Best Adventure Movies of 1918


Till I Come Back to You

5.4/10 IMDB

Yvonne von Krutz, a Belgian, lives with her German husband Karl, whom she was forced to marry, and her spirited little brother Jacques in a farmhouse on the Belgian countryside. With the German invasion of Belgium, Karl joins the German forces, and Jacques is taken to a reformatory to be trained as a munitions worker. When Karl is taken prisoner, Capt. Jefferson Strong, an American engineer, assumes the German's identity and discovers an underground supply of explosives near the von Krutz farm. By means of a tunnel, the Americans plan to mine the explosives. To save Jacques and a group of children from the munitions factory, however, Jefferson sends them across the American lines through the tunnel, but they lose their way, and he is forced to disable the mine. Jefferson is court-martialed, but King Albert of Belgium, who has befriended little Jacques, intercedes on his behalf. Learning that Karl has been killed, Jefferson pursues his budding romance with Yvonne.

Starring: Bryant Washburn, Florence Vidor, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Winter Hall, George Stone, Julia Faye, Lillian Leighton, Clarence Geldart, Mae Giraci, William Irving ..
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille
Release date: 1918-08-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Tarzan of the Apes

Tarzan of the Apes

5.8/10 IMDB

A female ape takes to mothering the orphaned boy (Tarzan) and raises him over the course of many years until a rescue mission is finally launched and the search party combs the jungle for the long-time missing Lord Greystoke. But then, one of the search members, Jane Porter, gets separated from the group and comes face to face with fearsome wild animals. Tarzan saves her from harm just in the knick of time and love begins to blossom.

Starring: Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, Gordon Griffith, True Boardman, Kathleen Kirkham, George B. French, Colin Kenny, Thomas Jefferson, Bessie Toner, Jack Wilson ..
Directed by: Scott Sidney
Release date: 1918-01-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Queen of the Sea

Queen of the Sea

6.8/10 IMDB

Annette Kellerman, the Australian swimming star of the early 1900s, made a number of films, most of them in the 1910s, which displayed her athletic skills. Most of these films were underwater fantasies, and this one was no exception. Here, Kellerman is Merilla, a mermaid who is the "Queen of the Sea." Not satisfied with being a mermaid, she wants a mortal human body with an immortal soul. She discovers she can achieve this if she saves four human lives.

Starring: Annette Kellerman, Hugh Thompson, Mildred Keats, Walter Law, Beth Ivins, Philip Van Loan, Fred Drucker, Louis Dean, Carey Lee, Minnie Methol ..
Directed by: John G. Adolfi
Release date: 1918-09-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : The Rose of Rhodesia

The Rose of Rhodesia

5.9/10 IMDB

A man steals a huge diamond and sets off a chain of events that ends in tragedy for a Zulu prince.

Starring: Edna Flugrath, Edna Flugrath, Chief Kentani, M.A. Wetherell, Prince Yumi, Howard Wyndham, Ralph Kimpton, Walter Vernley, Thackeray Edwards ..
Directed by: Harold M. Shaw
Release date: 1918-06-12
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Huck and Tom

Huck and Tom

6.5/10 IMDB

The adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Starring: Jack Pickford, Robert Gordon, George Hackathorne, Alice Marvin, Edythe Chapman, Frank Lanning, Clara Horton, Tom Bates, Helen Gilmore, Antrim Short ..
Directed by: William Desmond Taylor
Release date: 1918-03-04
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : The Romance of Tarzan

The Romance of Tarzan

6.3/10 IMDB

Tarzan and Jane are to sail for England. They are attacked by natives and Tarzan is believed to have been killed. The Greystoke relatives return to England, the Porters (Jane's family) goes to their ranch near San Francisco. Tarzan shows up in a tuxedo and rescues Jane from outlaws...

Starring: Elmo Lincoln, Enid Markey, Thomas Jefferson, Cleo Madison, Nigel De Brulier, True Boardman, Clyde Benson, Monte Blue, John Cook, Phil Dunham ..
Directed by: Wilfred Lucas
Release date: 1918-10-17
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : The Naulahka

The Naulahka

6.1/10 IMDB

Trying to win the Three C's railroad line for his home town of Topaz, Colorado, Nicholas "Nick" Tarvin journeys to India to secure the famed jewel known as the Naulahka, which he plans to present to Mrs. Mutrie, the railroad president's wife.

Starring: Antonio Moreno, Doraldina, Helene Chadwick, J.H. Gilmour, Warner Oland, Mary Alden, Edna Hunter ..
Directed by: George Fitzmaurice
Release date: 1918-02-14
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : The Lure of the Circus

The Lure of the Circus

5.7/10 IMDB

Lure of the Circus is a 1918 American adventure film serial directed by J. P. McGowan.

Starring: Eddie Polo, Eileen Sedgwick, Molly Malone, Harry Carter, Noble Johnson, Fred Starr, Duke R. Lee, Charles Hill Mailes, James Gordon, Andrew Waldron ..
Directed by: J.P. McGowan
Release date: 1918-11-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : A Romance of the Air

A Romance of the Air

6.0/10 IMDB

Lieutenant Bert Hall, an ace American flyer serving in World War I as a member of the French Lafayette Escadrille, is wounded in an aerial battle and forced to land behind enemy lines. Finding his German opponent dead, Hall exchanges uniforms with him and is taken to a German hospital to recover. There he meets his old Kentucky sweetheart, who was unable to escape Berlin when the war broke out. Accompanied by the Countess of Moravia, who claims sympathy with the Allied cause but is actually a German spy, they escape to France in a German plane. Through the countess' duplicity, Hall is accused of betraying the French government and sentenced to be shot, but his American lover uncovers evidence that saves him at the last moment.

Starring: Bert Hall, Edith Day, Florence Billings, Stuart Holmes, Herbert Standing, Brian Darley, Tom Burrough, Joseph Lertora, Franklin B. Coates, Emma Campbell ..
Directed by: Harry Revier, Franklin B. Coates
Release date: 1918-11-10
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Wolves of Kultur

Wolves of Kultur

5.8/10 IMDB

Alice Grayson's uncle develops a wireless torpedo that can be controlled by radio. After he announces his invention to several of his colleagues, two of them murder the scientist, steal the blueprints and prototype, and make plans to sell both to the highest bidder. When Alice discovers the identity of the thieves, the intrepid heroine, with the help of Bob Moore, her two-fisted boyfriend, desperately tries to recover the plans and torpedo before enemy countries can unleash the torpedoes against American ships. (IMDb)

Starring: Leah Baird, Charles Hutchison, Sheldon Lewis, Betty Howe, Edmund D'Alby, Mary Hull, Austin Webb, Karl Dane ..
Directed by: Joseph A. Golden
Release date: 1918-10-13
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Shark Monroe

Shark Monroe

5.7/10 IMDB

In this 1918 film, newly restored by MoMA, Hart is a ship's captain in the Pacific Northwest who abandons his post to pursue a woman who does not love him (MacDonald) across the Klondike, eventually rescuing her from the grip of a white slaver.

Starring: William S. Hart, Katherine MacDonald, Joseph Singleton, George A. McDaniel, Bert Sprotte ..
Directed by: William S. Hart
Release date: 1918-06-30
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Carmen of the Klondike

Carmen of the Klondike

5.4/10 IMDB

Dorothy Harlan, a vaudeville artist, joins her fiancé, Cameron Stewart, in the Klondike during the early days of the gold rush. Dance hall owner "Silk" McDonald, who wants her for himself, tricks Dorothy into believing that Cameron has been unfaithful, and Dorothy begins dancing in Silk's establishment.

Starring: Clara Williams, Herschel Mayall, Edward Coxen, Joseph J. Dowling, Jack Waltemeyer ..
Directed by: Reginald Barker
Release date: 1918-03-03
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Hands Up

Hands Up

4.9/10 IMDB

A newspaperwoman finds trouble aplenty when an Inca tribe believes her to be the reincarnation of their long-lost princess.

Starring: Ruth Roland, George Chesebro, George Larkin, Easter Walters, William A. Carroll, George Gebhardt, W.E. Lawrence, Thomas Jefferson, Monte Blue ..
Directed by: Louis J. Gasnier, James W. Horne
Release date: 1918-08-18
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : The Sea Flower

The Sea Flower

4.4/10 IMDB

A secret service agent disguises himself as a sailor.

Starring: Juanita Hansen, Gayne Whitman, Fred Huntley, Eugenie Besserer, Fred Starr, George C. Pearce, Alfred Allen ..
Directed by: Colin Campbell
Release date: 1918-12-23
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : On the Jump

On the Jump

0.0/10 IMDB

In this propaganda film, athletic silent star George Walsh plays reporter Jack Bartlett, who interviews President Wilson regarding the Fourth Liberty Loan. The story never appears in the paper, however, because its new owner, Otto Crumley, is pro-German. So Jack quits his job and begins canvassing for the Liberty Loans. In the midst of his vigorous campaigning he also halts Crumley's plans to inspire a strike at a munitions plant.

Starring: George Walsh, Frances Burnham, James A. Marcus, Henry Clive, Ralph Faulkner ..
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Release date: 1918-10-06
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Baree, Son of Kazan

Baree, Son of Kazan

0.0/10 IMDB

From James Oliver Curwood's novel about a wolfdog.

Starring: Nell Shipman, Gayne Whitman, Al Ernest Garcia, Joe Rickson ..
Directed by: David Smith
Release date: 1918-05-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Bound in Morocco

Bound in Morocco

7.6/10 IMDB

A lost film. George Travelwell (Fairbanks), an American youth motoring in Morocco, discovers that the governor of El Harib (Frank Campeau) has seized a young American woman for his harem. Disguised as an inmate of the harem, George nearly wrecks the place while he rescues her. One thrilling incident follows upon the heels of another in their attempts to get away, and it ends with him setting one tribe against another, leaving them free to peacefully ride away.

Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Pauline Curley, Edythe Chapman, Pauline Curley, Douglas Fairbanks, Tully Marshall, Frank Campeau, Jay Dwiggins, Jay Dwiggins, Fred Burns ..
Directed by: Allan Dwan
Release date: 1918-07-28
Best Adventure Movies of 1918 : Laughing Bill Hyde

Laughing Bill Hyde

5.4/10 IMDB

Convict Bill Hyde and his friend, Danny Dorgan, break out of prison, but in running from the guards, Danny is mortally wounded. The local doctor, Evan Thomas, tries so hard to save Danny that later, when Bill and the doctor meet in Alaska, the two become friends. A dying man gives his mine to the doctor, but upon discovering that it is worthless, Bill sells it to a crook named John Wesley Slayforth...

Starring: Will Rogers, Anna Lehr, John St. Polis, Clarence Oliver, Joseph Herbert, Robert Conville, Dan Mason, Mabel Ballin ..
Directed by: Hobart Henley
Release date: 1918-09-22

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