Best Comedy Movies of 1974


Young Frankenstein

8.0/10 IMDB

A young neurosurgeon inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds a funny hunchback, a pretty lab assistant and the elderly housekeeper. Young Frankenstein believes that the work of his grandfather was delusional, but when he discovers the book where the mad doctor described his reanimation experiment, he suddenly changes his mind.

Starring: Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Teri Garr, Gene Hackman, Kenneth Mars, Richard Haydn, Oscar Beregi Jr. ..
Directed by: Mel Brooks
Release date: 1974-12-15

Blazing Saddles

7.7/10 IMDB

A town—where everyone seems to be named Johnson—stands in the way of the railroad. In order to grab their land, robber baron Hedley Lemar sends his henchmen to make life in the town unbearable. After the sheriff is killed, the town demands a new sheriff from the Governor, so Hedley convinces him to send the town the first black sheriff in the west.

Starring: Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Slim Pickens, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise, Liam Dunn, George Furth, Burton Gilliam ..
Directed by: Mel Brooks
Release date: 1974-02-07

Phantom of the Paradise

7.3/10 IMDB

Fledgling singer-songwriter Winslow Leach finds himself double-crossed by the nefarious music producer Swan, who steals both his music and the girl Winslow wants to sing it, Phoenix, for the grand opening of his rock palace, the Paradise. After Swan has Winslow sent to prison for trespassing, Winslow endures a freak accident that leaves him disfigured, after which he seeks revenge on both Swan and the Paradise.

Starring: William Finley, Paul Williams, Jessica Harper, Gerrit Graham, George Memmoli, Archie Hahn, Jeffrey Comanor, Peter Elbling, Jennifer Ashley, Janit Baldwin ..
Directed by: Brian De Palma
Release date: 1974-10-31

The Front Page

7.3/10 IMDB

A journalist suffering from burn-out wants to finally say goodbye to his office – but his boss doesn’t like the idea one bit.

Starring: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Susan Sarandon, Vincent Gardenia, David Wayne, Allen Garfield, Austin Pendleton, Charles Durning, Herb Edelman, Martin Gabel ..
Directed by: Billy Wilder
Release date: 1974-11-01

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore

7.3/10 IMDB

After her husband dies, Alice and her son, Tommy, leave their small New Mexico town for California, where Alice hopes to make a new life for herself as a singer. Money problems force them to settle in Arizona instead, where Alice takes a job as waitress in a small diner.

Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Kris Kristofferson, Alfred Lutter, Harvey Keitel, Diane Ladd, Lelia Goldoni, Billy Green Bush, Jodie Foster, Valerie Curtin, Vic Tayback ..
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Release date: 1974-12-09

The Longest Yard

7.1/10 IMDB

In this rough-and-tumble yarn, actually filmed on-location at the Georgia State Prision, the cons are the heroes and the guards are the heavies. Eddie Albert is the sadistic warden who'll gladly make any sacrifice to push his guards' semi-pro football team to a national championship.

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert, Ed Lauter, Bernadette Peters, Michael Conrad, Mike Henry, James Hampton, Richard Kiel, John Steadman, Harry Caesar ..
Directed by: Robert Aldrich
Release date: 1974-08-21

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

7.0/10 IMDB

With the help of an irreverent young sidekick, a bank robber gets his old gang back together to organise a daring new heist.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, Geoffrey Lewis, Catherine Bach, Gary Busey, George Kennedy, Roy Jenson, Gene Elman, Burton Gilliam, Claudia Lennear ..
Directed by: Michael Cimino
Release date: 1974-05-23

The Four Musketeers

6.9/10 IMDB

The Four Musketeers defend the queen and her dressmaker from Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter.

Starring: Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Richard Chamberlain, Michael York, Christopher Lee, Geraldine Chaplin, Faye Dunaway, Roy Kinnear, Michael Gothard, Nicole Calfan ..
Directed by: Richard Lester
Release date: 1974-10-31

Dark Star

6.2/10 IMDB

A low-budget, sci-fi satire that focuses on a group of scientists whose mission is to destroy unstable planets. 20 years into their mission, they have to battle their alien mascot, that resembles a beach ball, as well as a "sensitive" and intelligent bombing device that starts to question the meaning of its existence.

Starring: Brian Narelle, Cal Kuniholm, Dan O'Bannon, Dre Pahich, Adam Beckenbaugh, Nick Castle, Joe Saunders, Cookie Knapp, Alan Sheretz, John Carpenter ..
Directed by: John Carpenter
Release date: 1974-04-01

Female Trouble

7.1/10 IMDB

The life and times of Dawn Davenport, showing her progression from bratty schoolgirl to crazed mass murderer - all of which stems from her parents' refusal to buy her cha-cha heels for Christmas.

Starring: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Edith Massey, Cookie Mueller, Susan Walsh, Michael Potter, Ed Peranio, Paul Swift ..
Directed by: John Waters
Release date: 1974-10-04

Animals Are Beautiful People

8.2/10 IMDB

Animals Are Beautiful People (aka Beautiful People) is a 1974 nature documentary about the wildlife in Southern Africa. It was filmed in the Namib Desert, the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango River and Okavango Delta. It was produced for cinema and has a length of slightly more than 90 minutes.

Starring: Paddy O'Byrne ..
Directed by: Jamie Uys
Release date: 1974-11-14

Harry and Tonto

7.4/10 IMDB

Harry is a retired teacher in his 70s living in the Upper West Side of New York City where his late wife and he raised his children--where he's lived all his life. When the building he lives in is torn down to make way for a parking garage, Harry and his beloved cat Tonto begin a journey across the United States, visiting his children, seeing a world he never seemed to have the time to see before, making new friends, and saying goodbye to old friends.

Starring: Art Carney, Herbert Berghof, Ellen Burstyn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Larry Hagman, Chief Dan George, Melanie Mayron, Philip Bruns, Josh Mostel, Arthur Hunnicutt ..
Directed by: Paul Mazursky
Release date: 1974-08-12

Herbie Rides Again

5.7/10 IMDB

The living Volkswagen Beetle helps an old lady protect her home from a corrupt developer.

Starring: Helen Hayes, Ken Berry, Stefanie Powers, John McIntire, Keenan Wynn, Chuck McCann, Huntz Hall, Ivor Barry, Dan Tobin, Vito Scotti ..
Directed by: Robert Stevenson
Release date: 1974-02-12

California Split

7.2/10 IMDB

Carefree single guy Charlie Waters rooms with two lovely prostitutes, Barbara Miller and Susan Peters, and lives to gamble. Along with his glum betting buddy, Bill Denny, Charlie sets out on a gambling streak in search of the ever-elusive big payday. While Charlie and Bill have some lucky moments, they also have to contend with serious setbacks that threaten to derail their hedonistic betting binge.

Starring: George Segal, Elliott Gould, Ann Prentiss, Gwen Welles, Edward Walsh, Joseph Walsh, Bert Remsen, Barbara London, Barbara Ruick, Jay Fletcher ..
Directed by: Robert Altman
Release date: 1974-08-07


7.3/10 IMDB

Claudine is a single mother in New York City who endures an exhausting commute to the suburbs where she works as a maid for wealthy families. In one carefully tended white community, she meets Roop, a charismatic but irresponsible garbage collector. Romance quickly ensues, but Claudine doubts that their relationship is good for her six children, and Rupert, despite his good nature, is reluctant to take on fatherhood.

Starring: Diahann Carroll, James Earl Jones, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Tamu Blackwell, David Krüger, Yvette Curtis, Eric Jones, Socorro Stephens, Elisa Loti, Adam Wade ..
Directed by: John Berry
Release date: 1974-04-22
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

7.5/10 IMDB

Charlie Brown, Linus and the entire Peanuts gang are off on a lively Easter egg hunt. They suspect they've spotted the Easter Bunny … but the trouble is, he looks a lot like a certain beagle who's near and dear to Charlie Brown's heart. Is it truly the Easter Bunny, or is it just the irrepressible Snoopy playing a trick on the kids?

Starring: Todd Barbee, Melanie Kohn, Stephen Shea, Linda Ercoli, Lynn Mortensen, Bill Melendez, Jimmy Ahrens ..
Directed by: Phil Roman
Release date: 1974-04-09
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : The City That Forgot About Christmas

The City That Forgot About Christmas

6.5/10 IMDB

A young boy's grandfather tells him the story of a city that forgot about Christmas until a carpenter named Matthew comes to town and teaches the children about Christmas, much to the chagrin of the Mayor and his cronies.

Starring: Sebastian Cabot, Charles Nelson Reilly, Louis Nye, Casey Kasem ..
Release date: 1974-12-01

Uptown Saturday Night

6.6/10 IMDB

Two blue-collar buddies search the underworld for a winning lottery ticket lost in a nightclub holdup.

Starring: Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Harry Belafonte, Calvin Lockhart, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Paula Kelly, Roscoe Lee Browne, Rosalind Cash, Lee Chamberlin ..
Directed by: Sidney Poitier
Release date: 1974-07-26

Freebie and the Bean

6.6/10 IMDB

Two San Francisco detectives want to bring down a local hijacking boss. But they'll have to get to him before a hitman does.

Starring: Alan Arkin, James Caan, Loretta Swit, Jack Kruschen, Mike Kellin, Paul Koslo, Linda Marsh, John Garwood, Alex Rocco, Valerie Harper ..
Directed by: Richard Rush
Release date: 1974-12-25
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : How Come Nobody's on Our Side?

How Come Nobody's on Our Side?

5.3/10 IMDB

Two unemployed stuntmen smuggle marijuana out of Mexico. Early embarassing roles by Reiner and Marshall!

Starring: Adam Roarke, Larry Bishop, Alexandra Hay, Rob Reiner, Penny Marshall, John Garwood, Eldon Quick, Richard Yniguez, Robert Rothwell ..
Directed by: Richard Michaels
Release date: 1974-11-08

Black Belt Jones

6.2/10 IMDB

Jones is a secret agent who has gone into semi-retirement, concentrating instead on teaching the martial arts to inner city youths. The karate school is run by a kindly old coot named Pops ,played by Scatman Crothers. His gambling debts, however, bring the local thug, Pinky, down on him. To make matters worse, Pinky is then hired by some white thugs who want to get a hold of the property Pops' school occupies so they can build a shopping mall. When things get heavy, Black Belt Jones leaps into action. Only he's not alone. Pops' daughter, Sidney, shows up to lend a hand, proving herself every bit as agile and powerful a martial artist as Jones.

Starring: Jim Kelly, Gloria Hendry, Scatman Crothers, Eric Laneuville, Alan Weeks, Andre Philippe, Vincent Barbi, Mel Novak, Malik Carter, Eddie Smith ..
Directed by: Robert Clouse
Release date: 1974-01-29

11 Harrowhouse

6.3/10 IMDB

A small time diamond merchant jumps at the chance to supervise the purchase and cutting of a large first class diamond. But when the diamond is stolen from him, he is blackmailed into pulling off a major heist at the Diamond Exchange, located at 11 Harrowhouse.

Starring: Charles Grodin, Candice Bergen, James Mason, Trevor Howard, John Gielgud, Helen Cherry, Peter Vaughan, Cyril Shaps, Leon Greene, Jack Watson ..
Directed by: Aram Avakian
Release date: 1974-09-26

Daisy Miller

6.2/10 IMDB

In this comedy of manners, the American Winterbourne tries to figure out the bright and bubbly Daisy Miller, only to be helped and hindered by false judgments from their fellow friends.

Starring: Cybill Shepherd, Barry Brown, Cloris Leachman, Duilio Del Prete, Mildred Natwick, Eileen Brennan, James McMurtry, Nicholas Jones, George Morfogen ..
Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich
Release date: 1974-05-22
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Propaganda Message

Propaganda Message

7.1/10 IMDB

A cartoon film about the whole heterogeneous mixture of Canada and Canadians, and the way the invisible adhesive called federalism makes it all cling together. That the dissenting voices are many is made amply evident, in English and French. But this animated message also shows that Canadians can laugh at themselves and work out their problems objectively.

Directed by: Barrie Nelson
Release date: 1974-01-01


5.9/10 IMDB

Following the death of his father, an orphan is sent to live with his free-spirited aunt.

Starring: Lucille Ball, Bea Arthur, Robert Preston, Bruce Davison, Kirby Furlong, Jane Connell, Joyce Van Patten, Doria Cook-Nelson, Don Porter, Audrey Christie ..
Directed by: Gene Saks
Release date: 1974-03-07

For Pete's Sake

6.2/10 IMDB

Henry is a woman who would do anything for her husband Pete, including borrow money so he has a chance of making his dreams come true. But now there's the loan sharks to deal with...

Starring: Barbra Streisand, Michael Sarrazin, Estelle Parsons, William Redfield, Molly Picon, Louis Zorich, Heywood Hale Broun, Richard Ward, Ed Bakey, Peter Mamakos ..
Directed by: Peter Yates
Release date: 1974-06-26
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Linda's Film on Menstruation

Linda's Film on Menstruation

6.6/10 IMDB

This is an educational short released by the Los Angeles Public Library explaining what to expect when you get your first period.

Starring: Jonathan Banks, Mady Kaplan ..
Directed by: Linda Feferman
Release date: 1974-01-01
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : ‘Rameau’s Nephew’ by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen

‘Rameau’s Nephew’ by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen

7.0/10 IMDB

Described (rather cheekily) by director Michael Snow as a musical comedy, this deft probing of sound/image relationships is one of his wittiest, most entertaining and philosophically stimulating films. In his words, the film “derives its form and the nature of its possible effects from its being built from the inside, as it were, with the actual units of such a film, i.e. the frame and the recorded syllable. Thus its ‘dramatic’ element derives not only from a representation of what may involve us generally in life but from considerations of the nature of recorded speech in relation to moving light-images of people.’”

Starring: Kevin Wenzel, Munro Ferguson, Jim Murphy, Jonas Mekas, Harry Gantt, Joyce Wieland, Barry Gerson, Helene Kaplan, Bob Cowan, Ping Chong ..
Directed by: Michael Snow
Release date: 1974-11-05

Carry On Dick

5.9/10 IMDB

Dick Turpin is terrorising the countryside around Upper Dencher. Captain Fancey and Sergeant Jock Strapp plan to put an end to his escapades, and enlist the help of the Reverend Flasher. Little do they know that the priest leads a double life. Then Madame Desiree and her "Birds of Paradise" arrive in the village...

Starring: Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Bernard Bresslaw, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Jack Douglas, Patsy Rowlands ..
Directed by: Gerald Thomas
Release date: 1974-02-01
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : The Best Of Benny Hill

The Best Of Benny Hill

7.2/10 IMDB

A theatrical film compilation of the popular Benny Hill show.

Starring: Benny Hill, Patricia Hayes, Henry McGee, Nicholas Parsons, Bob Todd ..
Directed by: John Robins
Release date: 1974-05-23


6.7/10 IMDB

When a quiet group of pensioners learn that their homes are to be torn down to make way for a block of flats, they decide to take action. What starts as an attempt to discourage the developers soon escalates into wholesale murder of both the developers and the construction workers.

Starring: Peter Brocco, Frances Fuller, William Hansen, Ruth McDevitt, Paula Trueman, Ian Wolfe, Linda Marsh, Douglas Fowley, Wesley Lau, Norman Gottschalk ..
Directed by: Larry Yust
Release date: 1974-09-01

Sweet Movie

6.0/10 IMDB

The winner of the Miss World Virginity contest marries, escapes from her masochistic husband and ends up involved in a world of debauchery.

Starring: Carole Laure, Pierre Clémenti, Anna Prucnal, Sami Frey, John Vernon, Jane Mallett, Roy Callender, Marpessa Dawn, Don Arioli, Otto Muehl ..
Directed by: Dušan Makavejev
Release date: 1974-06-12
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown

It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown

7.5/10 IMDB

When Woodstock's fancy new nest disappears one afternoon, he turns to Snoopy for help. Adopting the guise of Sherlock Holmes (complete with cloak, deerstalker cap and bubble pipe), Snoopy and Woodstock go on the hunt for the missing nest.

Starring: Todd Barbee, Melanie Kohn, Stephen Shea, Donna Le Tourneau, Jimmy Ahrens, Lynn Mortensen, Tom Muller ..
Directed by: Phil Roman
Release date: 1974-02-01

Big Bad Mama

5.7/10 IMDB

Mama and daughters get forced by circumstances into bootlegging and bank robbing, and travel across the country trailed by the law.

Starring: Angie Dickinson, Tom Skerritt, William Shatner, Susan Sennett, Robbie Lee, Noble Willingham, Dick Miller, Tom Signorelli, Joan Prather, Royal Dano ..
Directed by: Steve Carver
Release date: 1974-09-19
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann

The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann

6.5/10 IMDB

A housewife is tracked by a private investigator hired by her wealthy husband.

Starring: Barbara Bourbon, Eric Edwards, Marc Stevens, Georgina Spelvin, Sonny Landham, Darby Lloyd Rains, Kevin Andre, Day Jason, Alan Marlow, Jamie Gillis ..
Directed by: Radley Metzger
Release date: 1974-12-26
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Rhinoceros


5.8/10 IMDB

Originally an absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco, Rhinoceros tells the story of a French town plagued by rhinoceroses. These are not ordinary rhinoceroses, but people who have been victims of "rhinoceritis." Or is it something else entirely? But, why are they turning into rhinoceroses and what is Ionesco trying to tell us about society?

Starring: Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, Karen Black, Joe Silver, Robert Weil, Marilyn Chris, Percy Rodriguez, Robert Fields, Melody Santangello, Don Calfa ..
Directed by: Tom O'Horgan
Release date: 1974-01-21

The Groove Tube

5.7/10 IMDB

Chevy Chase makes his film debut in this riotous collection of live skits. Directed by Ken Shapiro and featuring Chase, Richard Belzer and others, The Groove Tube mocks TV Land and its trappings by spoofing kids' shows -- from a marijuana-smoking Koko the Clown who resides in Make Believe Land, to Safety Sam, the penis with a plan who gleefully informs the audience of the perils of casual sex.

Starring: Ken Shapiro, Chevy Chase, Richard Belzer, Buzzy Linhart, Richmond Baier, Berkeley Harris, Jennifer Welles, Dennis Helfend, Mary Mendum, Martin Kove ..
Directed by: Ken Shapiro
Release date: 1974-06-23
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Romance with a Double Bass

Romance with a Double Bass

7.2/10 IMDB

A bassist shows up early for the betrothal ball of a beautiful princess, and whiles away the time having a dip in the river. The princess is doing the same, unbeknownst to the bass player, but when someone steals their clothes, the bass player helps the princess to preserve her dignity by transporting her back to the castle in his bass case, and along the way they discover they have feelings for each other. Based on a short story by Anton Chekhov.

Starring: John Cleese, Connie Booth, Graham Crowden, Freddie Jones, Jonathan Lynn, Andrew Sachs, Desmond Jones, Dennis Ramsden, John Moffatt, Terry Nelson ..
Directed by: Robert Young
Release date: 1974-01-01

Mr. Rossi in Venice

7.2/10 IMDB

Mister Rossi goes to Venice.

Directed by: Bruno Bozzetto
Release date: 1974-01-01

The Swinging Cheerleaders

5.1/10 IMDB

In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad.

Starring: Jo Johnson, Cheryl Smith, Colleen Camp, Rosanne Katon, Ron Hajak, Ric Carrott, Jason Sommers, Ian Sander, George Wallace, Mae Mercer ..
Directed by: Jack Hill
Release date: 1974-09-25

The Cars That Ate Paris

5.6/10 IMDB

After the death of his brother on the road, unemployed and unstable drifter Arthur Waldo stays for a while in the rural Australian town of Paris as the guest of the mayor, who hopes he will become a permanent member of the Paris population. Arthur soon realizes the quaint hamlet has a sinister secret: they orchestrate car accidents and rob the victims. Survivors are brought to the local hospital, lobotomized, and used for a local doctor's experiments.

Starring: John Meillon, Terry Camilleri, Kevin Miles, Max Gillies, Rick Scully, Danny Adcock, Bruce Spence, Kevin Golsby, Chris Haywood, Peter Armstrong ..
Directed by: Peter Weir
Release date: 1974-10-10

Bank Shot

5.4/10 IMDB

A bank temporarily housed in a mobile home while a new building is built, looks like an easy target to break into. On the other hand, why not steal the whole bank, and rob it in a safer location.

Starring: George C. Scott, Joanna Cassidy, Sorrell Booke, Clifton James, Bob Balaban, Bibi Osterwald, G. Wood, Frank McRae, Don Calfa, Liam Dunn ..
Directed by: Gower Champion
Release date: 1974-07-31
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Roll, Freddy, Roll!

Roll, Freddy, Roll!

7.3/10 IMDB

A man determined to impress his son--and show up his son's stepfather--decides to try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by setting a record for staying the longest time on roller skates. (IMDb)

Starring: Tim Conway, Scott Brady, Robert Hogan, Ruta Lee, Henry Jones, Richard Caine, Ed Peck, Richmond Shepard, Wally Dalton, Moosie Drier ..
Directed by: Bill Persky
Release date: 1974-12-17
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Miracle of Flight

Miracle of Flight

7.2/10 IMDB

We're given the history of man seeking flight, however not by the channels of 'do-it-yourself': men jump off of cliffs while trying to flap their arms, be them in armor or other outfits.

Directed by: Terry Gilliam
Release date: 1974-01-01

Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs

6.9/10 IMDB

An art student is thrown out of college. Depressed, he comes up with the Party of Dynamic Erection, a near fascist "party" that promotes male sexual dominance and which attracts a couple of other unsavoury confused characters.

Starring: John Hurt, John McEnery, Raymond Platt, Rosalind Ayres, David Warner ..
Directed by: Stuart Cooper
Release date: 1974-06-11
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Sidekicks


7.0/10 IMDB

Travelling through the West right after the Civil War, two con men hatch a scheme to try to collect the fifteen thousand dollar bounty offered for the capture of an outlaw.

Starring: Louis Gossett Jr., Larry Hagman, Blythe Danner, Jack Elam, Harry Morgan, Hal Williams, Gene Evans, Noah Beery Jr. ..
Directed by: Burt Kennedy
Release date: 1974-03-21
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Thursday's Game

Thursday's Game

6.5/10 IMDB

Harry Evers and Marvin Ellison have been playing poker Thursday nights with their friends for years. When a disagreement breaks up the game, they decide to continue meeting and doing different things together, instead of staying home with their wives. When the wives find out that the games stopped some time ago, they are a quite upset. Just what have they been doing on Thursday nights.

Starring: Gene Wilder, Bob Newhart, Ellen Burstyn, Cloris Leachman, Martha Scott, Nancy Walker, Valerie Harper, Rob Reiner, Norman Fell, Gino Conforti ..
Directed by: Robert Moore
Release date: 1974-04-14
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : The Super Cops

The Super Cops

6.6/10 IMDB

The true story of two New York City cops. Greenberg & Hantz fought the system, became detectives and were known on the streets as "Batman & Robin".

Starring: Ron Leibman, David Selby, Sheila Frazier, Pat Hingle, Barton Heyman, Dan Frazer, Joseph Sirola, Arny Freeman, Bernard Kates, Alex Colon ..
Directed by: Gordon Parks
Release date: 1974-03-20

The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat

5.3/10 IMDB

Fritz, now married and with a son, is desperate to escape from the domestic hell he now finds himself in. Lighting up a joint, he begins to dream about his eight other lives, hoping to find one that will provide a pleasant distraction.

Starring: Skip Hinnant, Reva Rose, Bob Holt, Robert Ridgely ..
Directed by: Robert Taylor
Release date: 1974-09-18
Best Comedy Movies of 1974 : Ainda Agarro Esta Vizinha

Ainda Agarro Esta Vizinha

7.0/10 IMDB

Tatá is a typical Rio de Janeiro guy, easy living, hedonistic, living in an apartment in one of those buildings where everything goes, in Copacabana, near the beach. One day a beautiful new neighbor, Teresa, moves into the apartment in front of his, and he falls in love.

Starring: Cecil Thiré, Adriana Prieto, Sérgio Hingst, Lola Brah, Hugo Bidet, Carlos Leite, Fregolente, Wilza Carla, Teobaldo ..
Directed by: Pedro Carlos Rovai
Release date: 1974-06-04

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