Flora Morris ..
Directed by: A.E. Coleby
Release date: 1915-03-26
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : The Doll-House Mystery

The Doll-House Mystery

5.3/10 IMDB

When a stack of valuable bonds go missing from the Grant household, suspicion falls on little Carmen Grant's playmate Georgie, whose father is a poor ex-convict trying to go straight.

Starring: 'Baby' Carmen De Rue, Georgie Stone, Marguerite Marsh, Jack Hull, Charles Gorman, Ben Lewis ..
Directed by: Sidney Franklin, Chester M. Franklin
Release date: 1915-09-19
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : His Regeneration

His Regeneration

4.5/10 IMDB

A rough criminal gets a second chance at life thanks to a kindly (and wealthy) lady saloon patron. But he hasn't gone straight yet, as he and a partner attempt to rob the home of a rich homeowner-- whose wife is asleep in the next room.

Starring: Gilbert M. Anderson, Lee Willard, Marguerite Clayton, Hazel Applegate, Charlie Chaplin, Lloyd Bacon, Robert Burroughs, Joe Cassidy, Bill Cato, Florence Cato ..
Directed by: Gilbert M. Anderson
Release date: 1915-05-07
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : Sons of Satan

Sons of Satan

3.0/10 IMDB

Starring: Gerald Ames, Blanche Bryan, Hayford Hobbs, Charles Rock, Wyndham Guise, Lewis Gilbert, Arthur M. Cullin, Douglas Munro, George Bellamy ..
Directed by: George Loane Tucker
Release date: 1915-06-01

Out of Bondage

0.0/10 IMDB

Jim McRae and his pal, Clancy, two crooks, perform many robberies and divide the loot equally. Clancy wants to marry McRae's daughter, Mary. She does not want to marry him, but is forced to do so by her father. After the marriage, Clancy and McRae have a quarrel over the division of some loot. Clancy refuses to give McRae his share.

Starring: Dorothy Gish, Walter Long, F.A. Turner, William Hinckley, Richard Cummings ..
Directed by: Chester B. Clapp
Release date: 1915-05-30
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : His Wife's Secret

His Wife's Secret

0.0/10 IMDB

A burglar enters a darkened house to rob. A young wife, home alone, phones her husband at the club, begging him to come home. He returns stinking drunk and the decent-hearted burglar must intervene.

Starring: Gilbert M. Anderson, Lee Willard, Marguerite Clayton, Darr Wittenmyer, Joe Cassidy, Warren Sawyer ..
Directed by: Gilbert M. Anderson
Release date: 1915-04-23
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : The Midnight Mail

The Midnight Mail

0.0/10 IMDB

A working knowledge of Morse code and the foresight to pick a train driver for a sweetheart come in handy in this ‘race to the rescue’ thriller. When the wealthy Mr Harvey has to go away on a train journey, a couple of sharp-eyed crooks take the opportunity to burgle his home. Only the live-in maid stands between them and Harvey’s safe. Can our plucky heroine save the day?

Directed by: Warwick Buckland
Release date: 1915-01-01
Best Crime Movies of 1915 : Blackbirds


0.0/10 IMDB

Leonie Sobatsky (Laura Hope Crews) belongs to a ring of international thieves, headed by Bechel (George Gebhardt). She meets English crook Nevil Trask (Thomas Meighan), and they fall in love -- however, neither one knows of the other's criminal ways.

Starring: Laura Hope Crews, Thomas Meighan, George Gebhardt, Raymond Hatton, Jane Wolfe, Florence Dagmar, Evelyn Desmond, Edwin Harley, Frederick Wilson ..
Directed by: J.P. McGowan
Release date: 1915-10-14

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