Best Adventure Movies of 1930


The Big Trail

7.1/10 IMDB

Young scout Breck Coleman leads a wagon train along the dangerous trail to Oregon as he tries to get the affection of the beautiful pioneer Ruth Cameron and plans his revenge on the harsh scoundrels who murdered a friend of his in the past.

Starring: John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill, El Brendel, Tully Marshall, Tyrone Power Sr., David Rollins, Frederick Burton, Ian Keith, Charles Stevens, Louise Carver ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1930-11-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Derelict


6.1/10 IMDB

Two rival seamen fight for both a promotion to a captaincy in their shipping line and the attentions of a Havana saloon singer. Sparks fly as they both try to out do each other in obtaining what they know their opposite is after. In the end they will need to work together in order to save the day.

Starring: George Bancroft, Jessie Royce Landis, William 'Stage' Boyd, Donald Stuart, Wade Boteler, Wade Boteler, Brooks Benedict, Paul Porcasi, Clarence Muse ..
Directed by: Rowland V. Lee
Release date: 1930-11-22
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Raffles


6.4/10 IMDB

A distinguished English gentleman has a secret life--he is the notorious jewel thief the press has dubbed "The Amateur Cracksman". When he meets a woman and falls in love he decides to "retire" from that life, but an old friend comes to him with a predicament that entails him committing one last job.

Starring: Ronald Colman, Kay Francis, David Torrence, Frederick Kerr, Bramwell Fletcher, John Rogers, Wilson Benge, Alison Skipworth, Frances Dade, Virginia Bruce ..
Directed by: George Fitzmaurice
Release date: 1930-07-11
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

6.3/10 IMDB

The classic Mark Twain tale of a young boy and his friends on the Mississippi River. Tom and his pals Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper have numerous adventures, including running away to be pirates and, being believed drowned, attending their own funeral. The boys also witness a murder and Tom and his friend Becky Thatcher are pursued by the vengeful murderer.

Starring: Jackie Coogan, Junior Durkin, Mitzi Green, Lucien Littlefield, Tully Marshall, Clara Blandick, Mary Jane Irving, Ethel Wales, Dick Winslow, Jackie Searl ..
Directed by: John Cromwell
Release date: 1930-12-19
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : A Devil with Women

A Devil with Women

7.0/10 IMDB

Soldier of fortune Maxton is stranded in a Central American country. He and Tom, the nephew of the country's richest man, try to end Morloff's banditry but just barely escape a firing squad. They become rivals for Rosita.

Starring: Victor McLaglen, Mona Maris, Humphrey Bogart, Luana Alcañiz, Michael Vavitch, Soledad Jiménez, Mona Rico, John St. Polis, Robert Edeson, Joe De La Cruz ..
Directed by: Irving Cummings
Release date: 1930-10-17
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Framed


6.1/10 IMDB

Rose Manning swears revenge for the unjust slaying of her father by Inspector McArthur. Five years later, as a nightclub hostess, she is sought by Chuck Gaines, secretly a bootlegger, but she centers her attentions on young Jimmy Carter, who, she learns, is the son of McArthur.

Starring: Evelyn Brent, Regis Toomey, Ralf Harolde, Maurice Black, Robert Emmett O'Connor, Eddie Kane, William Holden ..
Directed by: George Archainbaud
Release date: 1930-03-16
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Danger Lights

Danger Lights

6.1/10 IMDB

Head railroad man Dan is as ugly as he is honorable. When he spots a drifter who'd hopped a freight held up by a landslide, Dan offers the man a job; then he finds the man was a railroader, too, and takes him under his wing. Engaged to Mary, Dan doesn't notice the growing attraction between his protégé and his intended but focuses instead on running the railroad.

Starring: Louis Wolheim, Robert Armstrong, Jean Arthur, Hugh Herbert, Frank Sheridan, Robert Edeson, Alan Roscoe, William P. Burt, Jim Farley, James Donlan ..
Directed by: George B. Seitz
Release date: 1930-08-21
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Ingagi


4.3/10 IMDB

An expedition enters an area of the Congo jungle to investigate reports of a gorilla-worshipping tribe.

Starring: Sir Hubert Winstead, Daniel Swayne, Arthur Clayton, Louis Nizor, Charles Gemora ..
Directed by: William Campbell
Release date: 1930-03-15
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Ship from Shanghai

The Ship from Shanghai

5.0/10 IMDB

On a yacht sailing from Shanghai to the United States, the sailors, led by the megalomaniac steward, revolt and take control.

Starring: Louis Wolheim, Conrad Nagel, Holmes Herbert, Kay Johnson, Carmel Myers, Zeffie Tilbury, Ivan Linow, Jack McDonald ..
Directed by: Charles Brabin
Release date: 1930-01-31
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu

5.8/10 IMDB

The villainous master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu sets out to destroy the people he holds responsible for the death of his family.

Starring: Warner Oland, O. P. Heggie, Jean Arthur, Neil Hamilton, Evelyn Hall, William Austin, Margaret Fealy, Shayle Gardner, Evelyn Selbie, Ambrose Barker ..
Directed by: Rowland V. Lee
Release date: 1930-05-02
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Moby Dick

Moby Dick

5.6/10 IMDB

Herman Melville's mad Capt. Ahab (John Barrymore) spends years hunting the white whale that got his leg.

Starring: John Barrymore, Joan Bennett, Lloyd Hughes, Noble Johnson, Nigel De Brulier, Walter Long, May Boley, Tom O'Brien, Virginia Sale, John Ince ..
Directed by: Lloyd Bacon
Release date: 1930-09-20
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Sea God

The Sea God

6.2/10 IMDB

The Sea God is an early sound melodrama about two men vying for Fay Wray and wealth in the South Pacific.

Starring: Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Eugene Pallette, Robert Gleckler, Ivan F. Simpson, Maurice Black, Bob Perry, Fred Wallace, Willie Fung, Sol K. Gregory ..
Directed by: George Abbott
Release date: 1930-09-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Wings of Adventure

Wings of Adventure

4.7/10 IMDB

Dave Kent, a commercial aviator, and his mechanic, Skeets Smith, are forced to make an emergency landing in Mexico and find themselves in the hands of La Panthera, a notorious bandit who wishes to overthrow the government and become president of a new republic. Manuel, his chief henchman, obliges them to collect the booty in a robbery, but Kent manages to meet María Valdez, a prisoner--held for marriage to the insurgent leader--who implores his aid. Kent and Skeets are arrested for the robbery and sentenced to death.

Starring: Rex Lease, Armida, Clyde Cook, Fred Malatesta, Eddie Boland, Charles K. French, Nick De Ruiz, Bruce Covington, Steve Clemente, Chris-Pin Martin ..
Directed by: Richard Thorpe
Release date: 1930-08-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Storm

The Storm

4.9/10 IMDB

Burr and Dave, two close friends who have backed each other up in countless difficulties, are torn apart by the arrival of a woman, Manette, who becomes stranded with them in their cabin during a raging blizzard.

Starring: Lupe Vélez, Paul Cavanagh, William 'Stage' Boyd, Alphonse Ethier, Ernie Adams, Erin La Bissoniere, Tom London ..
Directed by: William Wyler
Release date: 1930-08-17
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Renegades


5.3/10 IMDB

Four one-for-all and all-for-one privates in the French Foreign Legion are all in jail for disorderly conduct, but they break out and rejoin their regiment and fight off a band of marauding Arabs, and are soon in Casablanca getting decorated by the French Minister of War. Deucalion spots Eleanor, a spy who had done him dirt and after tangling with the local gendarmes, they take her and head back for Morocco where they are charged with desertion, and have to go out and defeat some more marauding natives, and dodge the machine-gun fire directed at them by the highly-displeased Eleanor, and one thing just follows another.

Starring: Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, Noah Beery, Gregory Gaye, George Cooper, Bela Lugosi, C. Henry Gordon, Noah Beery Jr., Maurice Black, Colin Chase ..
Directed by: Victor Fleming
Release date: 1930-10-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess

5.4/10 IMDB

An airplane carrying three Brits crash lands in the kingdom of Rukh. The Rajah holds them prisoner because the British are about to execute his three half-brothers in neighboring India.

Starring: George Arliss, Ralph Forbes, H.B. Warner, Alice Joyce, Ivan F. Simpson, Reginald Sheffield, Betty Boyd, Nigel De Brulier, David Tearle ..
Directed by: Alfred E. Green
Release date: 1930-02-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Rough Romance

Rough Romance

5.5/10 IMDB

Love and logging in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

Starring: George O’Brien, Helen Chandler, Antonio Moreno, Roy Stewart, Harry Cording, David Hartford, Eddie Borden, Noel Francis, Frank Lanning, John Wayne ..
Directed by: A.F. Erickson
Release date: 1930-06-15
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Paradise Island

Paradise Island

4.9/10 IMDB

The south sea island Tonga is full of plantations and scoundrels. Ellen Bradford arrives expecting marriage to respectable and successful plantation owner only to find he is a drunk and gambler. Being the only white woman she is the desire of scoundrels and cut-throats.

Starring: Kenneth Harlan, Marceline Day, Tom Santschi, Paul Hurst, Betty Boyd, Victor Potel, Gladden James, Will Stanton, Ethan Laidlaw ..
Directed by: Bert Glennon
Release date: 1930-07-15
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Last of the Duanes

The Last of the Duanes

5.4/10 IMDB

Buck Duane avenges his father's murder by gunning down the killer, but must flee from the law. He finds Ruth, whom he once loved, in the clutches of the outlaw Bland. In rescuing Ruth, he becomes entangled with Bland's amorous wife.

Starring: George O’Brien, Lucile Browne, Myrna Loy, Walter McGrail, Clara Blandick, Natalie Kingston, Lloyd Ingraham, Nat Pendleton, Willard Robertson, Ed Brady ..
Directed by: Alfred L. Werker
Release date: 1930-08-31
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Love Trader

The Love Trader

7.1/10 IMDB

A woman, raised in the most-strict New England atmosphere, marries a stern, God-fearing sea captain and is thrown suddenly into the romantic, colorful and licentious atmosphere of a South Sea island outpost. With her inhibitions and repressed desires what will be her reaction to the charms of the sensuous of the beautiful tropic nights and the call of love?

Starring: Leatrice Joy, Roland Drew, Henry B. Walthall, Barbara Bedford, Noah Beery, Chester Conklin, Clarence Burton, William Welsh, Tom Mahoney, Jack Curtis ..
Directed by: Joseph Henabery
Release date: 1930-09-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Captain Thunder

Captain Thunder

4.5/10 IMDB

A notorious Mexican bandit goes all soft and mushy when he falls for a beautiful senorita. Warner Bros.' Captain Thunder contains some of the darndest Mexican accents you've ever heard in your life. The star is Hungarian-born Victor Varconi, portraying a legendary south of the border outlaw who tries to force Canadian senorita Fay Wray to marry a rival rustler whom she despises. She pleads with the bandito so pathetically that he is moved to grant her a single wish. Without hesitation she chooses her poor but true love. The bandit king, being a somewhat honorable fellow grants the wish and without a twitch, guns down the wicked cattle thief. Fortunately the film was played for comedy, a wise decision since it probably would have garnered laughs as a straight drama anyway.

Starring: Fay Wray, Victor Varconi, Charles Judels, Natalie Moorhead, Robert Elliott, Bert Roach, Frank Campeau, Don Alvarado, John St. Polis, Robert Emmett Keane ..
Directed by: Alan Crosland
Release date: 1930-12-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Windjammer

The Windjammer

6.5/10 IMDB

Adapted from the book By Way of Cape Horn by A.J Villiers, Windjammer is a beautifully-filmed record of the last journey of the Grace Harwar, a full-rigged Windjammer sailing from Australia to England via Cape Horn.

Starring: Tony Bruce, Hal Gordon, Roy Travers, Gordon Craig, Michael Hogan ..
Directed by: J.O.C. Orton
Release date: 1930-09-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Under a Texas Moon

Under a Texas Moon

5.1/10 IMDB

A cowboy arrives in a small town and winds up trying to help a local rancher stop a gang of cattle thieves while romancing a pretty young girl.

Starring: Frank Fay, Raquel Torres, Myrna Loy, Armida, Noah Beery, George E. Stone, Fred Kohler, Betty Boyd, Charles Sellon, Sam Appel ..
Directed by: Michael Curtiz
Release date: 1930-04-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Roaring Ranch

Roaring Ranch

6.0/10 IMDB

Cowboy fights to keep his ranch after oil is discovered on it.

Starring: Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers, Wheeler Oakman, Agnes Steele, Bobby Nelson, Leo White, Jim Corey, Fred Gilman, Mary Gordon, Marlyn Walker ..
Directed by: B. Reeves Eason
Release date: 1930-04-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Beau Bandit

Beau Bandit

4.8/10 IMDB

Mexican-bandit Montero and his deaf-mute sidekick Coloso are being pursued through the sand-dunes of southern Arizona by lawman Bob-Cat Manners and his posse. Montero has intentions of robbing the bank owned by skinflint Lucius Perkins, but is sidetracked by the attractions of singing-teacher Helen Wardell. He learns that Perkins has marital designs on Helen and holds the mortgage on her ranch. But Helen is in love with Bill Howard. Perkins offers Montero money to kill his rival.

Starring: Rod La Rocque, Doris Kenyon, Mitchell Lewis, Tom Keene, Walter Long, Charles Middleton, James Donlan ..
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer
Release date: 1930-03-02
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Call of the Sea

The Call of the Sea

6.3/10 IMDB

Lt. Cmdr. Good is a naval officer who goes on an extensive search for his long-lost friend who mysteriously disappeared on a tropical island.

Starring: Henry Edwards, Chrissie White, Bernard Nedell, Chili Bouchier, Clifford McLaglen, Alexander Field ..
Directed by: Leslie S. Hiscott
Release date: 1930-11-30
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Kismet


6.0/10 IMDB

Hajj, a rascally beggar on the periphery of the court of Baghdad, schemes to marry his daughter to royalty and to win the heart of the queen of the castle himself. This film is believed lost.

Starring: Otis Skinner, Loretta Young, David Manners, Sidney Blackmer, Mary Duncan, Montagu Love, Ford Sterling, Theodore von Eltz, John St. Polis, Edmund Breese ..
Directed by: John Francis Dillon
Release date: 1930-10-30
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : One Family

One Family

5.8/10 IMDB

A young boy dreams he's on a guided tour of Buckingham Palace and various countries in the British Empire.

Starring: Douglas Beaumont, Sam Livesey, Michael Hogan, Joan Maude, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Lady Keble ..
Directed by: Walter Creighton
Release date: 1930-07-08
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Fighting Legion

The Fighting Legion

5.5/10 IMDB

After being shot, a dying Marshal Dawson gives Dave Hayes his badge and asks him to finish his job. Dave becomes Marshal but when Bowie, the man that shot Dawson appears, he exposes Dave as an imposter. Dave is then in trouble when Edwards incites the mob to lynch him.

Starring: Ken Maynard, Dorothy Dwan, Ernie Adams, Harry Todd, Frank Rice, Stanley Blystone, Slim Whitaker, Robert Walker, J. C. Fowler, Les Bates ..
Directed by: Harry Joe Brown
Release date: 1930-04-05
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Prince of Diamonds

Prince of Diamonds

5.6/10 IMDB

Eve Marley (Aileen Pringle)is forced to marry a wealthy jeweler that she does not love in order to save the man she loves, Rupert Endon (Ian Keith), from being unjustly arrested as a thief. Rupert, unaware of the reason his sweetheart married his rival, goes to the Far East where he grows rich after discovering a diamond mine. He breaks Eve's husband by underselling him and then returns to England to exact his revenge on the woman he thinks did him wrong.

Starring: Aileen Pringle, Ian Keith, Claude King, Tyrell Davis, Sybil Grove, Gilbert Emery, Tom Ricketts, Fritzi Ridgeway, E. Alyn Warren, Frederick Sullivan ..
Directed by: Karl Brown
Release date: 1930-03-26

Beyond the Cities

5.5/10 IMDB

"A wealthy young man, through losing the bulk of his fortune, goes to Canada, where he encounters and loves the daughter of the scoundrel lawyer who has robbed him." (Synopsis from The Bioscope, November 1930.)

Starring: Carlyle Blackwell, Edna Best, Alexander Field, Laurence Hanray, Helen Haye, Eric Maturin, Percy Parsons ..
Directed by: Carlyle Blackwell
Release date: 1930-11-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Africa Speaks!

Africa Speaks!

5.2/10 IMDB

Explorer Paul Hoefler leads a safari into central Africa and what was then called the Belgian Congo, in the regions inhabited by the Wassara and the famous Ubangi tribes.

Starring: Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler, Lowell Thomas, Charles Gemora ..
Directed by: Walter Futter
Release date: 1930-08-14
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The W Plan

The W Plan

5.4/10 IMDB

A tense WWI spy thriller in which Colonel Duncan Grant (British star Brian Aherne, in his first talking role), parachutes into Germany to gather intelligence on the enemy’s secret ‘W Plan’ and to assist Allied POWs in digging escape tunnels.

Starring: Brian Aherne, George Merritt, C.M. Hallard, Frederick Lloyd, B. Gregory, Mary Jerrold, Madeleine Carroll, Clifford Heatherley, Austin Trevor, Norah Howard ..
Directed by: Victor Saville
Release date: 1930-02-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Mountain Justice

Mountain Justice

5.1/10 IMDB

In the Kentucky mountains, Ken McTavish comes to Kettle Creek looking for the killer of his father. When he learns that it was Abner Harland, he fakes the killing of his friend Rusty, puts Abner in a coffin, and takes off. Lem Harland, seeing Rusty alive, realizes what happened and the chase is on.

Starring: Ken Maynard, Otis Harlan, Kathryn Crawford, Paul Hurst, Richard Carlyle, Les Bates, Gilbert Holmes ..
Directed by: Harry Joe Brown
Release date: 1930-05-04

The Woodpigeon Patrol

5.0/10 IMDB

'Adventures of Boy Scout patrol.' (British Film Catalogue)

Starring: Robert Baden-Powell, Arthur Villiesid, Maurice Walter, J.A. Hewson ..
Directed by: Ralph Smart, F.R. Lucas
Release date: 1930-06-28
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Vengeance


3.5/10 IMDB

John Meadham, in charge of a West Africa trading post, wire the home office in London that he is tired and worn out, and they need to send a replacement to take over. The company sends a stiff upper-lipper, Charles Summers, accompanied by his wife, Margaret. An antagonism develops between the two men from the moment Summers arrives.

Starring: Jack Holt, Dorothy Revier, Philip Strange, George C. Pearce, Hayden Stevenson, Irma Harrison, Onest Conley ..
Directed by: Archie Mayo
Release date: 1930-02-22
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : The Third Alarm

The Third Alarm

2.1/10 IMDB

The story of the firemen at Engine House No.8, where widower Frank "Dad" Brooks is the beloved veteran and whose children, Milly and Jimmie, are especially fond of firemen Dan and "Beauty" Johnson. The problem of the day is concern whether or not Brooks is going to qualify for a pension...until a three-alarm inferno breaks out at the orphanage.

Starring: Anita Louise, James Hall, Paul Hurst, Jean Hersholt, Hobart Bosworth, Mary Doran, Dot Farley, Nita Martan, Georgie Billings, Walter Perry ..
Directed by: Emory Johnson
Release date: 1930-11-16
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : Call of the West

Call of the West

0.0/10 IMDB

Nightclub entertainer Violet La Tour collapses during a performance in Sagebrush, Texas, and is taken to the ranch of Lon Dixon. They fall in love and are married. Feeling deserted when Lon joins a posse in search of rustlers, she returns to New York. There, she is wooed by her agent, Maurice Kane, but confirms her love for Lon when he comes to claim her.

Starring: Dorothy Revier, Matt Moore, Kathrin Clare Ward, Tom O'Brien, Alan Roscoe, Victor Potel, Nick De Ruiz, Joe De La Cruz, Blanche Rose, Gertrude Bennett ..
Directed by: Albert Ray
Release date: 1930-05-09
Best Adventure Movies of 1930 : O'Malley Rides Alone

O'Malley Rides Alone

6.6/10 IMDB

Mounties O'Malley and Calhoun are sent to see why miners are not returning with their gold. Arriving, they recover the gold from a robbery attempt.

Starring: Bob Custer, Phyllis Bainbridge, Martin Cichy, J.P. McGowan, Bud Osborne, Cliff Lyons, Perry Murdock, Slim Whitaker ..
Directed by: J.P. McGowan
Release date: 1930-01-01

Kerri Cheertum in Jungle-Tungle

0.0/10 IMDB

Marionette parody of Cherry Kearton.

Directed by: Jack Harrison, J. Elder Wills, John Grierson
Release date: 1930-02-01

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