Best Animation Movies of 1991


Beauty and the Beast

8.0/10 IMDB

Follow the adventures of Belle, a bright young woman who finds herself in the castle of a prince who's been turned into a mysterious beast. With the help of the castle's enchanted staff, Belle soon learns the most important lesson of all -- that true beauty comes from within.

Starring: Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White, Jerry Orbach, David Ogden Stiers, Angela Lansbury, Rex Everhart, Jesse Corti, Bradley Pierce, Hal Smith ..
Directed by: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Release date: 1991-11-13

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

6.5/10 IMDB

Some time after the Mousekewitz's have settled in America, they find that they are still having problems with the threat of cats. That makes them eager to try another home out in the west, where they are promised that mice and cats live in peace. Unfortunately, the one making this claim is an oily con artist named Cat R. Waul who is intent on his own sinister plan.

Starring: Phillip Glasser, James Stewart, Erica Yohn, Cathy Cavadini, Nehemiah Persoff, Amy Irving, John Cleese, Dom DeLuise, Sherry Lynn, Mickie McGowan ..
Directed by: Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells
Release date: 1991-11-21

Father Christmas

7.5/10 IMDB

After a hard night's work, Father Christmas decides to go on a "blooming vacation", builds his sledge into a caravan and holidays in France, Scotland and Las Vegas before coming home and settling down, with a bit of grumbling, to answer the mail, get the gifts ready, deliver them and get to the Snowmens' party on time--only he's forgotten something.

Starring: Mel Smith ..
Directed by: Dave Unwin
Release date: 1991-01-01
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Aliens' First Christmas

Aliens' First Christmas

6.8/10 IMDB

Christmas comes to the Cosmos when Roger and Fran Peoples and their son Benny try to celebrate the holidays in their new home on the planet Zolognia. Everything seems to go wrong until their alien neighbors, the Zox's step in to help. Misunderstanding just about everything about Christmas, Charlick and Mavo add bizarre and funny twists to old Yuletide traditions, and find out that in the end, that it's truly the thought that counts.

Starring: G. Brian Reynolds, Brett Sears, Rachel Rutledge, Will Gould, Russ Harris ..
Directed by: Russ Harris, G. Brian Reynolds
Release date: 1991-11-01
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Kayoko's Diary

Kayoko's Diary

7.5/10 IMDB

Kayoko is a young girl in 1940, just starting first grade. She's a bit of a crybaby, which is no secret to those around her. She loves playing with friends and singing cute schoolyard chants, and occasionally having fun with her three older brothers. Her mother is pregnant, and so she looks forward to being a big sister, only partially understanding the responsibility that might bring. Meanwhile, the war effort is growing, and it`s only the natural thing to do to be patriotic and support the country...Kayoko goes so far as to contribute her favorite dolly, whose materials could help build explosives. Time passes, and as she grows older, Kayoko sees how the war has affected her life and those around her. Nothing can prepare her for 1945, however, and the bleak times that are soon to come.

Starring: Masako Ikeda, Katsue Miwa, Masako Nozawa, Nozomu Sasaki, Norio Wakamoto, Michiyo Yanagisawa ..
Directed by: Seiji Arihara
Release date: 1991-03-09
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Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too

Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too

7.5/10 IMDB

Pooh is so busy gathering up his friends' wish lists for Santa that he forgets to include his own. After retrieving the list and adding his own desires, he realizes he's late getting it where it needs to go. Off he goes to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, with pals Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Christopher Robin missing him

Starring: Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen, John Fiedler, Michael Gough, Paul Winchell, Edan Gross, Ken Sansom ..
Directed by: Jamie Mitchell
Release date: 1991-12-14
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Darkwing Duck - Darkly Dawns the Duck

Darkwing Duck - Darkly Dawns the Duck

8.0/10 IMDB

The legendary masked avenger, Darkwing Duck battles the notorious Taurus Bulba, the bullish kingpin who steals the government's top secret weapon -- the Ram Rod -- and kidnaps the mischievous Gosalyn, the only one who knows the arming code.

Starring: Jim Cummings, Christine Cavanaugh, Terence McGovern ..
Directed by: Tad Stones, Alan Zaslove
Release date: 1991-09-06
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

5.4/10 IMDB

This whaked out anime short pulls out all the stops, making fun of every aspect of the story and filmmaking in general. Britain Dunham speaks like Arnold Schwarzenegger as "The Tinmanator" in this adaptation of the L. Frank Baum classic of the girl carried to a fantastic realm who must seek out the Wizard to get home.

Starring: Norma MacMillan, Lee Tockar, Christine Lippa, Scott McNeil, Cathy Weseluck, Kate Robbins, Ian James Corlett, Britain Durham, Barbara Whiting, Doug Parker ..
Release date: 1991-10-12
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Urotsukid?ji: Legend of the Demon Womb

Urotsukid?ji: Legend of the Demon Womb

5.9/10 IMDB

In this sequel to Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, the unbelievable sexual violence of the Overfiend and his cohorts from Hell continues to wreak havoc on the earth. Who can stop this relentless onslaught?

Starring: Tomohiro Nishimura, Yumi Takada, Dêmon Kogure, Yasunori Matsumoto, Atsuko Mine, Mugihito, Kenichi Ogata, Takashi Taguchi, Wataru Takagi, Norio Wakamoto ..
Directed by: Hideki Takayama
Release date: 1991-07-27
Best Animation Movies of 1991 : Tales of Seduction

Tales of Seduction

5.1/10 IMDB

In this collection of three separate stories, Tsurujiro Kazama is a songwriter for some of Japan's most popular Idol singers ... singers he exacts a unique price from. Also included are the stories of Toyama no Benbei ... seducer extraordinaire!

Starring: Kotono Mitsuishi, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Jūrōta Kosugi, Ai Orikasa, Kei Hayami, Hiroko Emori, Naoko Matsui, Ikuya Sawaki ..
Directed by: Osamu Sekita
Release date: 1991-12-27

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