Best Action Movies of 1903


The Great Train Robbery

7.3/10 IMDB

The clerk at the train station is assaulted and left tied by four men, then they rob the train threatening the operator. (They) take all the money and shoot a passenger when trying to run away. A little girl discovers the clerk tied and gives notice to the sheriff, who at once goes along with his men hunting the bandits.

Starring: A.C. Abadie, Gilbert M. Anderson, George Barnes, Justus D. Barnes, Walter Cameron, Frank Hanaway, Adam Charles Hayman, Mary Snow, Donald Gallaher, John Manus Dougherty Sr. ..
Directed by: Edwin S. Porter
Release date: 1903-12-01
Best Action Movies of 1903 : Life of an American Fireman

Life of an American Fireman

6.4/10 IMDB

Porter's sequential continuity editing links several shots to form a narrative of firemen responding to a house fire. They leave the station with their horse drawn pumper, arrive on the scene, and effect the safe rescue of a woman from the burning house. But wait, she tells them of her child yet asleep in the burning bedroom...

Starring: Vivian Vaughan, Arthur White, James H. White, Edwin S. Porter ..
Directed by: George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter, James H. White
Release date: 1903-01-21

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