Best Adventure Movies of 1979


The Muppet Movie

7.6/10 IMDB

Dom DeLuise persuades Kermit the Frog to pursue a career in Hollywood. On his way there he meets his future muppet crew while being chased by the desperate owner of a frog-leg restaurant!

Starring: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Dave Goelz, Charles Durning, Austin Pendleton, Edgar Bergen, Milton Berle, Mel Brooks ..
Directed by: James Frawley
Release date: 1979-05-31

The Black Stallion

7.3/10 IMDB

While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion that is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When it tragically sinks both he and the horse survive only to be stranded on a deserted island. He befriends it, so when finally rescued both return to his home where they soon meet Henry Dailey, a once successful trainer. Together they begin training the horse to race against the fastest ones in the world.

Starring: Kelly Reno, Mickey Rooney, Teri Garr, Clarence Muse, Hoyt Axton, Michael Higgins, Ed McNamara, Doghmi Larbi, Cass-Olé ..
Directed by: Carroll Ballard
Release date: 1979-10-17

The Black Hole

6.0/10 IMDB

The explorer craft USS Palomino is returning to Earth after a fruitless 18-month search for extra-terrestrial life when the crew comes upon a supposedly lost ship, the USS Cygnus, hovering near a black hole. The ship is controlled by Dr. Hans Reinhardt and his monstrous robot companion, but the initial wonderment and awe the Palomino crew feel for the ship and its resistance to the power of the black hole turn to horror as they uncover Reinhardt's plans.

Starring: Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Ernest Borgnine, Yvette Mimieux, Joseph Bottoms, Roddy McDowall, Slim Pickens, Tom McLoughlin, Gary Nelson ..
Directed by: Gary Nelson
Release date: 1979-12-18

Orphan Train

7.2/10 IMDB

Telling of the story of the Orphan Trains. The first form of foster care in the United States.

Starring: Jill Eikenberry, Kevin Dobson, Glenn Close, Linda Manz ..
Directed by: William A. Graham
Release date: 1979-12-22
Best Adventure Movies of 1979 : Martijn en de Magiër

Martijn en de Magiër

7.0/10 IMDB

Martijn krijgt weinig aandacht van zijn ouders, die een dorpsbazaar drijven, en is veel op zichzelf aangewezen. Hij heeft fantasie genoeg, maar kan niet voldoen aan de verwachtingen die men van hem heeft. Als hij blijft zitten op school, is de boot aan. Alleen opa in het bejaardenhuis begrijpt hem en luistert naar zijn verhalen. Als er een filmploeg in zijn woonplaats neerstrijkt om een sprookjesfilm op te nemen, wordt Martijn tot hoofdrolspeler gekozen en opa krijgt de rol van tovenaar.

Starring: Bart Gabriëlse, Lex Goudsmit, Joost Prinsen, Jeroen Krabbé ..
Directed by: Karst van der Meulen
Release date: 1979-07-05

Tarka the Otter

6.8/10 IMDB

Set in the English countryside of the 1920s - when otter hunting was still legal - this film follows the life of Tarka the Otter from his birth into adulthood. We witness his close shaves, and his struggle with a man who tries to keep our furry hero as a pet.

Starring: Peter Ustinov, Peter Bennett, Edward Underdown, Brenda Cavendish, John Leeson, Reg Lye, George Waring, Stanley Lebor, Max Faulkner ..
Directed by: David Cobham
Release date: 1979-11-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1979 : Donovan's Kid

Donovan's Kid

7.2/10 IMDB

Timothy Donovan, a con-man, returns to San Francisco to see his wife and daughter. Realizing his family is under the control of his wife's domineering uncle, Timothy Donovan teams up with fellow con-man to free them.

Starring: Darren McGavin, Mickey Rooney, Shelley Fabares, Michael Conrad, Murray Hamilton, Katy Kurtzman, Martin Kove, Ross Martin, Rusty Gilligan, Jere Rae Mansfield ..
Directed by: Bernard McEveety
Release date: 1979-01-07
Best Adventure Movies of 1979 : Samurai


6.9/10 IMDB

Lee Cantrell, a young San Francisco attorney by day, at night becomes a samurai warrior, and battles a crazed multi-millionaire who is planning to destroy the city with an earthquake machine.

Starring: Joe Penny, Dana Elcar, Beulah Quo, James Shigeta, Charles Cioffi, Geoffrey Lewis, Norman Alden, Morgan Brittany, Ralph Manza, Shane Sinutko ..
Directed by: Lee H. Katzin
Release date: 1979-04-29
Best Adventure Movies of 1979 : Spirit of the Wind

Spirit of the Wind

5.4/10 IMDB

The life story of George Attla, a famous Alaskan dog sled driver, from his childhood until his first major victory in 1958.

Starring: Pius Savage, George Clutesi, Slim Pickens, Chief Dan George, Rose Attla Ambrose, William Ambrose ..
Directed by: Ralph Liddle
Release date: 1979-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1979 : Wild Horse Hank

Wild Horse Hank

6.0/10 IMDB

A teenage girl tries to save a herd of wild horses from a local gang intending on capturing and selling them for dog meat. Unfortunately the nearest Federal land where the horses will be safe lies one hundred and fifty miles away, over badlands and a mountain range.

Starring: Linda Blair, Richard Crenna, Helen Hughes, Lloyd Berry, Al Waxman, Michael Wincott, Stephen E. Miller, Richard Fitzpatrick, James D. Morris, Michael J. Reynolds ..
Directed by: Eric Till
Release date: 1979-01-01

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