Best Adventure Movies of 1978


Every Which Way But Loose

6.4/10 IMDB

Philo Beddoe is your regular, easygoing, truck-driving guy. He's also the best bar-room brawler west of the Rockies. And he lives with a 165-pound orangutan named Clyde. Like other guys, Philo finally falls in love - with a flighty singer who leads him on a screwball chase across the American Southwest. Nothing's in the way except a motorcycle gang, and legendary brawler Tank Murdock.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Beverly D'Angelo, Geoffrey Lewis, Ruth Gordon, Walter Barnes, Bill McKinney, John Quade, Dan Vadis, Roy Jenson ..
Directed by: James Fargo
Release date: 1978-12-19

The Thief of Bagdad

6.0/10 IMDB

A resourceful thief helps a handscome prince fight an evil wizard and win the hand of a beautiful princess.

Starring: Roddy McDowall, Kabir Bedi, Frank Finlay, Marina Vlady, Pavla Ustinov, Daniel Emilfork, Ian Holm, Terence Stamp, Peter Ustinov, Ahmed El Shenawi ..
Directed by: Clive Donner
Release date: 1978-01-10
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : Caravans


6.2/10 IMDB

This epic adventure-drama based on James Michener's best-selling novel concerns a young American embassy official who is sent into the Middle-Eastern desert to find the missing daughter of a US Senator. The young woman has left her husband, a Colonel in the Shadom - she was his number two wife - and has opted for the lifestyle of a nomadic tribe. When the diplomat locates the girl he joins the caravan and attempts to persuade the girl to return.

Starring: Anthony Quinn, Jennifer O'Neill, Michael Sarrazin, Christopher Lee, Joseph Cotten, Barry Sullivan, Behrouz Vossoughi, Jeremy Kemp, Duncan Quinn ..
Directed by: James Fargo
Release date: 1978-11-02
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : Death Dimension

Death Dimension

4.2/10 IMDB

The Pig has a plan to eradicate some people with a freeze bomb that instantly freezes people to death. It is up to Detective Ash to stop him and protect the woman with the secret to the ice bomb embedded in a microdot under the skin of her forehead.

Starring: Jim Kelly, Harold Sakata, George Lazenby, Terry Moore, Aldo Ray, Patch Mackenzie, Myron Lee, April Sommers, Linda Lawrence, Bob Minor ..
Directed by: Al Adamson
Release date: 1978-07-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : The Time Machine

The Time Machine

5.3/10 IMDB

A scientist builds a machine that will enable him to travel back and forth in time, but when he puts it in motion, he gets more than he bargained for.

Starring: John Beck, Priscilla Barnes, Andrew Duggan, Whit Bissell, Rosemary DeCamp, Jack Kruschen, John Hansen, John Doucette, Parley Baer, John Zaremba ..
Directed by: Henning Schellerup
Release date: 1978-11-05
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : Jungle Blue

Jungle Blue

4.8/10 IMDB

From director Carlos Tobalina comes one of the strangest hybrids of exploitation sub-genres ever released to the unsuspecting public. Combining the late 70s jungle movie craze with crime thriller and copious amounts of X rated action, JUNGLE BLUE tells the story of a group of sinister explorers hunting for fortune in the jungles of South America. Along the way they meet a tree-swinging wild man, his sex-crazed companion gorilla, and hoards of scantily clad natives.

Starring: Candida Royalle, Nina Fause, Iris Medina, Annette Haven, Bill Cable, Jose Ferraro, Kathie Kori, Susan Fuentes, Rose Renae, Maria Thay ..
Directed by: Carlos Tobalina
Release date: 1978-01-01

The Star Wars Holiday Special

2.1/10 IMDB

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo battle evil Imperial forces to help Chewbacca reach his imperiled family on the Wookiee planet - in time for Life Day, their most important day of the year!

Starring: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Bea Arthur, James Earl Jones, Art Carney, Harvey Korman, Kenny Baker ..
Directed by: Steve Binder, David Acomba
Release date: 1978-12-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : Against the Wind

Against the Wind

8.1/10 IMDB

Mary Mulvane, an 18 year old Irish girl, is transported to New South Wales for seven years for doing little else than protecting her own property. She must endure the horror of transport to Australia, and years of anxiety as a convict. Mary, her friends and her family fight out their battle against a lively historical backdrop - Irelands 1798 Rebellion. Australia's Castle Hill Rebellion of 1804 and the 1808 Rum Rebellion

Release date: 1978-09-12
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : A Double Life

A Double Life

7.2/10 IMDB

After the death of his parents, millionaire playboy Jack Cole is framed on charges of embezzlement. In prison, Cole learns various tricks of the criminal trade - lockpicking, safecracking, electronic surveillance, etc. Upon his release, Cole uses his wealth and his newly learned talents to help others, leaving his calling card, a "sword of justice", at the scene.

Starring: J.D. Cannon, Alex Courtney, Cristina Ferrare, Larry Hagman, Jack Kelly, June Lockhart, Nehemiah Persoff, Dack Rambo, Bert Rosario ..
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Release date: 1978-01-17
Best Adventure Movies of 1978 : Buckstone County Prison

Buckstone County Prison

7.1/10 IMDB

The Hell Hole of North Carolina. In 1957, the people of North Carolina feared two things - the mountain chain gang and a man named Seabo. North Carolina's Buckstone County Prison and Chain Gang were infamous as the most feared correctional institution in the country. Run by the sadistically brutal Warden Coley and his henchman, Jimbo, prisoners rarely caused a problem and those that did, didn't live long enough to talk about it.

Starring: Earl Owensby, David Allan Coe, Don Barry, Sunset Carson, Ed Parker ..
Release date: 1978-07-01

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