Best Action Movies of 1911


Fighting Blood

5.3/10 IMDB

After the Civil War, an ex-soldier and his family settle in the Dakota Territory. The son quarrels with the father and leaves home. Riding in the hills, he spots a band of Indians attacking a neighboring homestead, and he races back to warn his family as the Indians chase him.

Starring: George Nichols, Kate Bruce, Robert Harron, Lionel Barrymore, Florence La Badie, Francis J. Grandon, Edward Dillon, Kate Toncray, Lionel Barrymore, Mae Marsh ..
Directed by: D.W. Griffith
Release date: 1911-06-28
Best Action Movies of 1911 : Pirates of 1920

Pirates of 1920

5.8/10 IMDB

A band of futuristic cutthroats terrorize the skies on board their powerful airship. After bombing a liner and stealing gold bullion from its hold, the ruffians try to escape, facing only Jack Manley, a valiant naval officer, and Marie Thompson, his sweetheart. (The surviving print lacks the story resolution, which apparently ends when the hero and the police rout the pirates and rescue the kidnapped heroine.)

Directed by: David Aylott, A. E. Coleby
Release date: 1911-02-26
Best Action Movies of 1911 : Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner

Broncho Billy's Christmas Dinner

5.0/10 IMDB

It's Christmas, and a young woman is on her way to celebrate the holidays with her parents. A group of drunk cowboys startle her horses making her wagon, with the woman on it, speed off. By chance Broncho Billy saves her life and the grateful girl invites him over for Christmas dinner. Little does he know that the young lady is the Sheriff's daughter…

Starring: Gilbert M. Anderson, Edna Fisher, Arthur Mackley, Julia Mackley, Willis Elder, Brinsley Shaw, Augustus Carney, Fred Church, R. Henry Grey, Margaret Joslin ..
Directed by: Gilbert M. Anderson
Release date: 1911-12-23
Best Action Movies of 1911 : Lost in the Jungle

Lost in the Jungle

4.9/10 IMDB

Jan Kruga and his daughter Meta live on a farm in the Transvaal. The nearest neighbor, Sir John Morgan, lives 20 miles away, and it is only on rare intervals that she ever goes even that far away from her isolated home. Toddles, a work elephant on her father's farm, is her only pet and in the first part of our story we see her befriend him from a cruel keeper. Hans, a neighboring Boer farmer calls and asks for Meta's hand in marriage. The girl is ordered by her father to accept Hans' attentions. She has been taught to obey and when Hans gives her a love offering, a huge necklace of beads, she meekly offers her cheek for the betrothal kiss. Sir John's nephew, Hirshal, comes for a visit from England and Sir John brings him for a friendly call on the Krugas. Meta's heart awakens at the sight of the handsome, young Englishman, and she returns Hans's necklace. The father, however, orders her to marry Hans, or never darken his door again.

Starring: Kathlyn Williams, William V. Mong, Frank Weed, Charles Clary, Ernest Anderson, Tom Santschi, Toodles ..
Directed by: Otis Turner
Release date: 1911-10-25

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