Best Adventure Movies of 1951


Alice in Wonderland

7.4/10 IMDB

On a golden afternoon, young Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears down a nearby rabbit hole. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the burrow - and enters the merry, topsy-turvy world of Wonderland! Memorable songs and whimsical escapades highlight Alice's journey, which culminates in a madcap encounter with the Queen of Hearts - and her army of playing cards!

Starring: Kathryn Beaumont, Verna Felton, Ed Wynn, Richard Haydn, Sterling Holloway, Jerry Colonna, J. Pat O'Malley, Bill Thompson, Heather Angel, Joseph Kearns ..
Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske
Release date: 1951-07-28

Westward the Women

7.6/10 IMDB

There's a deficit of good, honest women in the West, and Roy Whitman wants to change that. His solution is to bring a caravan of over 100 mail-order brides from Chicago to California. It will be a long, difficult and dangerous journey for the women. So Whitman hires hardened, cynical Buck Wyatt to be their guide across the inhospitable frontier. But as disaster strikes on the trail, Buck just might discover that these women are stronger than he thinks.

Starring: Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel, Hope Emerson, John McIntire, Julie Bishop, Lenore Lonergan, Henry Nakamura, Marilyn Erskine, Beverly Dennis, Renata Vanni ..
Directed by: William A. Wellman
Release date: 1951-12-16

The Tales of Hoffmann

7.1/10 IMDB

A young poet named Hoffman broods over his failed romances. First, his affair with the beautiful Olympia is shattered when he realizes that she is really a mechanical woman designed by a scientist. Next, he believes that a striking prostitute loves him, only to find out she was hired to fake her affections by the dastardly Dapertutto. Lastly, a magic spell claims the life of his final lover.

Starring: Moira Shearer, Ludmilla Tchérina, Pamela Brown, Léonide Massine, Ann Ayars, Robert Helpmann, Frederick Ashton, Robert Rounseville, Mogens Wieth, Lionel Harris ..
Directed by: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Release date: 1951-04-04

Captain Horatio Hornblower

7.3/10 IMDB

Captain Horatio Hornblower leads his ship HMS Lydia on a perilous transatlantic voyage, during which his faithful crew battle both a Spanish warship and a ragged band of Central American rebels.

Starring: Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty, James Robertson Justice, Terence Morgan, James Kenney, Denis O'Dea, Stanley Baker, Alan Tilvern, Alec Mango ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1951-04-10
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Along the Great Divide

Along the Great Divide

6.8/10 IMDB

New Federal marshal Len Merrick saves Tim Keith from lynching at the hands of the Roden clan, and hopes to get him to Santa Loma for trial. Vindictive Ned Roden, whose son Ed was killed, still wants personal revenge, and Tim would like to escape before Ned catches up with him again. Can the marshal make it across the desert with Tim and his daughter? Even if he makes it, will justice be served?

Starring: Kirk Douglas, Virginia Mayo, John Agar, Walter Brennan, Ray Teal, Hugh Sanders, Morris Ankrum, James Anderson, Charles Meredith ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1951-06-02

Anne of the Indies

6.6/10 IMDB

After seizing an English ship, buccaneer captain Anne Providence spares Pierre LaRochelle from walking the plank - as he's in irons he is presumably no friend of England. He signs on as a pirate and she is increasingly drawn to him, a feeling that seems to be reciprocated. When fearsome Captain Blackbeard, her teacher in the ways of pirating, sets eyes on LaRochelle he recalls him as a French navy officer. Anne sticks by her man but the truth, when it is uncovered, is even more painful.

Starring: Jean Peters, Louis Jourdan, Debra Paget, Herbert Marshall, Thomas Gomez, James Robertson Justice, Francis Pierlot, Sean McClory, Holmes Herbert, Byron Nelson ..
Directed by: Jacques Tourneur
Release date: 1951-10-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Outcast of the Islands

Outcast of the Islands

6.9/10 IMDB

After financial improprieties are discovered at the Eastern trading company where he works, Peter Willems flees the resulting disgrace and criminal charges. He persuades the man who gave him his start in life, the merchant ship captain Lingard, to bring him to a trading post on a remote Indonesian island where he can hide out.

Starring: Trevor Howard, Ralph Richardson, Robert Morley, Wendy Hiller, Kerima, Wilfrid Hyde-White, George Coulouris, Annabel Morley, Peter Illing, Betty Ann Davies ..
Directed by: Carol Reed
Release date: 1951-11-15
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Only the Valiant

Only the Valiant

6.5/10 IMDB

Only the Valiant, a classic western adventure, based on a novel by Charles Marquis Warren, the film tells the story of a Cavalry officer who volunteers for a suicidal mission to fight the hostile Apaches in an effort to prove his loyalty to his men and the woman he loves.

Starring: Gregory Peck, Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, Gig Young, Neville Brand, Lon Chaney Jr., Jeff Corey, Warner Anderson, Steve Brodie, Dan Riss ..
Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Release date: 1951-04-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Halls of Montezuma

Halls of Montezuma

6.6/10 IMDB

Richard Widmark leads an all star cast of marine leathernecks including Jack Palance, Robert Wagner, Karl Malden, Richard Boone and Jack Webb into battle on a heavily fortified island. This action-packed story follows the squad as they pick their way through enemy-infested jungles on a time sensitive mission to find the source of the enemy rockets. As the mission progresses, the squad and leader overcome many challenges as they are transformed into an effective and efficient fighting unit.

Starring: Richard Widmark, Jack Palance, Reginald Gardiner, Robert Wagner, Karl Malden, Richard Hylton, Richard Boone, Skip Homeier, Don Hicks, Jack Webb ..
Directed by: Lewis Milestone
Release date: 1951-01-04
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Frogmen

The Frogmen

6.5/10 IMDB

The new commander of a Navy Underwater Demolition Team--nicknamed "Frogmen"--must earn the respect of the men in his unit, who are still grieving over the death of their former commander and resentful of the new one.

Starring: Richard Widmark, Robert Wagner, Dana Andrews, Gary Merrill, Jeffrey Hunter, Warren Stevens, Harvey Lembeck, Robert Rockwell, Henry Slate ..
Directed by: Lloyd Bacon
Release date: 1951-01-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Ten Tall Men

Ten Tall Men

6.0/10 IMDB

Sgt. Mike Kincaid of the French Foreign Legion learns, from a Riff prisoner, that an attack will soon be made by the villainous Hussin on the Legion's outpost of Tarfa. Kincaid volunteers to lead nine other Legionnaires on a mission to delay Hussin's attack till reinforcements arrive. When he discovers that Hussin plans to marry Mahla, a girl from a rival tribe, in order to build a coalition against the French, Kincaid kidnaps Mahla. Hussin forcefully takes her back, but by now his planned attack on Tarfa is crumbling and Mahla has begun to fall in love with Kincaid.

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Jody Lawrance, Gilbert Roland, Kieron Moore, George Tobias, Michael Pate, Robert Clary, John Dehner, Nick Dennis, Mike Mazurki ..
Directed by: Willis Goldbeck
Release date: 1951-10-26


6.2/10 IMDB

A mysterious American gets mixed up with gunrunners in Syria.

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Märta Torén, Lee J. Cobb, Everett Sloane, Gerald Mohr, Zero Mostel, Nick Dennis, Onslow Stevens, Ludwig Donath, David Bond ..
Directed by: Curtis Bernhardt
Release date: 1951-06-13

Across the Wide Missouri

6.2/10 IMDB

In the 1830's beaver trapper Flint Mitchell and other white men hunt and trap in the then unnamed territories of Montana and Idaho. Flint marries a Blackfoot woman as a way to gain entrance into her people's rich lands, but finds she means more to him than a ticket to good beaver habitat.

Starring: Clark Gable, Ricardo Montalban, John Hodiak, Adolphe Menjou, J. Carrol Naish, Jack Holt, Alan Napier, George Chandler, Richard Anderson, María Elena Marqués ..
Directed by: William A. Wellman
Release date: 1951-10-12

Superman and the Mole-Men

5.5/10 IMDB

Reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane arrive in the small town of Silsby to witness the drilling of the world's deepest oil well. The drill, however, has penetrated the underground home of a race of small, furry people who then come to the surface at night to look around. The fact that they glow in the dark scares the townfolk, who form a mob, led by the vicious Luke Benson, intent on killing the strange people. Only Superman has a chance to prevent this tragedy.

Starring: George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Beverly Washburn, John T. Bambury, Tony Boris, Stephen Carr, Byron Foulger, Jeff Corey, Adrienne Marden, Jerry Maren ..
Directed by: Lee Sholem
Release date: 1951-11-23
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Soldiers Three

Soldiers Three

6.0/10 IMDB

Kiplingesque tale of British forces in 19th-century India.

Starring: Stewart Granger, Walter Pidgeon, David Niven, Robert Newton, Cyril Cusack, Greta Gynt, Frank Allenby, Robert Coote, Dan O'Herlihy, Michael Ansara ..
Directed by: Tay Garnett
Release date: 1951-04-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Saddle Legion

Saddle Legion

6.1/10 IMDB

A cattle inspector runs a rustling ring on the side.

Starring: Tim Holt, Dorothy Malone, Robert Livingston, Mauritz Hugo, James Bush, Movita, Cliff Clark, Stanley Andrews, George J. Lewis, Dick Foote ..
Directed by: Lesley Selander
Release date: 1951-04-07
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Spoilers of the Plains

Spoilers of the Plains

6.3/10 IMDB

An experimental weather satellite and a missile base are at stake when Roy discovers foreign agents around his ranch.

Starring: Roy Rogers, Trigger, Penny Edwards, Gordon Jones, Grant Withers, Don Haggerty, Fred Kohler Jr., House Peters Jr., George Meeker, Keith Richards ..
Directed by: William Witney
Release date: 1951-02-02

The Lady and the Bandit

6.1/10 IMDB

Highwayman Dick Turpin rides 200 miles to save his wife from the gallows in 18th-century England.

Starring: Louis Hayward, Patricia Medina, Suzanne Dalbert, Tom Tully, John Williams, Malú Gatica, Alan Mowbray, Lumsden Hare, Barbara Brown, George Baxter ..
Directed by: Ralph Murphy
Release date: 1951-08-13

Double Dynamite

5.9/10 IMDB

An innocent bank teller, suspected of embezzlement, is aided by an eccentric, wisecracking waiter.

Starring: Jane Russell, Groucho Marx, Frank Sinatra, Don McGuire, Howard Freeman, Nestor Paiva, Frank Orth, Harry Hayden, William Edmunds, Russell Thorson ..
Directed by: Irving Cummings
Release date: 1951-12-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Valley of the Eagles

Valley of the Eagles

5.6/10 IMDB

A Norwegian scientist builds a device that can convert sound waves into electrical energy. However, the machine is stolen by the scientist's wife and assistant, who head across the frozen tundra towards Russia. A police inspector and a local girl team up with the scientist to help recover the device.

Starring: Jack Warner, Nadia Gray, John McCallum, Anthony Dawson, Mary Laura Wood, Naima Wifstrand, Norman MacOwan, Christopher Lee, Alfred Maurstad, Martin Boddey ..
Directed by: Terence Young
Release date: 1951-09-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Cavalry Scout

Cavalry Scout

6.0/10 IMDB

Kirby Frye, a former Confederate officer but now a Union Cavalry scout, is sent into Montana territory to locate and retrieve three Gatling Guns stolen from the U.S. Arsenal by outlaws believed to have taken them west to sell to the Soiux and Cheyenne. The trail leads him to Red Bluff where, aided by Claire Corville, he and the audience discover together and real quick like that Martin Gavin, a supposedly-honest operator of a freight line, has the guns and intends to exchange them to the Indians for furs.

Starring: Rod Cameron, Audrey Long, Jim Davis, James Millican, James Arness, John Doucette, Frank Wilcox ..
Directed by: Lesley Selander
Release date: 1951-05-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Flame of Araby

Flame of Araby

5.6/10 IMDB

An Arabian-nights princess and a Bedouin chief contend over possession of a stallion, but unite to oppose the Corsair Lords.

Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Jeff Chandler, Maxwell Reed, Dewey Martin, Susan Cabot, Lon Chaney Jr., Judith Braun, Buddy Baer, Richard Egan, Royal Dano ..
Directed by: Charles Lamont
Release date: 1951-12-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Where No Vultures Fly

Where No Vultures Fly

6.2/10 IMDB

A true story about an Englishman working as a game warden in Kenya who is disgusted by the ongoing destruction of African wildlife, and decides to create a national park to protect them.

Starring: Anthony Steel, Dinah Sheridan, Harold Warrender, Meredith Edwards, William Simons, Orlando Martins, Phillip Birkinshaw ..
Directed by: Harry Watt
Release date: 1951-11-06
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Crosswinds


6.0/10 IMDB

A sailor gets his boat stolen from him after he's set up for a crime.

Starring: John Payne, Rhonda Fleming, Forrest Tucker, Robert Lowery, Alan Mowbray, John Abbott, Frank Kumagai ..
Directed by: Lewis R. Foster
Release date: 1951-10-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Fury of the Congo

Fury of the Congo

5.5/10 IMDB

Jungle Jim must protect rare pony-like animals whose glands produce a powerful narcotic. On the way, he fights a giant spider.

Starring: Johnny Weissmuller, Sherry Moreland, William Henry, Lyle Talbot, Joel Friedkin, George Eldredge, Paul Marion, Rusty Wescoatt, Pierce Lyden, Tamba ..
Directed by: William Berke
Release date: 1951-02-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Double Crossbones

Double Crossbones

6.0/10 IMDB

Falsely accused by the corrupt Governor Elden of Charleston of fencing stolen pirate booty, young Davey Crandall and friend Tom Botts buy passage on the ship of local buccaneer Bloodthirsty Ben. They avoid being killed by faking a case of the pox, which causes the panicked captain and crew to desert the ship. The two find themselves alone, and when a lucky cannon shot hits a mast on a British ship, they find themselves mistaken for pirates. They sail to Tortuga, where they recruit such notorious corsairs as Henry Morgan, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonney, and Blackbeard to lay siege to Chaleston and expose the villain Elden.

Starring: Donald O'Connor, Helena Carter, Will Geer, John Emery, Stanley Logan, Kathryn Givney, Hayden Rorke, Morgan Farley, Robert Barrat, Alan Napier ..
Directed by: Charles Barton
Release date: 1951-04-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Adventures of Captain Fabian

Adventures of Captain Fabian

5.5/10 IMDB

It all begins with the discreet romance between the Creole maid Lea Mariotte and her young boss, George Brissac, an amoral bourgeois who plans to inherit his uncle's fortune and marry a young woman from a good family. After an incident where she kills a man, she is saved from the gallows by Fabian, a ship's captain, who has personal reasons for antagonizing the Brissacs. He takes care of her and falls in love with her, but doesn't tell her. She, in turn, takes the opportunity to return to her lover Brissac's arms, forcing him to marry her after seeing him murder his uncle.

Starring: Errol Flynn, Micheline Presle, Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead, Victor Francen, Jim Gérald, Héléna Manson, Howard Vernon, Reggie Nalder, Zanie Campan ..
Directed by: William Marshall, Robert Florey
Release date: 1951-10-06
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Whip Hand

The Whip Hand

6.0/10 IMDB

A small-town reporter investigates a mysterious group holed up in a country lodge.

Starring: Carla Balenda, Elliott Reid, Edgar Barrier, Raymond Burr, Otto Waldis, Michael Steele, Lurene Tuttle, Peter Brocco, Lewis Martin, Frank Darien ..
Directed by: William Cameron Menzies
Release date: 1951-10-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Mark of the Renegade

The Mark of the Renegade

5.9/10 IMDB

An agent of Mexico poses as a pirate to foil a would-be emperor in 1820s California.

Starring: Ricardo Montalban, Cyd Charisse, J. Carrol Naish, Gilbert Roland, Andrea King, George Tobias, Antonio Moreno, Georgia Backus, Robert Warwick, Armando Silvestre ..
Directed by: Hugo Fregonese
Release date: 1951-07-24
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island

6.0/10 IMDB

It is 1865 and Union prisoners use a military balloon to escape a Southern prison camp near the end of the Civil War. The balloon drifts for days and finally lands on a mysterious volcanic island with very unusual inhabitants. Also landing, in a better aircraft, is Rulu, a visitor from Mercury. She seeks a radio-active material that will enable her to manufacture an explosive that will destroy the world or, at least, the portion known as Earth in this 15 Chapter Serial from the 1950s.

Starring: Richard Crane, Marshall Reed, Karen Randle, Ralph Hodges, Gene Roth, Hugh Prosser, Leonard Penn, Terry Frost, Rusty Wescoatt, Bernie Hamilton ..
Directed by: Spencer Gordon Bennet
Release date: 1951-09-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : China Corsair

China Corsair

5.5/10 IMDB

A stranded U.S. ship's engineer (Jon Hall) helps a Eurasian beauty (Lisa Ferraday) with coveted antique jade.

Starring: Jon Hall, Lisa Ferraday, Ron Randell, Douglas Kennedy, Ernest Borgnine, John Dehner, Marya Marco, Philip Ahn ..
Directed by: Ray Nazarro
Release date: 1951-06-12
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Tarzan's Peril

Tarzan's Peril

5.7/10 IMDB

Escaped convicts are selling weapons to a warlike native tribe.

Starring: Lex Barker, Virginia Huston, George Macready, Douglas Fowley, Glenn Anders, Alan Napier, Edward Ashley, Dorothy Dandridge, Walter Kingsford, Frederick O'Neal ..
Directed by: Byron Haskin
Release date: 1951-03-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Lion Hunters

The Lion Hunters

5.4/10 IMDB

A lion trapper and his daughter rendezvous with their hardheaded partner in the African jungle. Bomba, with assistance from a local tribe, strives to run them off.

Starring: Johnny Sheffield, Ann E. Todd, Douglas Kennedy, Morris Ankrum, Smoki Whitfield, Davis Roberts, Woody Strode ..
Directed by: Ford Beebe
Release date: 1951-03-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Mask of the Avenger

Mask of the Avenger

5.4/10 IMDB

Costume swashbuckler with heroic John Derek battling evil Anthony Quinn.

Starring: John Derek, Anthony Quinn, Jody Lawrance, Wilton Graff, Ian Wolfe, Arnold Moss, Eugene Iglesias, Dickie LeRoy, Harry Cording ..
Directed by: Phil Karlson
Release date: 1951-06-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Fortune in Diamonds

Fortune in Diamonds

5.4/10 IMDB

As the Boer War ends a South African soldier hides a cache of diamonds he finds on a body. He returns to the town he left three years earlier where his girl has married a disgraced English officer. Needing funds to get back to pick up the diamonds the Boer enlists the help of a fellow soldier as well as the Englishman and a local hotel keeper. This ill-assorted bunch set off into the bush intent on finding their fortune.

Starring: Jack Hawkins, Peter Hammond, Dennis Price, Grégoire Aslan, Charles Paton, Siobhán McKenna, Bernard Lee, Ronald Adam, Ronald Adam, Walter Horsbrugh ..
Directed by: David MacDonald
Release date: 1951-03-07
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Jungle Manhunt

Jungle Manhunt

5.4/10 IMDB

Football player Bob Miller, played by an actual football player, is lost in the jungle. Who else to find him but Jungle Jim.

Starring: Johnny Weissmuller, Bob Waterfield, Sheila Ryan, Lyle Talbot ..
Directed by: Lew Landers
Release date: 1951-10-04
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Elephant Stampede

Elephant Stampede

5.3/10 IMDB

Bomba the Jungle Boy swings into action when an elephant herd is threatened by ivory hunters.

Starring: Johnny Sheffield, Donna Martell, John Kellogg, Edith Evanson, Myron Healey, Leonard Mudie, Martin Wilkins ..
Directed by: Ford Beebe
Release date: 1951-10-28
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Sea Hornet

The Sea Hornet

6.1/10 IMDB

"The Sea Hornet" was a merchant ship sunk, supposedly by a torpedo, less than a mile off the California Coast during World War Two. Six years later when his buddy is killed, attempting to blow up the sunken ship, on the orders of Suntan Radford and Tony Sullivan, deep-sea diver "Gunner" McNeil has his suspicions aroused... especially since Suntan is the daughter of the ship's captain that died when the ship sunk, and Sullivan was a crew member. Plus the fact the ship had over a million dollars in cash on board. During the course of his investigation, he becomes romantically involved with Ginger Sullivan

Starring: Rod Cameron, Adele Mara, Lorna Gray, Chill Wills, Jim Davis, Richard Jaeckel, Ellen Corby, James Brown, Grant Withers, William Ching ..
Directed by: Joseph Kane
Release date: 1951-11-06
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Unknown World

Unknown World

4.1/10 IMDB

With the cyclotram, an atomic-powered rock-boring vehicle, Dr. Jerimiah Morley leads an expedition into a subterranean world.

Starring: Bruce Kellogg, Otto Waldis, Jim Bannon, Tom Handley, Dick Cogan, George Baxter, Marilyn Nash, Victor Kilian ..
Directed by: Terry O. Morse
Release date: 1951-10-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Golden Horde

The Golden Horde

5.4/10 IMDB

The Princess of Samarkand and an English knight confront the armies of Genghis Khan.

Starring: Ann Blyth, David Farrar, George Macready, Henry Brandon, Richard Egan, Marvin Miller, Peggie Castle, Poodles Hanneford, Lucille Barkley, Donald Randolph ..
Directed by: George Sherman
Release date: 1951-09-30
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Hurricane Island

Hurricane Island

5.1/10 IMDB

Ponce de Leon searches for the Fountain of Youth, but it's not an easy quest, thanks to bad weather, a treacherous lady pirate, warring Florida tribesmen, and a ship's cargo of man-hungry, marriage-minded maidens.

Starring: Jon Hall, Marie Windsor, Edgar Barrier, Jo Gilbert, Marc Lawrence, Lyle Talbot, Nelson Leigh, Romo Vincent, Karen Randle ..
Directed by: Lew Landers
Release date: 1951-07-16
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Painted Hills

The Painted Hills

4.2/10 IMDB

After years of prospecting, Jonathan finally strikes gold. He returns to town only to discover that his partner has since died and left Tommy fatherless. He decides to leave Shep (played by Lassie) with Tommy to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Jonathan's new partner, Lin, isn't interested in sharing the gold, and lures Jonathan to his death. Lassie immediately deduces what's happened, so Lin poisons Lassie. Lassie barely pulls through and pursues Lin to a climactic confrontation where, due to an off-screen accident with some liquid nitrogen, Lin's gun jams.

Starring: Gary Gray, Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Art Smith, Ann Doran, Chief Yowlachie, Andrea Virginia Lester, Brown Jug Reynolds, Mitchell Lewis, Charles Watts ..
Directed by: Harold F. Kress
Release date: 1951-05-04

The Prince Who Was a Thief

6.4/10 IMDB

An Arabian prince, kidnapped at birth and raised as a thief, plots to regain his throne from his evil uncle in this colorful costume adventure.

Starring: Tony Curtis, Piper Laurie, Everett Sloane, Jeff Corey, Peggie Castle, Betty Garde, Marvin Miller, Donald Randolph, Nita Bieber, Milada Mladova ..
Directed by: Rudolph Maté
Release date: 1951-05-17

Two Lost Worlds

4.2/10 IMDB

Shipwreck survivors land on an uncharted island inhabited by prehistoric beasts.

Starring: James Arness, Kasey Rogers, Bill Kennedy, Gloria Petroff, Tom Hubbard, Jane Harlan, Rye Billsbury, Pierre Watkin, Fred Kohler Jr., Tim Graham ..
Directed by: Norman Dawn
Release date: 1951-01-05
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Sword of Monte Cristo

The Sword of Monte Cristo

5.0/10 IMDB

In 1858 France, Emperor Louis Napoleon sends Captain Renault of the Royal Dragoons, Minister La Roche and Major Nicolet to Normandy in search of the members of a group of rebels. A Masked Cavalier, the niece, Lady Christianne, of the Marquis De Montableau, announces at a secret meeting of the Normandy underground leaders that the fabled treasure of Monte Cristo was willed to her and she will use it to finance their cause. Her uncle, the only one who can decipher the symbols on the sword of Monte Cristo, the key to the treasure, derides her stand against the Emperor. La Roche takes possession of the sword and has the Marquis put into the dungeon. Christianne, as the Masked Cavalier, regains the sword from La Roche, but Captain Renault apprehends her and returns to sword to La Roche.

Starring: George Montgomery, Rita Corday, Berry Kroeger, William Conrad, Rhys Williams, Steve Brodie, Robert Warwick, David Bond, Lillian Bronson, Acquanetta ..
Directed by: Maurice Geraghty
Release date: 1951-03-03

Lost Continent

3.3/10 IMDB

When an experimental atomic rocket crashes somewhere off-radar, its three developing scientists are joined by three Air Force men in tracking it down to a small Pacific island, where it apparently has landed on the plateau of the island's steep-walled, taboo mountain...

Starring: Cesar Romero, Chick Chandler, John Hoyt, Sid Melton, Whit Bissell, Hugh Beaumont, Hillary Brooke, Acquanetta, Murray Alper ..
Directed by: Sam Newfield
Release date: 1951-08-17

The Highwayman

6.9/10 IMDB

Starring: Philip Friend, Charles Coburn, Wanda Hendrix, Cecil Kellaway, Victor Jory ..
Directed by: Lesley Selander
Release date: 1951-08-11
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Smuggler's Island

Smuggler's Island

6.3/10 IMDB

An adventurer about to lose his sloop and diving equipment agrees to dive for illegal gold.

Starring: Jeff Chandler, Evelyn Keyes, Philip Friend, Marvin Miller, 'Ducky' Louie, David Wolfe, Jay Novello, H.T. Tsiang, Shushella Shakari, David Bauer ..
Directed by: Edward Ludwig
Release date: 1951-05-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : The Wonder Kid

The Wonder Kid

6.2/10 IMDB

Bobby Henrey, the amazing juvenile star of The Fallen Idol, is here cast as 7-year-old musical genius Sebastian Giro. Mistreated by his avaricious adult manager, Sebastian runs away to a remote Alpine village. He then falls into the hands of a gang of kidnappers, led by the basically sympathetic Jack (Robert Shackleton).

Starring: Bobby Henrey, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Muriel Aked, Oskar Werner, Robert Shackleton, Christa Winter, Sebastian Cabot ..
Directed by: Karl Hartl
Release date: 1951-01-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1951 : Yukon Manhunt

Yukon Manhunt

5.0/10 IMDB

In this North Woods adventure, the Mounties investigate a series of payroll robberies and discover that it is an inside job.

Starring: Kirby Grant, Chinook, Gail Davis, Margaret Field, Rand Brooks, Nelson Leigh, John Doucette, Paul McGuire, Dennis Moore ..
Directed by: Frank McDonald
Release date: 1951-07-12

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