Best Adventure Movies of 1986


The Mission

7.4/10 IMDB

When a Spanish Jesuit goes into the South American wilderness to build a mission in the hope of converting the Indians of the region, a slave hunter is converted and joins his mission. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to defend all they have built against the Portugese aggressors.

Starring: Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons, Ray McAnally, Aidan Quinn, Liam Neeson, Cherie Lunghi, Ronald Pickup, Chuck Low, Bercelio Moya, Sigifredo Ismare ..
Directed by: Roland Joffé
Release date: 1986-09-29

The Great Mouse Detective

7.2/10 IMDB

When the diabolical Professor Ratigan kidnaps London's master toymaker, the brilliant master of disguise Basil of Baker Street and his trusted sidekick Dawson try to elude the ultimate trap and foil the perfect crime.

Starring: Barrie Ingham, Val Bettin, Vincent Price, Susanne Pollatschek, Candy Candido, Diana Chesney, Eve Brenner, Alan Young, Basil Rathbone, Ellen Fitzhugh ..
Directed by: Ron Clements, Burny Mattinson, David Michener, John Musker
Release date: 1986-07-02

¡Three Amigos!

6.5/10 IMDB

Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing.

Starring: Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Patrice Martinez, Philip Gordon, Alfonso Aráu, Tony Plana, Kai Wulff, Jon Lovitz, Joe Mantegna ..
Directed by: John Landis
Release date: 1986-12-12

Frog Dreaming

6.2/10 IMDB

American boy Cody lives in Australia with his guardian, Gaza. Cody is very imaginative, inventive, and inquisitive. He comes accross some strange events happening in Devil's Knob national park associated with an aboriginal myth about "frog dreamings". Cody tries to investigate...

Starring: Henry Thomas, Tony Barry, Rachel Friend, Tamsin West, Dempsey Knight, John Ewart, Chris Gregory, Mark Knight, Dennis Miller, Katy Manning ..
Directed by: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Release date: 1986-08-21
Best Adventure Movies of 1986 : The Thanksgiving Promise

The Thanksgiving Promise

6.9/10 IMDB

A teenage boy is torn between his love for an injured Canadian goose that he has found and his agreement to fatten and kill it for an approaching Thanksgiving dinner for his neighbors.

Starring: Millie Perkins, Beau Bridges, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Lloyd Bridges, Jordan Bridges ..
Directed by: Beau Bridges
Release date: 1986-11-23
Best Adventure Movies of 1986 : Casebusters


5.9/10 IMDB

A brother and sister help solve a neighborhood crime and by doing so, keep their grandfather's small security service from going out of business.

Starring: Pat Hingle, Noah Hathaway, Gary Riley, Thomas F. Duffy, Tim Russ, Nicholas Worth ..
Directed by: Wes Craven
Release date: 1986-05-25

Sky Bandits

4.6/10 IMDB

A pair of old west cowboys become fighter pilots in World War I.

Starring: Scott McGinnis, Jeff Osterhage, Ronald Lacey, Miles Anderson, Valérie Steffen, Ingrid Held, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Keith Buckley, Nicholas Frankau, Conrad Asquith ..
Directed by: Zoran Perisic
Release date: 1986-10-31
Best Adventure Movies of 1986 : Electric Blue 21

Electric Blue 21

7.2/10 IMDB

The gorgeous Kathleen, together with her friends Rosie, Julie and Debbie Louise (all four are Aussie Penthouse Pets) and pervy but rich Uncle Wilfred cruise Sydney Harbor then take in a show with comedian Rodney Rude. Finally, its back to Uncle Wilfred's pad, where Kathleen and Julie peruse his playboys. In the wraparound story "Night in Bangkok," the Seven Stars of the Orient, a fabulous ancient treasure that holds enormous power, is eagerly sought after by both an intrepid explorer and an exotic Asian beauty. Other vignettes include "Rainy Day," about a woman reminiscing about skinny dipping and "Contact Couples," where swingers and fetishists hook up in suburbia.

Starring: Traci Lords, Kristara Barrington, Craig Roberts, Andrea Brittian, Kathleen Azzopardi, Julie Mulherin, Rosie Kozman, Debbie Louise Shires, Linzi Drew ..
Release date: 1986-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1986 : Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

7.0/10 IMDB

A feature film edited from three episodes of Amazing Stories (1985): The Mission, Mummy Daddy and Go to the Head of the Class

Starring: Kevin Costner, Christopher Lloyd, Casey Siemaszko, Kiefer Sutherland, J.J. Cohen, John Philbin, Gary Mauro, Glen Mauro, Terry Beaver, David Grant Hayward ..
Directed by: Steven Spielberg, William Dear, Robert Zemeckis
Release date: 1986-07-10
Best Adventure Movies of 1986 : Night of Terror

Night of Terror

3.2/10 IMDB

A man attempts to gaslight his wife and lock her in an asylum in order to get her money. He plans to use this money to further his research into brain surgery experiments. Meanwhile, random footage from the film FROZEN SCREAM is cut in at random, because why not.

Starring: Renee Harmon, Frank Neuhaus, Henry Lewis, Lynn Whitmire, Lauren Brent, Arline Sprecht, Steven Neuhardt, James Lewis, Jan Vanderberg, Marian Wayne ..
Directed by: Felix Girard
Release date: 1986-01-01

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