Best Comedy Movies of 1958




A home, a motorcar, servants, the latest fashions: the most eligible and most finicky bachelor in Paris offers them all to Gigi. But she, who's gone from girlish gawkishness to cultured glamour before our eyes, yearns for that wonderful something money can't buy.

Starring: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor
Directed by: Vincente Minnelli
Release date: 1958-04-15

Auntie Mame


Ten-year-old orphan Patrick Dennis has come to live with his nearest relative and in the high times ahead, he's not going to believe his luck. Nor will you, because Patrick's relation is played by one of Hollywood's grandest dames. Reprising her Broadway triumph, Rosalind Russell won her fourth Oscar nomination and third Golden Globe Award as the marvelous madcap who lives life to the hilt. Auntie Mame brings to bubbly life the mayhem Mame and her cronies create while guiding Patrick's fortunes. "Life is a banquet," Mame says, "and most poor suckers are starving to death!" With wit, style and a seasoned cast to dish humor and heart with gusto, Auntie Mame is a full-course meal of entertainment magic.

Starring: Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne, Fred Clark, Roger Smith
Directed by: Morton DaCosta
Release date: 1958-12-27

Robin Hood Daffy

Robin Hood Daffy
Daffy play Robin Hood who is so intent that he is the real Mccoy to Friar Tuck (Porky) that he ends up convincing everyone, including himself, that he is not.
Starring: Mel Blanc
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Release date: 1958-03-08

No Time for Sergeants


Georgia farm boy Will Stockdale is about to bust with pride. He’s been drafted. Will’s ready. But is Uncle Sam ready for Will? In No Time for Sergeants, Andy Griffith is certifiably funny in the role that clinched his stardom. Wearing a friendly, wide grin, he ambles into the U.S. Air Force – and lots of folks’ll never be the same.

Starring: Andy Griffith, Nick Adams, Myron McCormick, Murray Hamilton, Howard Smith
Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy
Release date: 1958-07-05

Hare-Way to the Stars

Hare-Way to the Stars
Bugs Bunny, groggy from a rabbit hangover, climbs out of his hole and into a rocket ship parked directly above. He thinks that he's still in his rabbit hole. Reaching the top, he unwittingly stows away aboard the rocket to Mars and is carried off by a satellite onto a futuristic landscape of panels suspended in outer space.
Starring: Mel Blanc
Directed by: Chuck Jones
Release date: 1958-03-29

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet
A rugged city editor (Clark Gable) poses as a journalism student and flirts with the professor (Doris Day).
Starring: Clark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young, Mamie Van Doren, Nick Adams
Directed by: George Seaton
Release date: 1958-04-01

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rock-a-Bye Baby
A Movie star has triplets, but does not want her beloved public to find out. Has she made a mistake in hiring Jerry Lewis as the babysitter ?
Starring: Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Maxwell, Connie Stevens, Salvatore Baccaloni, Reginald Gardiner
Directed by: Frank Tashlin
Release date: 1958-07-23

The Square Peg

The Square Peg
Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military. Shortly afterwards, they get drafted and fall into the clutches of the Sergeant they have just bested. They are sent to France to repair roads in front of the Allied advance but get captured. Pitkin takes advantage of a useful similarity to impersonate General Schreiber and manages to return a hero
Starring: Norman Wisdom, Edward Chapman, Honor Blackman, Campbell Singer, Hattie Jacques
Directed by: John Paddy Carstairs
Release date: 1958-12-04



Anna Kalman is an accomplished actress who has given up hope of finding the man of her dreams. She is in the middle of taking off her face cream, while talking about this subject with her sister, when in walks Philip Adams. She loses her concentration for a moment as she realizes that this is the charming, smart, and handsome man she has been waiting for.

Starring: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Cecil Parker, Phyllis Calvert, David Kossoff
Directed by: Stanley Donen
Release date: 1958-05-20

Bell, Book and Candle


A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancee, so she enchants him to love her instead... only to fall in love with him for real.

Starring: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Hermione Gingold
Directed by: Richard Quine
Release date: 1958-12-25

The Geisha Boy


Gilbert Wooley is a second-rate magician who is sent to entertain the troops in the pacific. During his time in Japan he becomes attached to a little orphan boy.

Starring: Jerry Lewis, Marie McDonald, Sessue Hayakawa, Barton MacLane, Robert Hirano
Directed by: Frank Tashlin
Release date: 1958-11-02

The Sheepman


A stranger in a Western cattle-town behaves with remarkable self-assurance, establishing himself as a man to be reckoned with. The reason appears with his stock: a herd of sheep, which he intends to graze on the range. The horrified inhabitants decide to run him out at all costs

Starring: Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Shaughnessy, Edgar Buchanan
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1958-05-07

Carry On Sergeant


Fall in for the first ever film in the highly successful Carry On comedy series—now an acclaimed British institution. Kenneth Connor and Charles Hawtrey are the prankish misfits who become the hilarious bane of Army Officers existence when he makes a bet he will turn them into ‘Star Squad’ Award soldiers—or bust!

Starring: William Hartnell, Bob Monkhouse, Shirley Eaton, Eric Barker, Dora Bryan
Directed by: Gerald Thomas
Release date: 1958-08-15

God's Little Acre


In the 1950s, a poor Georgia cotton farmer and his sons search for the gold presumably buried on the farm by their grandfather but problems related to poverty, marital infidelity, unemployment and booze threaten to destroy their family.

Starring: Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Buddy Hackett, Jack Lord, Fay Spain
Directed by: Anthony Mann
Release date: 1958-09-23

Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town
Ruth Sherwood and her sister, Eileen, have moved to 1935 Greenwich Village. They're surrounded by colorful Village characters (including an out-of-work football player known as the Wreck, and Mr. Appopolous, a modern painter and their landlord) and embark on various New York adventures. Ruth, who's trying to make it as a writer, meets up with a sleazy newspaper writer named Chick and a kindly editor named bob, both of whom take an interest in both her career and her.
Starring: Rosalind Russell, Sydney Chaplin, Joseph Buloff, Jacquelyn McKeever, Dort Clark
Directed by: Mel Ferber, Herbert Ross
Release date: 1958-11-30

O leftas

The sudden heritage, which is announced to two mercantiles, infuses their minds and begins to live richly, forgetting their previous lives.
Starring: Vasilis Avlonitis, Giorgos Kabanellis, Thanos Generalis, Nikos Mathaios, Nikos Mathaios
Directed by: Nikos Tsiforos
Release date: 1958-01-01

The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker
Thornton Wilder's tale of a matchmaker who desires the man she's supposed to be pairing with another woman.
Starring: Shirley Booth, Anthony Perkins, Shirley MacLaine, Paul Ford, Robert Morse
Directed by: Joseph Anthony
Release date: 1958-08-12

Smiley Gets a Gun

Smiley Gets a Gun
The happy-go-lucky young Smiley gets into more strife as he attempts to prove himself a responsible citizen by helping others - all so he can earn a new gun from Sergeant Flaxman.
Starring: Sybil Thorndike, Chips Rafferty, Keith Calvert, Bruce Archer, Ruth Cracknell
Directed by: Anthony Kimmins
Release date: 1958-05-01

Happy Is the Bride

Happy Is the Bride
In a quiet summer corner of Wiltshire that is forever England, David and Janet decide to tie the knot. Unfortunately this is the cue for everyone else to take over proceedings, to the dismay of the couple and the increasing despair of Janet's father.
Starring: Ian Carmichael, Janette Scott, Cecil Parker, Terry-Thomas, Joyce Grenfell
Directed by: Roy Boulting
Release date: 1958-03-04

Further Up the Creek

Further Up the Creek
The sequel to 'Up The Creek' sees David Tomlinson return as bumbling navy boffin Lieutenant Humphrey Fairweather. This time he is skipper of the ship Aristotle and, together with his second-in-command (Frankie Howerd), Fairweather wreaks havoc when he is ordered to deliver the Aristotle to its new owners in a mythical Middle-Eastern country.
Starring: David Tomlinson, Frankie Howerd, Shirley Eaton, Thora Hird, Lionel Jeffries
Directed by: Val Guest
Release date: 1958-10-28

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