Best Animation Movies of 1989


The Little Mermaid

7.6/10 IMDB

This colorful adventure tells the story of an impetuous mermaid princess named Ariel who falls in love with the very human Prince Eric and puts everything on the line for the chance to be with him. Memorable songs and characters -- including the villainous sea witch Ursula.

Starring: Jodi Benson, Samuel E. Wright, Pat Carroll, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Kenneth Mars, Buddy Hackett, Jason Marin, René Auberjonois, Paddi Edwards, Ben Wright ..
Directed by: Ron Clements, John Musker
Release date: 1989-11-17
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : Knick Knack

Knick Knack

7.5/10 IMDB

Life on a shelf as a snowman trapped in a snow-globe blizzard can become wearing, especially when you're surrounded by knickknacks from sunnier locales. When the jaded snowman finally breaks free of his glass house, his vacation plans are cut short.

Directed by: John Lasseter
Release date: 1989-01-01

All Dogs Go to Heaven

6.8/10 IMDB

When a casino owning dog named Charlie is murdered by his rival Carface, he finds himself in Heaven basically by default since all dogs go to heaven. However, since he wants to get back at his killer, he cons his way back to the living with the warning that doing that damns him to Hell. Once back, he teams with his old partner, Itchy to prep his retaliation. He also stumbles on to an orphan girl who can talk to the animals, thus allowing him to get the inside info on the races to ensure his wins to finance his plans. However, all the while, he is still haunted by nightmares on what's waiting for him on the other side unless he can prove that he is worthy of Heaven again.

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Judith Barsi, Melba Moore, Daryl Gilley, Candy Devine, Charles Nelson Reilly, Vic Tayback, Rob Fuller, Earleen Carey ..
Directed by: Dan Kuenster, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
Release date: 1989-11-17
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts

7.7/10 IMDB

A humorous and thought-provoking view of what animals in zoos might be thinking about their captivity and surroundings.

Starring: Julie Sedgewick ..
Directed by: Nick Park
Release date: 1989-07-15
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : Tummy Trouble

Tummy Trouble

7.3/10 IMDB

Roger Rabbit once again is chosen for the dangerous task of babysitting Baby Herman and everything is going to be just fine.

Starring: Charles Fleischer, April Winchell, Lou Hirsch, Corey Burton, Kathleen Turner, Sol Pavlovsky, William Bronder, Bob Hoskins, Charles Noland, Richard Williams ..
Directed by: Frank Marshall, Rob Minkoff
Release date: 1989-06-23

Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

7.2/10 IMDB

A little boy whose dreams transcend reality is sucked into his own fantasy, which is everything he has dreamed of, until he unleashes an old secret that may not only destroy this perfect dream world but reality itself.

Starring: Gabriel Damon, Mickey Rooney, René Auberjonois, Danny Mann, Laura Mooney, Bernard Erhard, Bill Martin, Sherry Lynn, Nancy Cartwright ..
Directed by: Masami Hata, William T. Hurtz
Release date: 1989-07-15


6.7/10 IMDB

Sophie is snatched from her orphanage early one morning by the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), whom she witnesses engaged in mysterious activities. She is soon put at ease, as she learns that BFG's job is to collect, catalog and deliver pleasant dreams to children. She joins him that night, but a mean giants follow them, planning to eat the children of the world.

Starring: David Jason, Amanda Root ..
Directed by: Brian Cosgrove
Release date: 1989-12-25
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : Garfield's Thanksgiving

Garfield's Thanksgiving

7.9/10 IMDB

Garfield's Thanksgiving finds Jon with a love interest - a veterinarian who orders Garfield on a diet - and then comes for Thanksgiving dinner!

Starring: Lorenzo Music, Thom Huge, Gregg Berger, Pat Carroll ..
Directed by: Phil Roman
Release date: 1989-11-22
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book

7.6/10 IMDB

The Zooks and the Yooks are at war over the butter and bread - on which side should one spread?

Starring: Charles Durning, Chris Latta, Miriam Flynn, Clive Revill, Joseph Cousins ..
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Release date: 1989-11-13
Best Animation Movies of 1989 : X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men

X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men

6.7/10 IMDB

Pryde of the X-Men was a short-lived series about the X-Men, with the main character being Kitty Pryde (whose alias is Shadow Cat, though she never becomes Shadow Cat in the series), which is why the series is titled Pryde of the X-Men. The show was produced by Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions, who made a pilot for NBC. The pilot aired, but for unknown reasons, it was never turned into a full-blown series. Despite it not becoming a full series, the pilot has aired in syndication, and was later released on video.

Starring: Michael Bell, Kath Soucie, Andi Chapman, Patrick Pinney, Earl Boen, Neil Ross, Dan Gilvezan, Ron Gans, Pat Fraley, Alan Oppenheimer ..
Directed by: Ray Lee
Release date: 1989-07-01

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