Best Adventure Movies of 1911


Pirates of 1920

5.8/10 IMDB

A band of futuristic cutthroats terrorize the skies on board their powerful airship. After bombing a liner and stealing gold bullion from its hold, the ruffians try to escape, facing only Jack Manley, a valiant naval officer, and Marie Thompson, his sweetheart. (The surviving print lacks the story resolution, which apparently ends when the hero and the police rout the pirates and rescue the kidnapped heroine.)

Directed by: David Aylott, A. E. Coleby
Release date: 1911-02-26
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : The Coffin Ship

The Coffin Ship

5.4/10 IMDB

A love story filmed in Long Island Sound with a stowaway and a shipwreck.

Starring: William Garwood ..
Release date: 1911-06-19
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole

The Romantic Story of Margaret Catchpole

5.2/10 IMDB

The story is founded on fact. In a village on the south coast of England, young Margaret Catchpole is being courted by two rivals, Will Laud, a smuggler, and Lieutenant Barry of the coast guards. She favours Laud, and when he escapes from custody after a government raid on the smugglers, Margaret steals a horse and tries to join him. In a fight with the coast guards, Laud is killed an Margaret is arrested for horse-stealing and transported to Botany Bay. Only part of the film survives today.

Starring: Lottie Lyell, Raymond Longford, Augustus Neville, Sybil Wilde, William Coulter, Walter Vincent, Fred Hardy, Jack Goodall, Fred Twitchin ..
Directed by: Raymond Longford
Release date: 1911-08-06
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

6.8/10 IMDB

A little girl walks through the woods to deliver food to her sickly grandmother, only to discover a wolf in her stead.

Starring: Mary Pickford, Owen Moore, Lottie Pickford, Mayme Kelso ..
Directed by: James Kirkwood, George Loane Tucker
Release date: 1911-12-17
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Richard the Lion-Hearted

Richard the Lion-Hearted

5.7/10 IMDB

Short silent adaptation of the later stages of Walter Scott's novel "The Talisman".

Release date: 1911-12-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Across the Mexican Line

Across the Mexican Line

5.5/10 IMDB

During the Mexican Revolution, a female spy for the Mexican guerrilla fighters falls in love with an American lieutenant. When he is captured and threatened with execution, she turns to the Americans for help by climbing a telegraph pole, tapping the wire, and sending out a distress call.

Starring: Frances Gibson, Romaine Fielding ..
Directed by: Alice Guy-Blaché
Release date: 1911-04-27
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Lost in the Jungle

Lost in the Jungle

4.9/10 IMDB

Jan Kruga and his daughter Meta live on a farm in the Transvaal. The nearest neighbor, Sir John Morgan, lives 20 miles away, and it is only on rare intervals that she ever goes even that far away from her isolated home. Toddles, a work elephant on her father's farm, is her only pet and in the first part of our story we see her befriend him from a cruel keeper. Hans, a neighboring Boer farmer calls and asks for Meta's hand in marriage. The girl is ordered by her father to accept Hans' attentions. She has been taught to obey and when Hans gives her a love offering, a huge necklace of beads, she meekly offers her cheek for the betrothal kiss. Sir John's nephew, Hirshal, comes for a visit from England and Sir John brings him for a friendly call on the Krugas. Meta's heart awakens at the sight of the handsome, young Englishman, and she returns Hans's necklace. The father, however, orders her to marry Hans, or never darken his door again.

Starring: Kathlyn Williams, William V. Mong, Frank Weed, Charles Clary, Ernest Anderson, Tom Santschi, Toodles ..
Directed by: Otis Turner
Release date: 1911-10-25
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Back to the Primitive

Back to the Primitive

4.8/10 IMDB

John Wilton cables his sister Helen in London to leave for South Africa via S.S. China and apprises her of the fact that Lord Thurlow sails on the same ship and is to act as her escort. At the same time telling her he will meet them at Cape Town. After a hurried preparation for the departure the long journey is begun. Lord Thurlow is attentive to his charge that he may fulfill the wishes of his friend and confidant, John Wilton. Will Carson, a fellow passenger aboard, much admires the young and handsome Helen and seeks an introduction through the ship officer. The admiration becomes mutual and they are seen on the promenade deck enjoying fresh sea air. Their action causes much uneasiness on the part of Lord Thurlow, who interferes in the discharge of his duty, and is in turn insulted by Will, much to the disgust of Helen, who regrets the publicity of the incident. The approaching storm rivets the attention of all on board and for a time the unfortunate affair is forgotten.

Starring: Kathlyn Williams, Charles Clary, Tom Mix, Joseph W. Girard, William V. Mong, Tom Santschi ..
Directed by: Otis Turner, Francis Boggs
Release date: 1911-05-10

Princess Clementina

0.0/10 IMDB

King James' agent saves a Dutch princess and marries her as the King's proxy.

Starring: H.B. Irving, Alice Young, Dorothea Baird, Eille Norwood, Nigel Playfair, Arthur Whitby, Charles Allan, Henry Vibart, Frederick Lloyd ..
Directed by: William Barker
Release date: 1911-03-01
Best Adventure Movies of 1911 : Shipwrecked


0.0/10 IMDB

Annie Jackson, living with her uncle, Horace Gregory, an old fisherman on Val Dez Island, is injured by an automobile. John Kingdon, who happens by, takes her in his machine to the hospital. There he learns to love her, but his advances are not wanted by her uncle, for his choice for his niece's hand is John Runyon. So when Annie returns to her home, and is told to marry Runyon, she refuses. In the meantime, Kingdon leaves for Honolulu. The vessel is wrecked. Kingdon, cast into the sea, clings half exhausted to a spar. By a trick of Fate, the wreck occurs on the rocks of Val Dez Island, and Annie sees the spar, rows out and succeeds in dragging it to shore, where Kingdon is recognized. The young people declare their love for each other, but Runyon plans to get Kingdon out of his way. The "best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee," and so Kingdon escapes the trap laid for him, and taking Annie with him to the mainland, they get married.

Starring: Sydney Ayres, Tom Santschi, Al Ernest Garcia, Frank Richardson, Captain Vasquez, Betty Harte, Anna Dodge, Elaine Davis ..
Directed by: Francis Boggs
Release date: 1911-09-21

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