Best Action Movies of 1943


Riders of the Northwest Mounted

5.7/10 IMDB

Fur thieves, who murder trappers when they refuse to give up their pelts at a low price, occupy the attention of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. The leader of the gang is Victor Renaud (Dick Curtis), also the mayor of the small Canadian town where the gang is headquartered. Lucky Kerrigan is broken from the mounted service for apparent disobedience to orders, which results in the death of a fellow Mountie. Lucky, working undercover, aids the Mounties in rounding up the gang and gains back his uniform, and also the love of Gabrielle Renaud (Adele Mara), Renaud's sister who was unaware of his criminal activities.

Starring: Russell Hayden, Dub Taylor, Bob Wills, Richard Bailey, Dick Curtis, Jack Ingram, Adele Mara, Vernon Steele, Wen Wright, The Texas Playboys ..
Directed by: William Berke
Release date: 1943-02-15
Best Action Movies of 1943 : Night Plane from Chungking

Night Plane from Chungking

6.2/10 IMDB

Without lights and in a driving rain, a bus is lumbering along the muddy Assam Road en route from Chunking to the Indian border. Passengers include Albert Pasavy (Otto Kruger), a European of unknown nationality; a missionary, the Rev. Dr. Van Der Liden (Steven Geray);a French officer Major Raoul Brissac (Ernst Deutsch as Ernest Dorian), and Countess Olga Karagin (Tamara Geva), a White Russian. There is also Madame Woo (Soo Yong), an ancient Chinese lady on an important diplomatic mission to Indian, and her traveling companion, Ann Richards (Ellen Drew), an American Red Cross nurse. The trip is halted when Japanese planes bomb the road and hit a munitions truck and kill many Chinese soldiers. The Chinese commander puts the wounded soldiers on the bus and directs it to a nearby secret airport where the officer in charge is Captain Nick Stanton (Robert Preston), an American attached to the Chinese Air Force.

Starring: Robert Preston, Ellen Drew, Otto Kruger, Steven Geray, Tamara Geva, Soo Yong, Victor Sen Yung, Ernst Deutsch, Allen Jung ..
Directed by: Ralph Murphy
Release date: 1943-05-31
Best Action Movies of 1943 : Daredevils of the West

Daredevils of the West

7.5/10 IMDB

Daredevils of the West is a lightning-fast-paced Western cliffhanger serial released by Republic Pictures in 1943 starring Allan Lane and Kay Aldridge. The plot involves a gang of land-grabbers who try to prevent safe passage of the Foster Stage Company through frontier territory, however, the story of the serial is merely a framework for the setup of numerous elaborate stunt action sequences, cliff-hanging perils and fiery deathtraps which the hero and heroine must fight to survive. As was the case with other Republic serials released during wartime such as King of the Mounties and The Masked Marvel, a rapid, even frantic pace is evident throughout, which has made the serial a favorite among fans.

Starring: Kay Aldridge, Allan Lane, Eddie Acuff, William Haade, Robert Frazer, Ted Adams, George J. Lewis, Stanley Andrews, Jack Rockwell, John Hamilton ..
Directed by: John English
Release date: 1943-05-01
Best Action Movies of 1943 : The Adventures of Smilin' Jack

The Adventures of Smilin' Jack

5.8/10 IMDB

A movie serial in 12 chapters: The famous comic strip character is on a mission to protect a secret tunnel passage between China and India.

Starring: Tom Brown, Marjorie Lord, Rose Hobart, Keye Luke, Edgar Barrier, Cyril Delevanti, Philip Ahn, Turhan Bey, Sidney Toler, Jay Novello ..
Directed by: Lewis D. Collins, Ray Taylor
Release date: 1943-01-05
Best Action Movies of 1943 : Headin' for God's Country

Headin' for God's Country

6.5/10 IMDB

In this anti-Japanese WW II propaganda film, Japanese invaders attempt to raid Alaska and are totally obliterated. The trouble begins when a stranger visits a small town and tells them that the U.S. is going to be taken over by a powerful country. The story turns out to be true when the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. The town then rises up and slaughters a Japanese raiding party.

Starring: William Lundigan, Virginia Dale, Harry Davenport, Harry Shannon, Addison Richards ..
Directed by: William Morgan
Release date: 1943-08-26

High Explosive

5.8/10 IMDB

Mike Douglas (Barry Sullivan), owner of a nitroglycerin concern hires his old friend "Buzz" Mitchell (Chester Morris), a race-driver of midget-auto cars who has been banned from racing, to go to work hauling nitro. "Buzz" makes a play for Connie Baker (Jean Parker), Mike's secretary and girlfriend, and also for Doris Lynch (Barbara Lynn), fiancée of Connie's younger brother, Jimmy ('Rand Brooks'), and gets Jimmy to replace him on a dangerous nitro haul and Jimmy, of course, has an accident and gets killed. But "Buzz" finds a way to redeem himself. The hard way.

Starring: Chester Morris, Jean Parker, Barry Sullivan, Ralph Sanford ..
Directed by: Frank McDonald
Release date: 1943-03-27
Best Action Movies of 1943 : Submarine Base

Submarine Base

4.5/10 IMDB

Ship engineer Jim Taggert is rescued from a torpedoed tramp steamer by Joe Morgan, an American gangster that found New York too hot for him, and has become a fisherman operating from an out-of-the-way island off of the coast of South America. Morgan makes his headquarters at the Halfway House run by the parents of Maria Styx as a bar and dance resort catering to the planters and traders of the island. Taggert finds himself practically a prisoner along with a group of American girls acting as entertainers at the resort. Taggert shadows Morgan in his activities in a remote cove and finds that Morgan is supplying German U-boat commanders with torpedoes, but does not know that Morgan has rigged the torpedoes with clock devices that explode when at sea and sinks the U-boats.

Starring: John Litel, Alan Baxter, Eric Blore, Georges Metaxa, George Flaherty, Rafael Storm, Fifi D'Orsay, Iris Adrian, Jacqueline Dalya, Anna Demetrio ..
Directed by: Albert H. Kelly
Release date: 1943-07-20
Best Action Movies of 1943 : San Demetrio London

San Demetrio London

6.7/10 IMDB

British drama documentary from 1943, based on the true story of the 1940 rescue of the tanker MV San Demetrio by parts of her own crew after she had been set afire in the middle of the Atlantic by the German heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer and then had been abandoned. When one of the lifeboats drifted back to the burning tanker the day after, and found that she still hadn't exploded, they decided to board her and put out the fires. Eventually, they managed to start the engine again and decided to try to reach Britain against all odds.

Starring: Walter Fitzgerald, Ralph Michael, Neville Mapp, Barry Letts, Michael Allen, Frederick Piper, Gordon Jackson, Robert Beatty, Mervyn Johns, James Donald ..
Directed by: Charles Frend
Release date: 1943-12-07
Best Action Movies of 1943 : Crash Dive

Crash Dive

6.3/10 IMDB

A US Navy submarine, the USS Corsair, is operating in the North Atlantic, hunting German merchant raiders that are preying on Allied shipping. Its new executive officer, Lt. Ward Stewart (Power), has been transferred back into submarines after commanding his own PT boat. At the submarine base in New London, Connecticut, he asks his new captain, Lt. Cmdr. Dewey Connors (Andrews), for a weekend leave to settle his affairs before taking up his new assignment. On a train bound for Washington D.C., Stewart accidentally encounters New London school teacher Jean Hewlett (Baxter) and her students. Despite her initial resistance to his efforts, he charms her and they fall in love.

Starring: Tyrone Power, Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, James Gleason, Dame May Whitty, Harry Morgan, Ben Carter, Stanley Andrews, John Archer, Gene Rizzi ..
Directed by: Archie Mayo
Release date: 1943-04-22
Best Action Movies of 1943 : My Friend Flicka

My Friend Flicka

6.5/10 IMDB

Ken McLaughlin (Roddy McDowall) is a precocious 10-year-old who lives with his family on a remote Wyoming ranch. When Ken returns home from school with failing grades, his father, Rob (Preston Foster), blames the boy's lack of personal responsibility. At the suggestion of his wife, Nell (Rita Johnson), Rob allows Ken to choose a single colt from the herd to raise as his own. Much to his father's dismay, Ken chooses a fiery mustang filly -- but the two soon become fast friends.

Starring: Roddy McDowall, Preston Foster, Rita Johnson, James Bell, Patti Hale, Jeff Corey ..
Directed by: Harold D. Schuster
Release date: 1943-05-26

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