Best Adventure Movies of 1956



6.1/10 IMDB

Two American gun runners at odds with each other and looking to sell guns to the rebels during the Cuban War of Independence navigate a boat to Cuba. Along for the ride is a beautiful Cuban rebel in who both men are interested.

Starring: Alan Ladd, Rossana Podestà, Lloyd Nolan, Chill Wills, Paul Fix, L.Q. Jones, Frank De Kova, George J. Lewis, Royal Dano, Don Blackman ..
Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Release date: 1956-07-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Uranium Boom

Uranium Boom

6.2/10 IMDB

Ex-lumberjack Brad Collins (Dennis Morgan) and mining engineer Grady Mathews (William Talman) find uranium in the Colorado badlands. While Grady guards the claim, Brad goes to register it in town, where he meets and marries Jean Williams (Patricia Medina.) Returning to the claim, Brad learns that Jean was once Grady's fiancee. Grady, as one would expect, is somewhat put out and leaves the mine in Brad's hands, while he hooks up with a confidence man and engineers a scheme to break the back of Brad's somewhat rapidly-created mining empire.

Starring: Dennis Morgan, Patricia Medina, William Talman, Tina Carver, Philip Van Zandt, William Henry, Gregg Barton, Mel Curtis, Henry Rowland, S. John Launer ..
Directed by: William Castle
Release date: 1956-03-02

Westward Ho, The Wagons!

5.8/10 IMDB

The pioneering trail to Oregon was littered with constant danger. Yet, the hope of the "promised land" keeps American families westward bound despite overwhelming odds. A calm, clear-thinking pioneer attempts to lead a wagon train through territory occupied by Pawnees and Sioux. Along the way, the hardy settlers face horse thieves, kidnappers, and unpredictable Indian attacks in their push to establish a new life in the rugged West.

Starring: Fess Parker, Kathleen Crowley, Jeff York, David Stollery, Sebastian Cabot, George Reeves, Doreen Tracey, Barbara Woodell, John War Eagle, Cubby O'Brien ..
Directed by: William Beaudine
Release date: 1956-12-20
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Congo Crossing

Congo Crossing

5.6/10 IMDB

Director Joseph Pevney's 1956 jungle drama, set in Africa, stars Virginia Mayo, George Nader, Peter Lorre, Michael Pate, Kathryn Givney, Raymond Bailey and Rex Ingram.

Starring: Virginia Mayo, George Nader, Peter Lorre, Michael Pate, Rex Ingram, Kathryn Givney, Tonio Selwart, Raymond Bailey, Bernie Hamilton ..
Directed by: Joseph Pevney
Release date: 1956-07-01

Curucu, Beast of the Amazon

3.7/10 IMDB

Rock and Dr. Andrea travel up the Amazon to find out why the plantation workers have left their work in panic, allegedly because of attacks from Curucu, a monster who is said to live up the river where no white man has ever been before...

Starring: John Bromfield, Beverly Garland, Tom Payne, Harvey Chalk, Sérgio de Oliveira, Larri Thomas, Wilson Viana, Andrea Bayard, Ayres Campos, Rosa María ..
Directed by: Curt Siodmak
Release date: 1956-12-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Savage Fury

Savage Fury

5.6/10 IMDB

Separately released feature version of the 1935 Serial, Call of the Savage.

Starring: Noah Beery, Jr., Dorothy Short, Harry Woods, Bryant Washburn, Russ Powell, Fred MacKaye, John Davidson, William Desmond ..
Directed by: Lew Landers
Release date: 1956-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Zarak


5.4/10 IMDB

A notorious bandit develops a grudging respect for the English military man assigned to capture him.

Starring: Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg, Michael Wilding, Bonar Colleano, Eunice Gayson, Finlay Currie, Bernard Miles, Patrick McGoohan, Peter Illing, André Morell ..
Directed by: Terence Young
Release date: 1956-12-01

Fighting Trouble

5.4/10 IMDB

An overambitious shutterbug almost gets his lights put out permanently when he decides to snap a picture of a mob boss.

Starring: Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, Adele Jergens, Queenie Smith, Thomas Browne Henry, Tim Ryan, Joe Downing, Laurie Mitchell, David Gorcey, John Bleifer ..
Directed by: George Blair
Release date: 1956-09-16
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Manhunt in Space

Manhunt in Space

0.0/10 IMDB

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger fights space pirates over an invisible spaceship.

Starring: Richard Crane, Sally Mansfield, Scotty Beckett, Robert Lyden, Maurice Cass, Charles Meredith, Patsy Parsons, Gábor Curtiz, Henry Brandon, James Griffith ..
Directed by: Hollingsworth Morse
Release date: 1956-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1956 : Beyond Mombasa

Beyond Mombasa

5.8/10 IMDB

An American travels to East Africa, where he tries to find out how his brother died.

Starring: Cornel Wilde, Donna Reed, Leo Genn, Ron Randell, Christopher Lee ..
Directed by: George Marshall
Release date: 1956-10-29

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