Best Comedy Movies of 1939


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

8.1/10 IMDB

Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed to the United States Senate by the puppet governor of his state. He soon discovers, upon going to Washington, many shortcomings of the political process as his earnest goal of a national boys' camp leads to a conflict with the state political boss.

Starring: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold, Guy Kibbee, Thomas Mitchell, Eugene Pallette, Beulah Bondi, H.B. Warner, Harry Carey ..
Directed by: Frank Capra
Release date: 1939-10-19


7.8/10 IMDB

A stern Russian woman sent to Paris on official business finds herself attracted to a man who represents everything she is supposed to detest.

Starring: Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas, Ina Claire, Bela Lugosi, Sig Ruman, Felix Bressart, Alexander Granach, Gregory Gaye, Rolfe Sedan, Edwin Maxwell ..
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
Release date: 1939-11-23

The Women

7.7/10 IMDB

A happily married woman lets her catty friends talk her into divorce when her husband strays.

Starring: Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Mary Boland, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine, Phyllis Povah, Virginia Weidler, Lucile Watson, Marjorie Main ..
Directed by: George Cukor
Release date: 1939-09-01

Destry Rides Again

7.6/10 IMDB

When a tough western town needs taming, the mild-mannered son of a hard-nosed sheriff gets the job.

Starring: James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, Mischa Auer, Charles Winninger, Brian Donlevy, Allen Jenkins, Warren Hymer, Irene Hervey, Una Merkel, Billy Gilbert ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1939-11-30

Gunga Din

7.2/10 IMDB

British army sergeants Ballantine, Cutter and MacChesney serve in India during the 1880s, along with their native water-bearer, Gunga Din. While completing a dangerous telegraph-repair mission, they unearth evidence of the suppressed Thuggee cult. When Gunga Din tells the sergeants about a secret temple made of gold, the fortune-hunting Cutter is captured by the Thuggees, and it's up to his friends to rescue him.

Starring: Cary Grant, Victor McLaglen, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Sam Jaffe, Eduardo Ciannelli, Joan Fontaine, Montagu Love, Robert Coote, Abner Biberman, Lumsden Hare ..
Directed by: George Stevens
Release date: 1939-01-26
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Pygmalion


7.8/10 IMDB

When linguistics professor Henry Higgins boasts that he can pass off Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle as a princess with only six months' training, Colonel George Pickering takes him up on the bet. Eliza moves into Higgins's home and begins her rigorous training after the professor comes to a financial agreement with her dustman father, Alfred. But the plucky young woman is not the only one undergoing a transformation.

Starring: Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller, Wilfrid Lawson, Marie Lohr, Scott Sunderland, Jean Cadell, David Tree, Everley Gregg, Leueen MacGrath, Esme Percy ..
Directed by: Leslie Howard, Anthony Asquith
Release date: 1939-03-03

The Ugly Duckling

7.6/10 IMDB

An outcast duckling's search for a family to accept him leads to constant rejection before learning his true identity as a swan.

Starring: Clarence Nash, Purv Pullen, Melvin J. Gibby, Louise Myers ..
Directed by: Jack Cutting, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske
Release date: 1939-04-07

The Flying Deuces

6.8/10 IMDB

Ollie is in love with a woman. When he discovers that she is already married, he tries to kill himself. Of course, the suicide is avoided and the boys join the Foreign Legion to get away from their troubles. Finally, they are arrested for trying to desert the Legion and to escape the firing squad by stealing a plane.

Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker, Reginald Gardiner, Charles Middleton, Jean Del Val, Crane Whitley, James Finlayson, Monica Bannister, Bonnie Bannon ..
Directed by: A. Edward Sutherland
Release date: 1939-11-03


7.9/10 IMDB

An unemployed showgirl poses as Hungarian royalty to infiltrate Parisian society.

Starring: Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore, Francis Lederer, Mary Astor, Elaine Barrie, Hedda Hopper, Rex O'Malley, Monty Woolley, Armand Kaliz ..
Directed by: Mitchell Leisen
Release date: 1939-03-24

On Borrowed Time

7.7/10 IMDB

Young Pud is orphaned and left in the care of his aged grandparents. The boy and his grandfather are inseparable. Gramps is concerned for Pud's future and wary of a scheming relative who seeks custody of the child. One day Mr. Brink, an agent of Death, arrives to take Gramps "to the land where the woodbine twineth." Through a bit of trickery, Gramps confines Mr. Brink, and thus Death, to the branches of a large apple tree, giving Gramps extra time to resolve issues about Pud's future.

Starring: Lionel Barrymore, Cedric Hardwicke, Beulah Bondi, Una Merkel, Bobs Watson, Nat Pendleton, Henry Travers, Grant Mitchell, Eily Malyon, James Burke ..
Directed by: Harold S. Bucquet
Release date: 1939-07-07

Another Thin Man

7.4/10 IMDB

Not even the joys of parenthood can stop married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles from investigating a murder on a Long Island estate.

Starring: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Virginia Grey, Otto Kruger, C. Aubrey Smith, Ruth Hussey, Nat Pendleton, Patric Knowles, Tom Neal, Phyllis Gordon ..
Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke
Release date: 1939-11-17

Bachelor Mother

7.5/10 IMDB

Polly Parrish, a clerk at Merlin's Department Store, is mistakenly presumed to be the mother of a foundling. Outraged at Polly's unmotherly conduct, David Merlin becomes determined to keep the single woman and "her" baby together.

Starring: Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Charles Coburn, Frank Albertson, E. E. Clive, Elbert Coplen Jr., Ferike Boros, June Wilkins, Ernest Truex, Leonard Penn ..
Directed by: Garson Kanin
Release date: 1939-06-30

Love Affair

7.3/10 IMDB

A French playboy and an American former nightclub singer fall in love aboard a ship. They arrange to reunite six months later, if neither has changed their mind.

Starring: Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer, Maria Ouspenskaya, Lee Bowman, Astrid Allwyn, Maurice Moscovitch, Scotty Beckett, Ferike Boros, Mary Bovard, Tom Dugan ..
Directed by: Leo McCarey
Release date: 1939-04-07

A Chump at Oxford

7.2/10 IMDB

The boys get jobs as a butler and maid (Stan in drag) for a dinner party. When that ends in disaster, they resort to sweeping streets and accidentally capture a bank robber. The thankful bank president sends them to Oxford to get an education. Predictable results ensue.

Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Forrester Harvey, Wilfred Lucas, Forbes Murray, Peter Cushing, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin, Frank Baker, Eddie Borden ..
Directed by: Alfred J. Goulding
Release date: 1939-12-31

The Cat and the Canary

7.1/10 IMDB

Ten years after the death of millionaire Cyrus Norman, his will is to be read out to his six relatives, including Joyce Norman and Wally Campbell. Organized by Norman's lawyer, Crosby, the six meet at Norman's eerie New Orleans Gothic mansion. During the reading, the superstitious housekeeper declares that someone will be dead by midnight. Wally fears for Joyce when she is declared the sole inheritor, but all are alarmed when Crosby turns up dead.

Starring: Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, John Beal, Douglass Montgomery, Gale Sondergaard, Elizabeth Patterson, George Zucco, Nydia Westman, John Wray, George Regas ..
Directed by: Elliott Nugent
Release date: 1939-10-27

The Little Princess

7.1/10 IMDB

A little girl goes in search of her father who is reported missing by the military during the Second Boer War.

Starring: Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Anita Louise, Ian Hunter, Arthur Treacher, Mary Nash, Cesar Romero, Miles Mander, Marcia Mae Jones, Beryl Mercer ..
Directed by: Walter Lang
Release date: 1939-03-17

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

6.9/10 IMDB

Fields plays "Larsen E. Whipsnade", the owner of a shady carnival that is constantly on the run from the law. Whipsnade is struggling to keep a step ahead of foreclosure, and clearly not paying his performers, including Bergen and McCarthy, who try to coax money out of him, or in McCarthy's case, steal some outright.

Starring: W.C. Fields, Edgar Bergen, Constance Moore, John Arledge, James Bush, Thurston Hall, Mary Forbes, Edward Brophy, Arthur Hohl, Princess Baba ..
Directed by: George Marshall, Edward F. Cline
Release date: 1939-02-17

5th Ave Girl

6.8/10 IMDB

A wealthy man hires a poor girl to play his mistress in order to get more attention from his neglectful family.

Starring: Ginger Rogers, Walter Connolly, Verree Teasdale, James Ellison, Tim Holt, Kathryn Adams, Franklin Pangborn, Ferike Boros, Louis Calhern, Theodore von Eltz ..
Directed by: Gregory La Cava
Release date: 1939-09-22

It's a Wonderful World

6.9/10 IMDB

Detective Guy Johnson's client, Willie Heywood, is framed for murder. While Guy hides him so he can catch the real killer, both of them are nabbed by the police, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail: Guy for a year with Willie to be executed. On the way to jail, Guy comes across a clue and escapes from the police.

Starring: Claudette Colbert, James Stewart, Guy Kibbee, Nat Pendleton, Frances Drake, Edgar Kennedy, Ernest Truex, Richard Carle, Cecilia Callejo, Sidney Blackmer ..
Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke
Release date: 1939-05-19

At the Circus

6.8/10 IMDB

Jeff Wilson, the owner of a small circus, owes his partner Carter $10,000. Before Jeff can pay, Carter lets his accomplices steal the money, so he can take over the circus. Antonio Pirelli and Punchy, who work at the circus, together with lawyer Loophole try to find the thief and get the money back.

Starring: Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Kenny Baker, Florence Rice, Eve Arden, Margaret Dumont, Nat Pendleton, Fritz Feld, James Burke ..
Directed by: Edward Buzzell
Release date: 1939-10-20
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Society Dog Show

Society Dog Show

6.8/10 IMDB

Rather out of place at a swanky dog show, Pluto flirts with Fifi, a dainty Pekingese. The judge orders Mickey and Pluto to leave, but when a fire breaks out Pluto rescues Fifi and is proclaimed a hero.

Starring: Walt Disney, Pinto Colvig ..
Directed by: William Roberts
Release date: 1939-02-03

Babes in Arms

6.3/10 IMDB

Mickey Moran, son of two vaudeville veterans, decides to put up his own vaudeville show with his girlfriend Patsy Barton. But child actress Rosalie wants to make a comeback and replace Patsy both professionally and as Mickey's girl.

Starring: Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Charles Winninger, Guy Kibbee, June Preisser, Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hayes, Betty Jaynes, Douglas McPhail, Rand Brooks ..
Directed by: Busby Berkeley
Release date: 1939-10-10

Nancy Drew... Reporter

6.5/10 IMDB

While participating in a contest at a local newspaper in which school children are asked to submit a news story, local attorney Carson Drew's daughter Nancy intercepts a real story assignment. She "covers" the inquest of the death of a woman who was poisoned. Nancy doesn't think the young woman accused of the crime is guilty and corrals her neighbor Ted into searching for a vital piece of evidence and stumbles onto the identity of the real killer.

Starring: Bonita Granville, John Litel, Frankie Thomas, Dickie Jones, Renie Riano, Mary Lee, Larry Williams, Betty Amann, Thomas E. Jackson, Olin Howland ..
Directed by: William Clemens
Release date: 1939-02-18

Idiot's Delight

6.5/10 IMDB

A group of disparate travelers are thrown together in a posh Alpine hotel when the borders are closed at the start of WWII.

Starring: Norma Shearer, Clark Gable, Edward Arnold, Charles Coburn, Joseph Schildkraut, Burgess Meredith, Laura Hope Crews, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Peter Willes, Pat Paterson ..
Directed by: Clarence Brown
Release date: 1939-01-27

Made for Each Other

6.3/10 IMDB

A couple struggle to find happiness after a whirlwind courtship.

Starring: Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn, Lucile Watson, Eddie Quillan, Alma Kruger, Ward Bond, Louise Beavers, Irving Bacon, Raymond Bailey ..
Directed by: John Cromwell
Release date: 1939-02-10
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Quick Millions

Quick Millions

4.6/10 IMDB

In Hollywood the Jones family runs into crooks who convince them they have inherited a gold mine at the Grand Canyon.

Starring: Jed Prouty, Spring Byington, Kenneth Howell, George Ernest, June Carlson, Florence Roberts, Billy Mahan, Eddie Collins, Robert Shaw, Helen Ericson ..
Directed by: Malcolm St. Clair
Release date: 1939-08-25
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp

7.5/10 IMDB

Olive Oyl's screenplay for an Aladdin movie comes to life and Popeye battles for control of a genie in this, the last of the three Popeye color films.

Starring: Jack Mercer, Mae Questel, Margie Hines, Carl Meyer ..
Directed by: Dave Fleischer
Release date: 1939-04-07
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : First Love

First Love

7.0/10 IMDB

In this reworking of Cinderella, orphaned Connie Harding is sent to live with her rich aunt and uncle after graduating from boarding school. She's hardly received with open arms, especially by her snobby cousin Barbara. When the entire family is invited to a major social ball, Barbara sees to it that Connie is forced to stay home. With the aid of her uncle, who acts as her fairy godfather, Connie makes it to the ball and meets her Prince Charming in Ted Drake, her cousin's boyfriend.

Starring: Deanna Durbin, Robert Stack, Eugene Pallette, Helen Parrish, Lewis Howard, Leatrice Joy, Marcia Mae Jones, June Storey, Frank Jenks, Kathleen Howard ..
Directed by: Henry Koster
Release date: 1939-11-10
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Ask a Policeman

Ask a Policeman

7.4/10 IMDB

The mirthful adventures of Police-Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot and his two constables, Albert Brown and Jeremias Harbottle, who stage a fabricated crime-wave to save their jobs---and then find themselves involved in the real thing.

Starring: Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, Moore Marriott, Glennis Lorimer, Peter Gawthorne, Charles Oliver, Herbert Lomas, Patrick Aherne, Cyril Chamberlain, Noel Dainton ..
Directed by: Marcel Varnel
Release date: 1939-04-29
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

8.0/10 IMDB

Once again, the Stooges are three hapless tramps. After nearly destroying a farmer's (Richard Fiske) pile of firewood, the boys come to the assistance of the Widow Jenkins (Eva McKenzie), who has just been cheated out of her land by a trio of swindlers (Dick Curtis, Eddie Laughton, James Craig). Attempting to fix the woman's well, the Stooges instead unleash an oil geyser. They manage to retrieve the deed to the land and are allowed to marry the now wealthy Widow Jenkins' daughters. Moe tells Curly to wish for quintuplets, and Curly replies, "We'll honeymoon in Canada!" (a reference to the Dionne quintuplets).

Starring: Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Dick Curtis, James Craig ..
Directed by: Jules White
Release date: 1939-10-06
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Three Sappy People

Three Sappy People

7.9/10 IMDB

The stooges are phone repairmen who are mistaken for the psychiatrists in whose office they are working. A rich man hires them to treat his impetuous young wife who is always running of for submarine rides and the like. The boys ruin a dinner party at their clients mansion but their antics so amuse his wife the she is cured and the stooges are paid off handsomely.

Starring: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Lorna Gray, Don Beddoe, Bud Jamison, Gloria Blondell ..
Directed by: Jules White
Release date: 1939-12-01
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Never Say Die

Never Say Die

6.9/10 IMDB

Bob Hope is being stalked by a predatory widow who is a widow of wealthy husbands many times over. Martha Raye is a Texan heiress who wants to marry her boyfriend Andy Devine, but her father is determined that she marry into royalty. To solve both their problems, Martha Raye and Bob Hope decide to marry, but will they ever find love together?

Starring: Martha Raye, Bob Hope, Andy Devine, Alan Mowbray, Gale Sondergaard, Sig Ruman, Ernest Cossart, Paul Harvey, Frances Arms, Ivan F. Simpson ..
Directed by: Elliott Nugent
Release date: 1939-03-08
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Dancing Co-Ed

Dancing Co-Ed

6.4/10 IMDB

After discovering his star dancer is expecting and can't perform, film producer H.W. Workman and his publicist concoct a scheme to stage a college dance contest to find a new star.

Starring: Lana Turner, Richard Carlson, Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, Ann Rutherford, Lee Bowman, Thurston Hall, Leon Errol, Roscoe Karns, Artie Shaw, Mary Field ..
Directed by: S. Sylvan Simon
Release date: 1939-09-29
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

6.7/10 IMDB

Police officer Porky is called to investigate strange noises at a house that might be haunted. Before he arrives, we tour the house and hear some evil-sounding cackles, which, it turns out, are coming from a radio one that a ghost was listening to. The ghost then sings the title song while getting ready for a night of haunting, just as Porky arrives. The ghost invites him in with a woman's voice, then disappears. Porky comes in and gets spooked by some flapping curtains. When he comes back in, the ghost puts a couple frogs into a pair of shoes and sets them loose; they collect a hatrack and a curtain, forming a sort of black ghost that ultimately scares Porky upstairs right into the arms of the ghost.

Starring: Mel Blanc, Pinto Colvig ..
Directed by: Robert Clampett
Release date: 1939-09-23
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Inspector Hornleigh

Inspector Hornleigh

6.7/10 IMDB

When a landlady finds one of her tenants murdered, Inspector Hornleigh is sent to investigate. Inspector Hornleigh's assistant, Sergeant Bingham, soon finds an attaché case that had been stolen from the murdered man. When Hornleigh examines the case, inside it he finds a bag that was used to carry important government documents. The documents have been taken, and to make things even more confusing, a duplicate of the stolen bag soon turns up.

Starring: Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Miki Hood, Wally Patch, Steven Geray, Edward Underdown, Hugh Williams, Gibb McLaughlin, Ronald Adam, Eliot Makeham ..
Directed by: Eugene Forde
Release date: 1939-03-07
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : The Autograph Hound

The Autograph Hound

7.1/10 IMDB

While trying to collect autographs at a Hollywood studio, Donald meets a number of movie stars, and runs afoul of a security guard.

Starring: Clarence Nash, Billy Bletcher, Sara Berner ..
Directed by: Jack King
Release date: 1939-09-01
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Where's That Fire

Where's That Fire

7.1/10 IMDB

Capt Viking and his incompetent fire crew accidentally foil a plot to steal the crown jewels.

Starring: Will Hay, Moore Marriott, Graham Moffatt, Peter Gawthorne, Eric Clavering, Hugh McDermott, Charles Hawtrey, Dave O'Toole, Frank Atkinson, Clifford Buckton ..
Directed by: Marcel Varnel
Release date: 1939-06-29
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : A Ducking They Did Go

A Ducking They Did Go

7.6/10 IMDB

The stooges, tricked by some con men into selling memberships to a phony duck hunting club, sell all the memberships to the police department. When the crooks skip town, the stooges are stranded at a duck-less lake with a lodge full of cops.

Starring: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Lynton Brent, Jack Gardner, Bud Jamison, Cy Schindell, Vernon Dent ..
Directed by: Del Lord
Release date: 1939-04-07
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Good Girls Go to Paris

Good Girls Go to Paris

6.8/10 IMDB

Jenny Swanson, a waitress on a college campus, is dying to visit Paris. Thanks to English professor Ronald Brooke, she manages to make her dream come true. Besides seeing the sights in the French capital she makes friends with a wealthy family there, the Brands.

Starring: Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell, Walter Connolly, Alan Curtis, Joan Perry, Isabel Jeans, Stanley Brown, Alexander D'Arcy, Henry Hunter, Clarence Kolb ..
Directed by: Alexander Hall
Release date: 1939-06-20
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Blondie Takes a Vacation

Blondie Takes a Vacation

6.8/10 IMDB

Blondie and Dagwood are in charge of operations at a mountain motel. The elderly owners of the establishment are in danger of losing their life savings. Among other things, arson threatens.

Starring: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, Daisy, Danny Mummert, Donald Meek, Donald MacBride, Thomas W. Ross, Elizabeth Dunn, Robert Wilcox ..
Directed by: Frank R. Strayer
Release date: 1939-07-20
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : The Fresh Vegetable Mystery

The Fresh Vegetable Mystery

6.5/10 IMDB

Crime strikes the vegetable world when Mrs. Mama Carrot awakens and finds her children have been carrot-napped. She summons the Irish-Potato Police and they are soon on the trail of the culprit. But the various suspects they round up, and grill, aren't the criminals. They finally track down the guilty parties, who turn out to be a gang of mice in disguise. Thrown into a third-degree mousetrap, the mice soon confess. Bleeding Heart Warning: This cartoon contains racial stereotypes (an Irish potato), and cruelty to vegetables...and mice.

Directed by: Dave Fleischer
Release date: 1939-09-29
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Wise Quacks

Wise Quacks

6.7/10 IMDB

Mr. (and Mrs.!) Daffy Duck are expecting four ducklings; Daffy plays the nervous father, and Porky drops by to offer congratulations. Soon, a bald eagle hijacks the runt of the litter, and Daffy gives chase (despite the fact he's been celebrating the birth a little too much).

Starring: Mel Blanc, Robert Clampett ..
Directed by: Robert Clampett
Release date: 1939-08-04

Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter

6.6/10 IMDB

Nancy Drew clears her Uncle Matt of murder charges when she exposes the real murderers. She and Ted find themselves in many dangerous positions such as trying to fly an airplane after the pilot parachuted out and being face-to-face with the murderer.

Starring: Bonita Granville, Frankie Thomas, John Litel, Aldrich Bowker, Charlotte Wynters, Edgar Edwards, Renie Riano, Roger Imhof, Erville Alderson, Willie Best ..
Directed by: William Clemens
Release date: 1939-06-17
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Three Smart Girls Grow Up

Three Smart Girls Grow Up

6.9/10 IMDB

Three sisters who believe life is going to be easy, now that their parents are back together, until one sister falls in love with another's fiancé, and the youngest sister plays matchmaker.

Starring: Deanna Durbin, Charles Winninger, Nan Grey, Helen Parrish, Robert Cummings, William Lundigan, Ernest Cossart, Nella Walker, Felix Bressart, Wade Boteler ..
Directed by: Henry Koster
Release date: 1939-03-24
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Wotta Nitemare

Wotta Nitemare

7.0/10 IMDB

Popeye is having a dream. In it, Bluto interupts his and Olive's flirtations with one another and keeps having the upper hand.

Starring: Jack Mercer, Pinto Colvig, Margie Hines ..
Directed by: Dave Fleischer, Willard Bowsky
Release date: 1939-05-19
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : We Want Our Mummy

We Want Our Mummy

7.9/10 IMDB

The stooges go to Egypt in search of the mummy of king Rootin-Tootin for which a museum will pay a $5000 prize. They wind up in the mummy's tomb where they are harassed by some bad guys after the same objective. The villains, who have kidnapped a professor from the museum, want the jewels buried inside the mummy. When Curly accidentally destroys the mummy, Moe and Larry wrap him in bandages to fool the bad guys. They manage to rescue the professor and retrieve the real mummy of Rootin-Tootin who turns out to have been a midget.

Starring: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Dick Curtis, Bud Jamison, Theodore Lorch ..
Directed by: Del Lord
Release date: 1939-02-24
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Yes, We Have No Bonanza

Yes, We Have No Bonanza

7.5/10 IMDB

Set in a western town, the stooges are working as waiters in a saloon with the three girls they hope to marry. The proprietor of the saloon is a crook who, with his partner, has buried $40,000 of stolen money. The boys go prospecting in hopes of raising enough money to pay off the debts of their fiancée father, who owes money to their boss. They dig up the stolen money, which the crooks recognize as their loot and abscond with. A wild chase ensues, ending with the bad guy's car crashing into the Sheriff's office.

Starring: Curly Howard, Dick Curtis, Lynton Brent, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Suzanne Kaaren, Vernon Dent ..
Directed by: Del Lord
Release date: 1939-05-19
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Calling All Curs

Calling All Curs

7.5/10 IMDB

The Stooges run a pet hospital and are the proud surgeons of Garçon, a prized girl poodle of socialite Mrs. Bedford . When two men posing as reporters kidnap the poodle, the boys frantically try track them down.

Starring: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Lynton Brent, Robin Raymond, Isabel La Mal, Cy Schindell, Libby Taylor, Beatrice Blinn, Beatrice Curtis ..
Directed by: Jules White
Release date: 1939-08-25
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : Three Little Sew and Sews

Three Little Sew and Sews

7.3/10 IMDB

The stooges are sailors working in a ships' tailor shop. When they can't get passes to go ashore, they steal officers uniforms and go to a party with Curly passing himself off as Admiral Taylor and Moe and Larry as his aides. Two spies, one of them a beautiful woman, trick the stooges into stealing a new submarine. The boys turn the table on the spies and capture them. When the real Admiral shows up, Curly's reenacts the capture and accidentally detonates a bomb, blowing them all to kingdom come.

Starring: Curly Howard, Phyllis Barry, Harry Semels, Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Vernon Dent, Charles Dorety, Ned Glass, Bud Jamison, Al Thompson ..
Directed by: Del Lord
Release date: 1939-01-06
Best Comedy Movies of 1939 : East Side of Heaven

East Side of Heaven

6.5/10 IMDB

A man finds himself the father, by proxy, of a ten-month-old baby and becomes involved in the turbulent lives of the child's family.

Starring: Bing Crosby, Mischa Auer, Joan Blondell, Irene Hervey, C. Aubrey Smith, Robert Kent, Jerome Cowan, Baby Sandy, Jane Jones, Rose Valyda ..
Directed by: David Butler
Release date: 1939-04-07

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