Best Adventure Movies of 1985


Alice in Wonderland

7.4/10 IMDB

A veritable time warp of famous faces -- including Sammy Davis Jr., Red Buttons, Roddy McDowall, Sally Struthers, Scott Baio and Ringo Starr -- takes over this updated musical version of Lewis Carroll's famed children's story. Conceived by the legendary Irwin Allen ("Lost in Space") as a vehicle for 9-year-old child star Natalie Gregory, who stars as Alice, the program originally aired as a two-part made-for-television movie.

Starring: Natalie Gregory, Sammy Davis Jr., Sheila Allen, Red Buttons, Ann Jillian, Sharee Gregory, Sherman Hemsley, Donald O'Connor, Charles Dougherty, Shelley Winters ..
Directed by: Harry Harris
Release date: 1985-12-09
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Winners: Just Friends

Winners: Just Friends

7.8/10 IMDB

Just Friends - A classic Australian children's telemovie about growing up, peer pressure, friendship and family. When Susan Foster moves to a new suburb she has difficulty fitting in. Susan's home life is uncomfortable with an unemployed father, a distant mother and an unexpectedly pregnant big sister. Susan seeks refuge at the local Roller Skate rink where she meets Buzz, the brash young gang leader and the best skater in town. Susan becomes part of Buzz's gang but is soon confronted with his selfish behaviour and cruel treatment of his friends. Susan must decide which is more important to her - fitting in or being fair. Just Friends is part of the Winners series of television programs created by the Australian Children's Television Foundation.

Starring: Sherie Graham, Mitch Ambrose, Shanti Gudgeon ..
Directed by: Michael Pattinson
Release date: 1985-10-22

Big Foot And The Muscle Machines

6.4/10 IMDB

a graduate student named Jennifer pursued by goons of millionaire industrialist Adrian Ravenscroft, who hides Ponce de Leon's map to the Fountain of Youth inside Bigfoot in the midst of a stunt driving show. This forces Yank Justice and Bigfoot, Red & Redder and Black Gold, and Professor D. & Dilly and the Orange Blossom Special, into a cross-country trek to rendezvous with Ravenscroft at the Fountain and stop him. Ravenscroft is so powerful he can impose his will onto county sheriff's offices and get the group arrested. They are saved by Close McCall and his souped-up stunt car War Lord, so he joins the team after initial resistance the first time he tried.

Starring: Susan Blu, Wally Burr, Peter Cullen, Lance LeGault ..
Release date: 1985-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Blue Ice

Blue Ice

5.3/10 IMDB

A private detective is hired to find an ancient book. What he doesn't know is that the book has the power to turn any woman into a nymphomaniac, and that a group of Nazi scientists--who fled to the US after World War II--also want the book, and will do anything to get it.

Starring: Herschel Savage, Jacqueline Lorians, Paul Thomas, Shanna McCullough, Long Chaney, Reggie Nalder, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, William Margold, Helga Sven ..
Directed by: Phillip Marshak
Release date: 1985-05-10
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Jungle of Death

Jungle of Death

4.1/10 IMDB

A Mexican scientific team and an Arab expedition clash over a powerful piece of metal hidden in the jungle. Oh yeah, and there's also aliens, a psychic, a sorcerer and a hostile tribe who do the occasional human sacrifice.

Starring: Rodolfo de Anda, Arturo Martínez hijo, Imperio Vargas, Alejandra Vidal, Arturo Martínez, Mario Arévalo, Karen Sentíes, Rocio Espada, Carlos East, Agustín Bernal ..
Directed by: Rodolfo de Anda
Release date: 1985-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Arthur the King

Arthur the King

4.4/10 IMDB

Classic tale of King Arthur and how his wife is kidnapped by his evil sister. Lancelot is sent out to try and retrieve the lost queen and unfortunately falls in love with her. Forbidden love, revenge, family rivalry, and magic are all prominent themes.

Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Candice Bergen, Edward Woodward, Dyan Cannon, Joseph Blatchley, Rupert Everett, Rosalyn Landor, Liam Neeson, Lucy Gutteridge, Michael Gough ..
Directed by: Clive Donner
Release date: 1985-04-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Heated Vengeance

Heated Vengeance

3.6/10 IMDB

Lt. Joe Hoffman (Hatch) is a Vietnam veteran who, many years after the end of the war, decides to go back to the "Golden Triangle" to find his lost love, Michelle Twassoon (Mitchell-Collins). She was an interpreter during the war, and they fell in love. They even had a precocious, squeaky-voiced son together. But trouble looms for Hoffman in the form of Larry Bingo (Max) - yes, LARRY BINGO is his name. He's a disgraced army dude who was kicked out of the service for raping one of the locals back during the war. Now he's a drug runner along with his compatriots Snake (Pollard) and Bandit (Dye). Coincidentally, they run into Hoffman now, in the present day, and, seeing as how Hoffman was Bingo's commanding officer, and was largely responsible for his dishonorable discharge, Bingo now wants revenge.

Starring: Richard Hatch, Jolina Collins, Michael J. Pollard, Robert Walker, Dennis Patrick, Mills Watson, Cameron Dye, Ron Max ..
Directed by: Edward D. Murphy
Release date: 1985-03-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Clash of the Warlords

Clash of the Warlords

4.8/10 IMDB

In the battle for life you have to kill or be killed. Forced to fight against his friends in the deadly arena, Rex seeks revenge on the evil Malzon for killing his family in this post-apocalyptic action adventure.

Starring: Anthony Alonzo, Johnny Monteiro, Paul Vance, Willy Williams, Jennifer Kirkham, Dan Alvaro, Ada Alberto, Rex Lapid, Roi Vinzon, Joonee Gamboa ..
Directed by: Willy Milan
Release date: 1985-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : Bhagwan Shri Krishna

Bhagwan Shri Krishna

6.3/10 IMDB

A mythological movie about Lord Krishna that tells the tale of the prophesized killing of his tyrannical uncle, and his role in the epic battle of the Mahabharat.

Release date: 1985-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1985 : The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask

6.0/10 IMDB

Teenage boy from a small village learns that he is in fact the secret twin brother of the current corrupt king of France. The four musketeers ask him to replace the king, but in a way that no one finds out about the switch. Burbank Films Australia animated release.

Starring: Colin Friels, Gwen Plumb, John Meillon, Earle Cross, Wallas Eaton, Belinda Giblin, Brian Harrison, Lee James, Richard Meikle ..
Directed by: Warwick Gilbert
Release date: 1985-12-31

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